The Weekly Ramble

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The weekly ramble: where I blog like it’s 2004.

The weekly ramble: where I blog like it's 2004.

This morning the girls and I attended a Mother-Daughter Tea at a local restaurant. I told them about it last night so that they would have the fun of planning and anticipation without the impatience that comes when you have to wait too long for something. They searched out the costumes they wanted as well as their dolls and had a really fun time with it.

They were, admittedly, a little overdressed, but they had so much fun, who am I to say no? (And yes, that red gown is amazing. Gramma found it at Ross one year for a steal.)

It was a great morning out just the girls, topped off with a trip to Target and Old Navy in search of shorts and skirts for my big girl. We don’t have hand-me-downs for FishChick7. The boys’ stuff is now really too chunky around the waist for her, though she is thrilled to inherit certain character tshirts.

Mostly what I found at Old Navy seemed unbelievably too revealing for a 7-year old. A 2-inch inseam? No thanks. Call me a prude, but I’d rather not have lascivious men oggling her.

The weekly ramble: where I blog like it's 2004.One fun tradition of the girls is that they take a picture with the mannequins each time we go. One day, I’ll have to line them all up in a frame or something.

I was thankful to see that while Target certainly had their fair share of short shorts, they also had plenty of cute stuff that covered a little more skin. I wasn’t thrilled with the neon prints; been there, done that, but we found some classic pieces that will still look good when she passes them down to her younger sister. In the end, we found three lovely pairs of shorts, a skirt, and a dress.

For her part, FishChick5 had a great attitude about not getting new clothes. We had talked about it while we sorted through the mountains of clothes in her room the other day. She also knows that someday these clothes will be hers, so she’s excited all the same.

(Younger sisters out there, please do not worry. She gets lots of new clothes on her birthday and Christmas and whenever her Auntie Jamie feels like shopping. Her older sister is growing so fast that the clothes are barely worn when they are handed down. It’s all good, I promise.)

The weekly ramble: where I blog like it's 2004.

In other news, this was how we broke our sugar fast on Easter. Instead of filling the eggs with junky candy, I bought some better stuff from See’s with gift certificates I’d had for awhile. I filled the eggs with strips of colored paper worth different denominations. The kids could spend their egg money on candy throughout the week, but I was the gate keeper. They were thrilled with this prospect and requested it again for next year.

Yay for doing something new, different, and successful! There’s always a risk that that won’t happen.

On the home front, FishPapa has been sick for 10 days now. He’s on meds, but the doc’s not really sure what he has. Your prayers are appreciated that he mends soon. It’s no fun being sick — or using vacation days sick in bed. Bummer.

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The weekly ramble: where I blog like it's 2004.

Coming next week:

  • Booking It
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  1. Girls’ clothes can be a NIGHTMARE to shop for! I always mention that when people start saying “all the cute stuff is for baby girls” when someone’s expecting a boy– not so! And boys’ stuff is way easier down the pike. I have to confess that I’ve never fretted too much about my girls being ogled (there’s the possibility that I live in denial or it could be that I have more confidence in the vast majority of men), but, even so, those short inseams make it darn near impossible to just PLAY and be a kid. What’s up with that??? Craziness. Glad you found some cute stuff that’ll work!

    (And, as one of the little sisters, I know this birth position ROCKS. Little sibs don’t get JUST hand-me-downs… we get the hand-me-downs PLUS new stuff. Nothing to complain about. 🙂 )

    • You live on the east coast. Maybe men don’t oggle there. 🙂

      You landed in moderation again. I have NO idea why. When the other site issues simmer down, I’ll try to find out why. Sorry about that!

  2. Sounds like the mother-daughter tea and shopping went very well. How neat that your kids enjoyed your Easter candy plan and are requesting it again for next year. Praying for FishPapa to get well soon.

  3. I often say that God knew what He was doing when I became a mom to all boys. If I had girls, I’d have to learn how to sew, and my girl would have never-ending sessions with a therapist. 😉 LOVE your weekly ramble!

  4. I get the too grown up shopping issues. I can usually find a few things (t-shirts, leggings) at Target but even that can be way too older girl. We buy a lot of Lands End and Hanna Anderson. I have to pay more for it, which isn’t my favorite, but at least my little girl doesn’t look 6 going on 13. I hate that!!

  5. Oh yes, trying to find tasteful clothing for girls is tough. Apparently, there is quite a market for tacky and age-inappropriate clothes, since that’s what the stores are full of – how sad! Hanna Andersson is my favorite. Their clothes are so well-made and are worth the price, in my opinion.

  6. MomofTwoPreciousGirls says:

    My younger sister was always one of those girls in teeny tiny shorts and revealing tanks. She was the third and 12 years between us, so my parents were tired (and divorcing) by the time she came around. She always tells me my daughter’s shorts are too long. I buy only Bermuda shorts for my oldest and long dresses for my little girly one! It is unfortunate that retailers try to sell sexual images to our young girls. Clothing will probably be a big fight when my kids are teens. I will not allow them to look trashy!

  7. LOVE the egg idea. Next year I will hide one color eggs for my 2 yr old and copy your idea for the older kids. They always complain that so-in-so got better candy. Argument mitigated, slightly 😉

    • Yep. And you can bet they are more likely to lose the pieces of paper than the candy. And once the candy runs out, I’m not buying more. Gives moms permission to eat more. 😉

  8. Glad I’m not the only one distressed with girl’s clothing these days. My high school daughter and I just went shopping this week for capri pants. After much looking and trying on we finally found some that aren’t tight and that are still stylish. She doesn’t want to look like she’s wearing old lady clothes, either. =) I love the weekly ramble, too, and just in case someone hasn’t mentioned it, FishChick7 looks sooo much like her mama!

  9. My oldest daughter is 10 and quite tall for her age, we’ve been facing the too-revealing clothes for a few years now and it only seems to get worse as we are nearing the juniors department, ugh. I find Lands’ End is definitely more modest (I stalk the clearance section with a coupon.) I find cotton skorts to be a good alternative to shorts for the summer, both my 10 year old and almost 6 year old daughter love them.

  10. Courtney L says:

    I also was trying to find some appropriate shorts for my 6 year old and was disappointing in the offerings at Kohls and Old Navy. I will check out Target, thanks for the tip.

  11. Our six year old granddaughter has that same exact red and gold “queen” dress! It has a hoop at the bottom, right? I found it at a thrift shop for seven dollars and it has been part of many creative play times in the past two years. “Queen and the Guard” is grandpa’s favorite. He has to put on his camo shirt while the queen tells him which stuffed animals to throw into the dungeon so they can protect the kingdom. I love little one’s imagination!

  12. Oh wow, after reading your post, I am now craving Sees chocolates. Those look delicious. Now I have a new goal for this week, shopping at the Sees store, And lucky for me it’s fairly close. 🙂

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