Emergency Supplies Checklist

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Are you ready for an emergency? It can strike when you least expect it. Get ready with this emergency supply checklist.

emergency supplies checklist

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I grew up in earthquake country, but never experienced a big one. I was off at college at the time. My siblings, however, can still recount how scary it was and how they camped on the front lawn for days.

When we moved to Kansas and I first heard the tornado sirens, I was a little dumbstruck. When I had to wake sleeping babies to take them to the basement, I was surprised. Packing up necessities and little comforts in a hurry was something new to me. And unnerving.

Perhaps you live somewhere where you need to “batten down the hatches” periodically. Or maybe, you’re clueless like I was.

Emergency Supplies Checklist

What I needed was an emergency supplies checklist to help me gather what we needed in case of an emergency.

A few years ago I decided to get better prepared. I put together Go Bags for the kids. I stocked up on food and water and candles. That gave me a little peace of mind.

Emergency Supplies Checklist | Life as MOM

When we had an extended, surprise power outage, I knew where things were.

Last year when fires ravaged our area, we pulled the kids’ bags out, checked that they were truly good to go, and kept them in the foyer, in case we really had to go. We were able to take water and blankets to the evacuation center.

The world we live in today is a little precarious. Natural disasters and terrorism can both strike and leave us vulnerable. Having emergency supplies ready won’t solve the problem, but they can make us feel better prepared and more ready to handle the unexpected.

Grab this Emergency Supplies Checklist to see if you’ve got what you need in case you were stuck at home or forced to evacuate.

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For more information on how to prepare for an emergency, you can visit Ready.Gov.

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  1. My sister gave us a really neat kit for Christmas one year. She put it together herself. It has a very good first aid kit, batteries, a knife, glow sticks, fire starter, rope, and most importantly MRE’s. There was water, but we swapped it out with gallon jugs. If you can I highly reccomend MRE’s- Meals Ready to Eat. They are much more than just a meal, they have condiments, a snack, and a hot beverage you mix with water. They are very well done, and they contain enough calories for a male solider out in the field, so you can split them.
    I need to go back through my go-bags & update the clothing. I also want something for the car, but I haven’t mulled that one over yet 😉

  2. I live in Kansas, too, and those tornado sirens really do strike fear in the heart… even when you realize, 5 seconds into it, that it’s just a monthly test! I was surprised to learn how many of our neighbors don’t have maintain emergency supplies. It’s such an easy but important thing to put together a good stockpile. With winter coming, and forecasts saying this one will be a harsh one, I plan to go through your list to restock anything we might be low on. Thanks!

  3. We do this, although we have yet to experience an emergency situation. My husband has also trained with a volunteer organization through our county called Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) which is basically training to help your neighbors after you’ve ensured the safety of your own family during an emergency. Others who are interested might see if their city or county offers this training.

  4. I have this on my list of things to go over today. I need to get the emergency items in my trunk updated. I am going to ask for the bigger ticket items for Christmas this year. Then my kit will be complete. I work 44 miles from home. I read lights out and one second after. I plan on being home within three days of a major disaster pending the weather of course.