June Book Reviews

It’s time to Book It. Share what you’ve read this month and get some good ideas from fellow readers’ book reviews. It’s been a month of reading, let me tell you! I can’t believe it, but I finished 14 books this month, and started three more! FOURTEEN?! I think that’s more books than I read […]

Agatha Christie Books I Read in May

It’s time for us to Book it, folks! Share what books you read this month and let’s compare notes! This month I read all Agatha Christie books. A few weeks ago I didn’t think I would have much to report for our monthly book check-in, but I got on an Agatha Christie streak a week […]

Books I Read in April

It’s time for us to Book it, folks! Share what books you read this month and let’s compare notes! I’m not sure how it happened, but April is almost over?! That flew by. And weirdly enough, unlike past months, I didn’t do as much reading. I started several books, but I didn’t really finish many. […]

Books I Read in March

Looking for some good books to read? Here are the books I read in March. Check out this month’s book reviews and share what you’ve been reading. This month I read a ton. I’ve been focusing on taking more down time and now that there are no cookbooks to write, I have time to read! Yay! […]

Good Books I Read in February

Looking for some good books to read? Check out this month’s book reviews and see what you should get reading. One of the good things about getting sick is that you have down time. About halfway through February, our family got hit with the flu. I was out of circulation for about three days, in which […]

Booking It is Back! Here are My January Reads

Want to get the low down on great books to read? Start Booking It with us! For those of you who’ve been around here awhile, you might remember the monthly feature, Booking It. For years on a monthly basis, I shared books I had read while readers got a chance to share which books they’d read and […]

Book Review: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Want to know what all this life-changing magic is all about? Here’s my review of the organizing and “tidying” book written by Japanese author, Marie Kondo.

Read More Good Books {Day 5 to a Renewed You}

Refresh yourself with a good book. Here’s what I’m planning to read in the new year. Today’s assignment is to choose a good book and start reading. Every year near the end I start thinking about the books I want to read in the next year. I’ve been doing this for at least ten years […]