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Would you like to celebrate the season more simply this year? Take this intensive 2-week workshop to help you streamline your celebrations to suit your season of life.

Years ago when we had one child and a really tight budget, I decided that I was going to make all our Christmas gifts, all our Christmas cards, and all our Christmas feasts by hand, from scratch, all by myself. Yes, I was young and optimistic, was I not?

I started in August and worked, worked, worked all fall. This was in the days when the internet ran on squirrel power and Pinterest was not even a twinkle in a programmer’s eye. I relied on magazines and the craft store for my inspiration.

And you can probably guess that I was a little obsessed. It was a great holiday season. With one small child who napped and was excellent at quiet, independent play, abundant space in our home to stash all my projects, and a lot of time on my hands, I was able to pull it off.

But, I wasn’t able to sustain it. I tried.

Believe me, I tried.

For years afterward, I drove my husband and kids NUTS with the big Doing-It-All-for-the-Holidays. My husband finally said, “No more. You’re going insane and taking us with you.”

I did, indeed, marry well.

While it was hard to take at first, I’m glad he put the breaks on my holiday obsessing.

Since then I’ve been streamlining and discovering ways that allow us beautiful celebrations and delicious food without putting extra stress on me, my marriage, or my family.

I still make things by hand, but I choose carefully, include my kids, and try to savor the moments a little bit more.

Celebrate Simply | Life as MOM

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Would YOU like to celebrate simply?

The way to avoid stressing out at the holidays is to plan ahead.

Thanksgiving is only four weeks away; it will be here before you know it — with Christmas and New Year’s not too far behind.

If you do a little planning NOW, you can avoid a lot of stressing out later.

I’ve got just the thing to help with your holiday planning: the Celebrate Simply Workshop.

In the Celebrate Simply Workshop, we’ll work together — yes, we! — to create a Holiday Success Kit to ease your holiday stress and make this truly the most wonderful time of the year as you celebrate with friends and family.

I used to be a Holiday Stress Mess, but I found a better way. I can’t wait to show you how it works!

Via weekly live video calls and a private chat group, I’ll be available to give you personalized coaching, as you set a plan in action and implement it. You’ll have a chance to ask questions and get help from me and other home cooks. We’re even gonna get in the kitchen for a little advance freezer cooking!

In this workshop, you’ll find not only a community of clever cooks to brainstorm with, but you’ll also finish with a strong plan to enter the holiday season, cool, calm, and with a stash of cookies on hand!

The workshop will run for 2 weeks, starting November 5, just in time for you to get your jingle on.

Registration is open now for a short time. Workshop spaces are limited, so decide now how much you want to ENJOY this holiday season.

I can’t wait to work with you!

Register now to set you up for success this holiday season: https://fishmama.com/celebrate-simply-workshop/

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  1. One year I had the great idea to save money by making Christmas chocolates treats for coworkers and friends. I saved no money, it likely cost us more in the end and it took so much time and energy.

  2. Stephenie says

    I am looking forward to this! So much of the time it feels as if “simple” and large family can not coexist.

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