DIY Fairy Wings

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Let your child’s imagination take flight with these simple DIY Fairy Wings from Life as MOM contributor Janel.

Fairy Wings 4

photo: Janel Piersma

Our family has been in transition for the last couple of months. We moved out of our rental home in Virginia, stayed with some friends for a few weeks, and are now living a rather nomadic existence in California for the summer while we house-sit for friends during my husband’s summer internship. Thankfully, my kids have been flexible and are enjoying seeing friends and family. Although they had to leave all their toys behind in Virginia, they still have fun using their imaginations at play time.

Fairy Wings 2

All Other Photos: Jamie Getskow Voeltz

When we arrived at my parents’ house last week, my girls wanted to play in the backyard right away. Dressed up in their newly acquired dollar-store dress-up jewelry, they decided that they wanted to play fairies. Unfortunately, the did not get any fairy wings during our trip to the store. Well, my mom is super creative and within minutes she had fashioned some cute fairy wings for the girls with some spare fabric she had at home. She even had enough materials to make a couple of extras for the FishChicks to enjoy as well. A fairy-good time was had by all the girls!

Fairy Wings

Here’s how you can make your own:

Fairy Wings 3

Janel is a stay-at-home mom of two daughters and a “law school wife” in Virginia. Raised in a budget-conscious and DIY-minded family, she blogs about motherhood, crafts, and living on a law school budget at Life with Lucie and Ella.

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I know what we’re gonna do this summer.

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