The Weekly Ramble 9/24/23

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Moving is a humbling experience. It’s been so long since we moved, I’d forgotten this universal truth. Pride goes before the fall

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When I saw a man moving into a house in our old neighborhood a few weeks ago, I noticed that he had packed stuff in trash bags. Silly me thought, “I’m not doing that. My move is going to be more organized.”

And yet, trash bags there were a plenty this last week, filled with clothes, bedding, towels, things that were just easier to toss in a bag than worry about folding and packing.

Yes, moving is humbling.

You see how much junk you have, how messy and disorganized some of your spaces are, how much there is to do with scarce resources of money, time, and physical energy.

If you have friends or family helping you, it’s even worse, because other people see all the above. Yikes!

I suppose there are some people with perfectly clean and tidy homes for whom moving is a breeze. We are not those people, but after this experience, I sure aspire to be.

I really didn’t think we’d take the whole two week overlap that we’ve had two houses, but it’s been a week and there’s still stuff to do at the old house. I’ve gone there every day to load my van with boxes — or garbage bags! — full of stuff, cart them to the new house, and then … wash, rinse, repeat.

Tonight one of the boys and I finished bringing over the last load of stuff. Tomorrow I start cleaning everything.

I’m so tired. And so humbled.

The new house, once empty and pristine, is crowded, cluttered, and messy. I know we’ll get past this, things will find their places, and we’ll find a new normal.

But, we’re definitely in the messy middle.

Still, there is so much to be thankful for:

  • The owners of the new house very kindly left great instructions for the wifi so we were able to use it before service switched over.

  • We have two largish vehicles for moving stuff. We rented a trailer for a few days last weekend, but because UHaul made a mistake with a booking, we got a $50 refund, so it didn’t cost that much in the end.

  • We’ve met some of the neighbors and it seems like a very family-oriented neighborhood.

  • No one has completely lost it with anyone else. We’ve all had our moments, but overall, we’re all good. The kids have all had great attitudes. I knew they were amazing people to be “stuck with” during lockdown; I now know they are amazing people to move with as well.

  • Bryan has months of vacation time accumulated, so he was able to take two weeks off so we could manage the move and get the old house in shape. Since it’s not a new tenant moving back in, but the owners who’ we’ve known for over a decade, we feel an added desire to make it nicer than required.

  • Our son and daughter-in-law who live at the other end of the state have checked in every couple days to see how things are going. Same with my sister.

  • I’ve got a 9-day step streak going on my Fitbit and today I’ve clocked in 60 floors climbed! I haven’t been to the gym since this began, but at least I’m getting some exercise.

I am both humbled and thankful — not a bad place to be.

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