10 Great Book Series for Kids – Perfect for Read Alouds

Want to get reading with your kids? Here are ten books series for kids that have been FishFam-tested. They make great Christmas gifts!  Since I am a bookworm, it has always been really important to me that our kids love to read. FishPapa loves to read, so it sounded like an easy thing to swing. […]

Load Up Your Kindle for Travel

Hitting the road? Don’t forget to load up your Kindle for travel. Janel shares how she stocks her digital library for her family, saving money as well as space. A few years ago, I scoffed at the idea of using an e-reader device. And then, my husband bought me a Kindle for our anniversary. I wasn’t sure […]

Favorite Home Management Resources

Is your home Better Homes and Gardens ready? Or could you use a little help in the home management department? I’ve learned a lot in the last two decades — and these resources have helped! I tend to pile stuff. When I get busy, tired, overwhelmed, I pile things up. My clothes. My paperwork. My […]

How to Give a Kindle Book Gift (& Why It’s Awesome to Do So)

Wondering how to give a Kindle Book gift? Or even why you should do so? The kindle is an amazing bit of technology! And its ebooks makes great gifts. I am a huge book lover. I’ve always loved books, particularly those that I can spend all day — or all night — reading  without interruptions. […]

Historical Fiction Books I Read in October

Did you read any good books in October? I’ve got four fun historical fiction books to share this month, all of which will expand your horizons. And your kids’. I guess you can tell it’s the school year based on which books I’ve actually read! As a homeschool mom, the months of September through May are […]

Read Great Travel Books

Planning a trip? Be sure to check out some great travel books before you go — and make sure the kids get a chance to read along with you. I am a book person. I always have preferred reading as my main form of learning, so it comes as no surprise that I read to […]

Booking It in September

It’s time to Book It. Share what you’ve read this month and get some good ideas from fellow readers’ book reviews. Anybody notice that I didn’t really read anything in August? I know, pretty sad. After burning up the pages, or the Kindle fire, as the case may be, in June and July, my reading […]

July Book Reviews

It’s time to Book It. Share what you’ve read this month and get some good ideas from fellow readers’ book reviews. Last month I was a reading machine. June seemed so much more relaxed and empty-calendared than July. July had company and day camps and just a lot of stuff to do. It has not, […]