Make Homemade Lavender Soap

Want to do a fun and simple craft that you can use in real life. Make homemade lavender soap!

30 Things You Can Do to Bless Others This Season

This is a great time of year for random acts of kindness. No one will think you’re all that weird or random. Plus, it’s fun to bless others. Christmas will be here before you know it, and I bet you’ve got great plans, don’t you? This is my 18th Christmas as a mother and I […]

A Thanksgiving Day Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Thanksgiving can be a wonderful occasion for getting together with family and friends. I have fond memories of us kids riding rough and wild all over the house while the adults talked. It seemed like the ultimate holiday. We would play while the turkey cooked. We would play at the kids table. We would play […]

Make A Tear-Out Coupon Book

Want to make a coupon book for your loved ones for Valentine’s Day or other special occasion? Life as MOM contributor Janel will show you how. Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to gift your kids or spouse with coupons for different outings or acts of service. We’ve made it easy for you by creating […]

DIY Elsa Costume from Disney’s Frozen

Thrill the little girl in your life with a DIY Elsa Costume. Life as MOM contributor Janel shows you how. Be sure to check out the Anna costume tutorial as well. all photos: Janel The other day I shared how to make a DIY Anna Costume. Well, the duo is just not complete without an […]

DIY Anna Costume from Disney’s Frozen

Thrill the little girl in your life with a DIY Anna Costume. Life as MOM contributor Janel shows you how. Looking for Elsa? Here’s the Elsa Costume tutorial. all photos: Janel I’m not a professional seamstress, nor do I play one on tv. I’m just a mom with some very basic sewing skills and a […]

Make Christmas Ornaments from Toys

As many families do, we give our kids new Christmas tree ornaments each year. These are designed to be their personal ornaments so that when they leave home someday, they have Christmas-in-a-box to take with them. My mom did this for me and my siblings, too. One thing that I like to do is choose […]

Cute Place Cards for Christmas

Remember the easy, peasy gingerbread and Christmas tree gift tags I shared with you awhile ago? Afterward I realized how cute they would be to use as place cards for your holiday dinner. How fun! The base is similar to the base that I used for the flower place cards back at Easter time. If […]