8 Simple Ways to Pamper Yourself

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This week on LifeasMOM is all about Loving Life — finding ways to help each of us enjoy life a little more. And one way to enjoy life more is to pamper yourself just a little bit.

Most of the moms I know give, give, give with very little breaks for themselves. Their sense of duty is great and they are not about to squander the family’s money or time on frivolity.

But, each of us needs a little frivolity in her life. We need to have a moment to breathe deep, rest, relax, and recharge. By doing so, we are ready to take on the challenges of life as well as love our families more since we don’t feel drained and exhausted.

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Consider one of these easy things to add to your week:

8 Simple Ways to Pamper Yourself

None of these is too elaborate or expensive. But each can carry a punch, each has the potential to give you that much needed boost. Try one on for size.

1. Take a nap and/or go to bed early.

I can’t remember the last time I took a nap. I think it was last year. But, as one of my goals is to be healthier this year, I’ve realized the importance of sleep. I find that I’m more patient and more fun if I’ve had a good amount of sleep. A nap or a good 8-9 hours of sleep is just lovely.

2. Give yourself a pedicure.

My sister Jamie is a manicurist. It’s always lovely to have a “real pedicure” at her hands. But, we don’t see each other often enough for me to have pretty toes all the time. So, I’ve learned to do it myself. Even if it’s just a polish change, it’s so fun to see my toes pretty and polished.

3. Soak in a tub or take a longer shower.

I do some of my best thinking under water. And I find that a hot shower or bath relaxes and rejuvenates me.

4. Eat some chocolate — and don’t share.

Does this one need any explanation? Really.

5. Get a massage.

I have an aunt who trained as a masseuse, and I can testify that a massage is a beautiful thing. Oh my! It’s been awhile since I had a “real massage,” but I highly recommend them. A good back rub from hubby is good, too.

6. Treat yourself to a new lotion.

My friend Jessika has this gardenia lotion that smells heavenly. It just filled the air with beauty. I usually buy very utilitarian toiletries, lotions and soaps that the whole family can use. But, smelling her lotion made me want to bust out and treat myself to something that smelled so yummy.

7. Buy a bouquet of flowers.

You don’t need  to wait for someone to give you flowers. Stroll through your farmer’s market or grocer’s floral area and pick out a bouquet to take home. You’ll smile when you see it.

8. Give yourself a home spa treatment.

Combine all the above into a home spa treatment. It’s not hard, complicated, or expensive. It just involves your time and a hubby or friend to watch the kids. Download this little pamphlet that tells you all you need to know to pamper yourself completely — at home.

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What works for you?

Leave a comment below and let us know what works for you.

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  1. I stay in the bathroom a little longer than I should – reading. (I used to pretend to need a potty break just to get away for 5 minutes or so, but now that I’m pregnant with #6, every break is needed!)

  2. I’m a knitter! How about some ridiculously lush (yet, practical) yarn that I’ve been eyeing at the Yarn Shop… and enough ‘alone time’ to actually knit something with it. The intended recipient is, of course, ME! Bliss. Pure Bliss.

  3. My shower is my spa. I love a little alone time there and try to keep a variety of scented body washes and scrubs handy to refresh my senses and outlook on mothering. If everyone is still happy when I get out, I take a little time to spiff up my nails and put on my make-up afterward. If there’s not time for the “spa” then I hide in the panty and slowly savor a piece of chocolate by myself.

  4. A hot bath, a nap, and a good back rub from hubby are all ways that I “pamper”! Never really into painting fingers or toes (at least not as an adult!) Though hubby and I are having an anniversary next week and suddenly I’ve wanted to paint the toes! Dd7 has been wanting to do my fingers since the last date night, so maybe I’ll let her do that here in the next week (toes too!)

    Another way to pamper is to take an hour or two and go read a book (in the bath tub is even better!) Or watch a romantic comedy i’m in the mood for!

    The biggest way I pamper myself these days is to go paint some pottery! This may sound weird, and you’d have to have a studio in town that does this – but basically you pick out a ceramic to paint and then it’s fired and ready for you to take home. I’ve made cookie jars, salt/pep shakers, spoon rests, butter dish, plates, mugs! I love it all! I love that I don’t have to be a super artist to get a special made item to use in my home! And it is very theraputic for my brain: a year ago I was a week away from having my 4th baby and it was hubby’s and mine last date night before she was born. Except the afternoon of date day I got a horrible migraine. I rested, took my meds, and insisted that we were GOING! While driving I even felt kinda nauseus but I was still insistent that we go. So hubby and I had planned on dinner and painting. We picked up food to go and dived into our painting. 2 hours later after painting, I looked up and realized the migraine was completely GONE! I was completely amazed that I had been able to relax and enjoy myself so much that my brain had stopped pounding! All the after affects of the migraine were gone the next day too! After that I try to get out to go painting every other week or so! It just helps to destress and makes me a better Mommy! In fact I’m feeling the need to go paint right now with 2 sick kiddos and snow yesterday making me feel land locked!

  5. I am all about the nap! It is so refreshing to lay on the couch and cuddle with a blanket and take an afternoon snooze! Wish I could do it more often!

  6. A hot cup of tea, my favorite rocking chair, a quiet house and a good book!

    ‘nuf said! 🙂