The Print & Go Planner – Track Your Days & Build a Better Life

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Get organized and get going with The Print & Go Planner, a printable planner that you can print, bind, and customize however you like.

print and go planner on black table with pens post-its and stickers

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Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed? Not sure where to start in getting organized? Not sure even what’s for dinner?

I have been there.

With six kids to raise, feed, and homeschool as well as a small business to run, I found myself often in the Land of Frantic. 

How was I going to do all the things that needed doing in a day, feed my family (mostly) homecooked meals, and still feel like I had some time for me?It seems like a miracle, but really it was a trial and error season that started with a to-do list and some scribbles on post-its and calendars.

But, eventually it became a tried and true resource for organizing, meal planning, and time blocking. The perfect combination for any parent or home manager who wants to add order to the day without sacrificing one’s dreams. 

The Print & Go Planner

blank what I want page in planner

The Print & Go Planner is pretty simple. With its streamlined black and white design, it’s been developed to bring order to a harried life — to get you (and me) from point A to point Z without a lot of crazy.

This printable file is designed around a simple system: dream big dreams, break them down into yearly priorities, and then slowly chip away at them over the months and weeks. At the same time, keep the home fires burning with a meal plan and a weekly time budget.

When you open the planner, you’ll find the 

What I want page

This is the space to dream big and identify the characteristics you want to describe your life. 

blank yearly priority page with pens

Priorities for the Year

On the priorities for the year page, you’ll identify which things from your overall vision to focus on during the year.

blank yearly goal page in planner

Goals or Systems to Develop

You’ll also have space to articulate what goals and systems you can develop to make your life more like the one you dream about.

blank planner opened to monthly priority page

The Month’s Priorities at a Glance

Each month, you can chip away at those yearly goals by laying out specific steps to take during the coming weeks.

blank july 2020 calendar page

Monthly Calendar Pages

Each month’s calendar page will help you see the time you have to work with and to plan accordingly.

blank weekly meal plan page in planner

Weekly To-Do’s and Meal Plan

The weekly to-do page allows you to grab tasks from your monthly list to place on the weekly list. Then each day pull a few from the weekly list to work on.

You’ll also have your week’s meal plan right there.

planner open to blank weekly schedule page

Weekly Time Budget

Each week’s time budget provides space to plan out the week and where you’ll put feet to those big dreams and priorities.

The Print & Go Planner is available in multiple date ranges, for the current year as well as next year. There’s even a Print & Go Student Planner.


This is what I use every day to track my days and help me build a better life. Here’s how I use mine.

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  1. I would like to see more of what’s included in the planner. Currently I’m using Mom’s Plan It. I love my planner but not so much the size of it. I have 5 children, a husband and a part time job. I could definitely use more space! I love the size of yours but would like to see samples of each kind of page included in the planner. Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for this! I have printed it and had it bound and am using it. I had been trying to wing it this year as well and it wasn’t going so well. I love having things on my phone but missed my paper planner. I was so thankful to just be able to print and go! Brilliant!

  3. I’m also curious how much you paid at Staples. I’m looking and it seems crazy expensive

  4. Will you share any more details on how you use the planner or what it helps you accomplish? Planners are so individual and I’m on the fence on this. I need something to keep me organized but I’m not yet sure what that is.

  5. Congrats on releasing this next resource! I’ve been making my own planners based on your advice since 2012 and every year I find new ways to refine them. This year my big goof was printing my week on one page front and back, instead of my two page spread from last year. I much prefer to see the whole thing at a glance! And i, too, get excited sunday nights to fill in the week ahead. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. 🙂