Ice Cubes and Christmas Trees – They Work For Me!

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Let your toddler be the keeper of the tree this year. Feed your live Christmas trees with ice cubes!

Feed Your Christmas Tree with Ice Cubes | Life as Mom - Let your toddler be the keeper of the tree this year. Feed your live Christmas trees with ice cubes!

I distinctly remember the day in a college course when the instructor brought up the topic of holiday traditions. I don’t remember why we were discussing it. But, I do recall that day being one of the first times I realized that not everyone fed their Christmas tree ice cubes.

Yeah, we do.

Growing up we always had a freshly cut Christmas tree. And for as long as I can remember, my mom always had someone add ice cubes to the tree stand each day. You may raise an eyebrow, but let’s think about this, moms.

1. You have a fresh tree that needs water regularly.
2. You have lots of little helpers.
3. You need all the help you can get just to keep food on the table and clothes on their bodies.
4. You come up with a way for your small children to water the Christmas tree without making a mess in the process.

ice bucket

You see, any two year old can cart a bucket of ice cubes over to the tree and start placing them in the stand’s water reservoir. But, not every two year old (or thirty-two year old) can cart water without spilling it all over the place. Ice won’t hurt the tree and in a short amount of time, that ice will melt, thereby watering the tree.

My mother is a genius.

Ice cubes and Christmas trees = an excellent combination.

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  1. Duckygirl says

    That’s brilliant, we are so starting this TODAY!!! Thanks for the tip!


  2. Christy@MercyEveryMorning says

    Oh brother…all those years of spilling water all over the carpet, and this would have solved everything! Great idea, and although we now have an artificial tree, I hope to remember this for the future. 🙂

  3. A most excellent suggestion!

  4. JessieLeigh says

    What an incredibly clever idea! Your mom IS a genius!

  5. Garden Gal says


  6. Totallyscrappy says

    Super tip! I love the photo.

  7. Briana Almengor says

    That’s a great idea. I’m always looking for ways to include my young kids in household chores, not just to make my life easier, but to impart to them that it takes all of us to keep the house running smoothly. I’d love for you to blog more ideas like this.

  8. Clean ClutterFree Simple says

    I love it! We’re going to try that today.

  9. I added cubes last evening on a whim, I love this! Living in Hawaii keeping the tree any little bit cooler is a win! Your Mom is a genius. I will be starting this christmas tradition proudly (and the busy toddler bonus!!!)

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