Enjoy the Beauty of Your Life

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Do you see the beauty that is your life?

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Some days I wake up and all I see are dishes to wash, clothes to put away, and bellies to fill. Messes surround me wherever I go! I get overwhelmed by the work; the day becomes one great big to do list.

Yet, if I stopped to think about it, those dirty dishes, piles of clean laundry, and hungry tummies represent great beauty.

Yes, beauty.

I had food to put on those plates that now need to be washed. There are seven lovely eternal beings that I get to clothe and feed.

My supposed to-do’s is really a list full of riches.

grocery shopping whole 30

Sure, there’s a ton of groceries to put away and meals to prepare. But there’s also money in the budget to buy delicious, healthy food. There are seven other people who love to eat — and usually enjoy my cooking — who I get to eat with.

The messes in my office, in the school room, and everywhere else in the house represent abundance, opportunity, and activity. You mean I can work from home? I can teach my kids? We can learn new things together?

Yes, we moms have tons of work to do. Probably more than we need to do. And probably sometimes less.

The work is a blessing, though. We have the ability to nurture our children, love our husbands, and create a life full of love. What a weighty — yet glorious — reponsibility!

And yes, there are hard times. We’ve had our share of death, debt, and debilitating illness. Sometimes it’s hard to see the good during those times. But, I think the blessings are there.

FishKids at Clos Luce small

It’s okay to look at that pile of dishes with disdain. I’m no saint. I don’t love to wash them, either. But, as you wash, think about the hidden blessings.

I’d rather have my sinkful of dirty pots and pans than have no one to feed.

There are hidden blessings — even in hard stuff.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder Jessica, it really helps keep things in perspective. I try to remember these things when I want to grumble about groceries, laundry, etc. This is a great post!

  2. Love this perspective, and by God’s grace have been able to remember it more often lately. And YES, if you are in Christ, you ARE a saint! Semantics, I know, but I find the reminder to live out of the righteousness that God has already credited to me through Jesus to be a profound one!

  3. A wonderful post, Jessica! That’s exactly how I feel. I am blessed to have food, clean water, shelter, family and money in the bank. When I start to grumble about cleaning and cooking and all I have to do I try and remember alot of people aren’t so blessed. Children are a blessing from God and you have been blessed with 6. You do a wonderful job.
    God bless, Kathy in Illinois