Time for a Nice, Cool Cup of Grace

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Recently, my eight-year spent a day of struggling. I don’t even remember what the struggles were. I just remember he growled a few times. He might have given the ugly look to each and every one of his siblings. It was clear he was frustrated.

When he punched out the window screen, I knew we needed to talk.

No fears about the screen, it just popped out of the window casing. His brother reinstalled it in a matter of seconds. It was the passion behind the punch that concerned me. Mr. 8 headed to the office for our talk.

He thought he was getting busted and was warming up for his “This is the worst day ever” chant. He didn’t know that I had stopped in the kitchen first to grab a cold rootbeer.

To share.

He looked rather perplexed when he saw me pop open the can, pour some out, and hand it to him. No, no, no. I don’t deserve that, he wailed.

I know. But, none of us really deserves the good things God gives us. He gives them to us, sometimes even when we’ve done wrong things, to remind us that He loves us, and that Jesus already paid the price for our sins. He knows we can change because of what He’s already done.

We talked for awhile, drinking our soda, chatting about what went “wrong” in the day, praying together, and looking for solutions and ways to redeem the day. He knew he had done wrong and he was sorry for it.

Did he deserve correction? Yes.

Sometimes “correction” is best served in a nice, cool cup of grace.

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  1. Thank you for this post – it’s such a convicting and excellent reminder, and such a timely one. I have found myself getting far too caught up lately in correcting the externals, and I was convicted once again last night that what my children need most is to see Christ and their desperate need for Him, and they need to see the example of a mom who lovingly extends patience and grace toward them as God does so abundantly with me. What a blessing it was to see a link today to this post…I love God’s timing!

  2. Thank you! I’ve been reminding myself often lately that I must bestow grace on others as He has done for me. This is a perfect picture of grace!

  3. LOVED this post! I am a mom of three young children, and I hope as they get older I will remember this : )

  4. Thank you for your words, which struck a cord in me. Over the past few months, one of our married children, in particular, has had a truck load of bad luck, calls, circumstances judgements (or some of all ) heaped upon him and his young family. It has been difficult to see. We help often when we can with advice, money, food, physical needs, and yet, one thing after another seems to happen. His faith is still strong and his attitude is good. Impressive, I’d say. The stress has cause my face to suddenly break out badly–with no notice and it has been alarming, since I have had good skin all of my 60 plus years. Nevertheless. I found a solution–by mistake–for my face without seeing a Dr. The kids have sat down with us and a budget sheet and next week are moving to a less expensive rental. It WILL work out. I know it. God does know us, love us, and sometimes, like trimming a struggling rose bush, after the pruning, a healthier, more prolific bloomer will emerge. So, adversity, makes us grow, and find out what we are each capable of achieving. Hard to watch, nonethless.
    Sorry that I went on and on so much today. I guess I just poured out my heart to a stranger–but then a stranger in Christ, isn’t a stranger at all.

  5. That is beautiful-and a great reminder for me of how I want to be as a parent and how thankful I am for God’s graciousness and mercy to me. Thank you!

  6. Outstanding parenting – something about my beloved son can push me out of sane reflection so much quicker than my girls. Will remember this shining example for the future.

    1. Well, I’m not always a shining example. Quite the contrary, actually. May we both remember it next time!

  7. THANK YOU. As a single mom who is always the disciplinarian, always nagging and criticizing, I REALLY, REALLY needed this.

    1. Hang in there! I’m doing a 31 Days series to “stop and smell the roses”. It’s kind of in the same vein as what we’re talking about here. To get the big picture, not just the things we have to take care of.

      1. I look forward to your 31 days…. excellent timing for our family after a CRAZY summer with my going back to work the equivalent of full time (2 PT jobs), hubby still in school, hubby working part time and some weeks the family joke is “so, we’ll see each other for… um, check the calendar…. ah, 20 minutes, next Tuesday”.

  8. I needed this Friday afternoon before our personal “explosion”. It would have helped. Thank you as always for such wonderful words to reflect upon.

  9. You just helped me be a better mom. My oldest (my first baby!) turns 8 today. This is such important stuff to remember when things get crazy.

  10. I enjoyed reading your post. I think what I liked best was the fact that you saw in your child the need to communicate. I think communication between parents and children is one of the best things we can offer our children.