How to Get Ready in 30 Minutes a Day

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Ever find that mornings are harried? Wonder how to get yourself put together in the mornings without spending hours primping and curling? Looking for some ways to streamline your life, besides throwing on a pair of yoga pants and pulling your hair into a ponytail?

The morning rush doesn’t have to be, well, rushed. There are some habits that you can work on to help you feel more “with it” each and every day. One of those things is to prepare a quick morning routine.

You would be amazed at how quickly you can get your game face on if you follow some of these easy steps:

Shower at the opportune time.

Some moms find that showering before bed helps them get a great start on the day. Others find that a morning shower helps wake them up. Choose the time that works best for you.

Streamline your beauty routine.

Know what works for you. Figure out what cosmetics look good on you, which hairstyle is most flattering for your face and body type, and gather the tools you need to put it all together.

Don’t spend your morning minutes on experimentation, especially when you’ve got to get out the door by a certain time. Experiment at night when it’s calm and peaceful — and then figure out how to replicate it in the morning.

If one product can do the job of two, let it. Some are even designed to help you get ready faster. Quick dry shampoo and all-in-one shavers can help you be more efficient — but just as beautiful — in the morning.

Lock out interruptions.

If you’re constantly interrupted in the morning, prolonging the time it takes for you to be ready to walk out the door, don’t be afraid to seclude yourself in order to protect that time.

If your kids are old enough to take care of themselves, lock yourself in your room so that your 30 minutes can be spent in an efficient way. If your people are little, consider a little Dora or Kipper time for them in order to give you a quiet peaceful time alone. If all else fails, get up a half hour earlier, so you can get ready without worrying about anyone.

Find a wardrobe that works.

Spend a little money and time finding clothes that fit — your body and your personality. Every mom needs some comfy clothes and some “put together” clothes and some “date night” clothes. How much you need of each will depend on how you spend your days. But, comfy clothes can be cute and put together. (Just saying.) Figure out what your needs are and reform your closet around those.

Try to find a few colors that you know look good on you. I used to limit it to four colors. I think I’m up to six now (blue, green, black, white, brown, and cranberry), but it’s still extremely easy to mix and match.

If everything in your closet fits and looks good on you, you won’t spend countless hours trying things on, only to discard them on the closet floor a few minutes later.

Lay out your clothes the night before.

You do this for your kids, why not do it for yourself. Make decisions before you go to bed, so that in the morning, you don’t have to think. Thinking is good, just not when you’re pressed for time.

How 30 minutes can be broken down:

10 minutes – shower

2 minutes – brush and floss

1 minute – moisturize

5 minutes – brush, blow dry, and style hair

2 minutes – dress

10 minutes – apply make-up, touch up polish, put on jewelry

The morning doesn’t need to be a race. But, when you consider how long something really takes, you may find that it takes less time than you thought it did.

Obviously, not all mornings are going to obey. The dog will be sick. The baby will be crying. And big brother’s homework will go missing at the last minute.

But, if you’ve got a general target to shoot for — at least when it comes to getting your personal morning routine done — you can get up and at ’em in no time. And you can look good.

What works for YOU in the morning beauty routine?

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  1. I definitely need more than 2 minutes to brush AND floss. A minute or 2 extra to do a good job will pay off in the long run. (no I’m not a dentist)

  2. I love the schedule outline that you drew up! I think I may mimic that, almost to a tee. My mornings are atrocious. Thank you for the confirmation that mine is not the only crazy life!

    1. Thank you so much! This article has helped me so much already. I am able to sleep later and get ready faster and more efficiently with WAY less farting around.

  3. I was wondering if I was the only one thinking “five minutes to dry and fix my hair?” Mine is not really that long, but it’s thick, and can easily take 10-15 minutes just to dry even when I towel dry it first and do my makeup and get dressed first.

    Honestly the real key to me as far as making the mornings go smoothly is doing what I can the night before, and getting up before everyone else does. I can get coffee started, get my shower and be mostly ready by the time my husband wakes up. The baby? Well sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t – kind of depends on how she’s slept the night before.

    Although, I am sorely tempted to cut my hair a bit shorter. My husband says he doesn’t mind what I do with it, although he prefers it longer. Between the time it takes to dry and the fact that our daughter yanks on it all the time, I’m about ready to chop it all off.

  4. I keep my morning routine items in a plastic crate type basket… just having everything in one place makes it go so much faster. Items include: hair dryer, brush and comb, hair styling gel, makeup (in a makeup bag) and toothbrush and toothpaste. The rest I keep in the shower. I also am a firm believer in “uniforms” – clothes you wear just like they were your uniform, even if you don’t work. I like the above comment from Molly about her “uniform” – would adapt easily to a SAHM.

  5. The wardrobe idea is key for me. I am lucky enough to wear jeans to work, so there’s no thinking there. Then the only thinking is whether it’s cold (turtleneck) or hot (polo), and rainy (hiking boots) or not (sneakers). Easy peasy!

  6. I think the biggest time saver in the morning is do as much the night before as possible- make lunches, have your bag, briefcase, phone, purse all ready to go, I even get kids cups and snacks ready. Defininetly get your clothes picked out the night before- I do it for my kiddo too. I let her have a snack and watch TV while I hop in the shower.

  7. I’m doing infant potty training with my 8-month-old, so she sits on her potty and plays with the shower curtain while I get ready.

    On my side of the medicine cabinet, I used the bottom shelf for the things I use every day to get ready and put them in order of use (so that I don’t have moisturizer all over my hands while I’m trying to put in my contacts!) :
    chap stick

    My hairbrush and toothbrush are obviously elsewhere, but just having these basic things in a row has been helpful in the early morning fog!

  8. Great tips!

    I wash my hair every other day, but I don’t spend time drying it or styling it. If you can get a hair cut that is wash and go, that can save time in the morning.

    Kid interruptions – do use a totlock on the bathroom door. My biggest interruption is my 2 year old whom I love dearly, but if he’s in the bathroom, he’s always playing with the water and getting in the middle of stuff. Ask your spouse to run block if they can.

    Have a bare minimum routine. Today I knew I wouldn’t make it in the shower, but I did take time to wash my face and put on my skincare therapy because just washing my face helps me feel ready to face the day.

  9. I agree with the above comment re: hair styling. My hair takes at least 7 and more likely 10 or so minutes to dry.

    However, I have recently started partially drying it and then letting it air dry most of the way so that I can save some time. Then I finish it with a quick blow dry at the end.

    I also am now washing only every other day….and sometimes, if I can get away with it, less frequently than that! I plan to do a post on it soon….there’s a way to make it work 🙂

    1. @Adrienne, This is one of those things that it might be worth taking extra time for if you are married and your husband likes a certain hairstyle :).

      My hairdresser looked at me like I was crazy when I said I wanted to keep my hair long because my husband likes it that way! 🙂 I figure if that is all it takes to keep him happy, I am a LUCKY woman!

      1. @Amanda, You are so right, Amanda! My husband likes my hair long too. Though I think I am more fussy than he is about my appearance, we need to focus on pleasing our husbands more than pleasing ourselves w/ regards to our appearance. Thanks for the reminder! Even if we have to spend time we don’t want to spend, if it blesses our husband then it’s time well-spent. 🙂

  10. 5 minutes to brush, blowdry AND style hair? Ummm…yes, IF I’m putting it up in a pony tail! 🙂 That’s why I was my hair only 2 times a week … otherwise my whole 30 minutes is out the window! I so agree with the closet remark and really need to get focused on getting mine back under control again!