The Print & Go Planner

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Get organized and get going with this new printable planner, The Print & Go Planner.

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The Print & Go Planner

This year is the first year since 2010 that I haven’t had a cookbook deadline. I thought that I wouldn’t need to be as organized as I was in years past. I didn’t print and bind a personal planner last fall. I tried to get away with the binder method.

Epic fail.

Turns out I was wrong. I need to be organized on paper to have peace of mind — and to get anything done. Turns out just winging it (which I only sustained for a few months, anyway) just didn’t work.

I wrote four cookbooks in four years, and I’m still standing. I honestly don’t know how I pulled that off. Well, yes, I guess I do. I was really organized and made sure that whenever possible I had all my ducks lined up in a row.

My mom says I’m “driven”. I don’t really like that phrase because it makes me think of hard-nosed, insensitive women who push through no matter what collateral damage occurs. I don’t think that’s what my mom means, and I certainly hope that’s not what I’m like.

What I do know is that I don’t like the status quo when the status quo sucks. I want to change it, and make it better. Laissez-faire home management just doesn’t really work for me.

So, a few months ago, I started to do a redesign on my personal planner. I created something new that I’m really excited about:

new planner weekly pages

The Print & Go Planner

This planner is a little bit different than Organizing Life as Mom. It’s simpler, a little streamlined, and ready to go. That’s what I love about it. I had mine printed and bound at Staples, and I just love it.

That’s one of the things about this. This 200+page planner is ready for you to print and go — and bring order to a harried life — without having to fuss about which pages to use. I’ve designed the planner to get you (and me) from point A to point Z without a lot of crazy.

You can buy The Print & Go Planner here for $12.

But, I’ve included a separate file that you can easily pick and choose which pages to print if you want to customize your planner in a different way.

Planning pages include:

  • goal setting
  • meal planning
  • daily to-do’s
  • weekly schedules
  • monthly goals
  • monthly calendars, from July 2015 to December 2016

This planning product is available for $9. You’ll receive a coupon for $3 off a future product when you buy in July.


new planner to do

Your purchase includes THREE files:

  • The Big Gnarly Explanation (of how to use the pages)
  • The Print & Go Planner
  • The Basic Pages (in case you want to mix and match the pages in a different way.

Be sure to download all three files.

(Please note: the pages in this PDF file do not contain fillable forms. They really are designed for printing. If you’d like a fillable product, check out Organizing Life as MOM.)


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  1. Cameron says

    Congrats on releasing this next resource! I’ve been making my own planners based on your advice since 2012 and every year I find new ways to refine them. This year my big goof was printing my week on one page front and back, instead of my two page spread from last year. I much prefer to see the whole thing at a glance! And i, too, get excited sunday nights to fill in the week ahead. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. 🙂

  2. Helen says

    Will you share any more details on how you use the planner or what it helps you accomplish? Planners are so individual and I’m on the fence on this. I need something to keep me organized but I’m not yet sure what that is.

  3. Helen says

    I’m also curious how much you paid at Staples. I’m looking and it seems crazy expensive

  4. Olivia says

    Thank you so much for this! I have printed it and had it bound and am using it. I had been trying to wing it this year as well and it wasn’t going so well. I love having things on my phone but missed my paper planner. I was so thankful to just be able to print and go! Brilliant!

  5. I would like to see more of what’s included in the planner. Currently I’m using Mom’s Plan It. I love my planner but not so much the size of it. I have 5 children, a husband and a part time job. I could definitely use more space! I love the size of yours but would like to see samples of each kind of page included in the planner. Thanks!

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