The Choosing Game

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A close-up of hands holding M&M\'s in package.

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FishPapa occasionally reads this blog. I never know when. But, I always get helpful feedback. That’s how he rolls.

After reading my Monkey Treats post, he suggested that I tell you about The Game. I always thought it was called, The Choosing Game. But, he claims they’ve always called it the Monkey Treat Game. Since I don’t belong to the Fish Boys Alliance, I’m sometimes out of the loop on these things. And since it’s my blog, I’m calling it The Choosing Game. You call it what you like. Whatever you call it, your little guys (and girls) will love it.

  • You will need a bag of multi-colored candies. (Sorry, an all-green, Indiana Jones, mint-flavored bag of M&M’s, though very cool, does not work. Must be multi-colored.)
  • Tear off one corner of the candy bag, just the size to slip one candy through. See photo above.
  • Ask the first child to name a color. Slip out ONE candy. If he guesses correctly, he gets to choose again. With each correct guess, he gets to go again. Then it’s the next person’s turn.
  • Continue until all the candies are gone.

Our guys like to start the game with small cups to collect their “winnings.” Then they eat them all at the end. I’m guessing they probably count them up, too, so that they have bragging rights. Just a guess, though.

Remember I don’t belong to the FBA.

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  1. I did this once with my husband on a long road trip. I think the bag lasted us about 100 kilometres, so nearly an hour! It was fun. My DH said that he loved seeing me act like a little kid, clapping my hands every time I got the right colour.