Disc Golf Birthday Cake

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That’s FishPapa. Well, sort of. You see, that’s the only Playmobil guy we could find in the depths of the toybox that even remotely resembled my husband. Apparently, knights, vikings, and pirates are a dime a dozen.

Good, responsible, normal guys are hard to come by.

But, this guy does look a little like our real guy. FishPapa has dark hair, though not quite so mullet like, and he wears a blue jacket. And he enjoys playing disc golf.

For my husband’s last birthday, I decided to surprise him with a themed cake to reflect one of his hobbies: disc golf. It took a little finagling to find the right candies and toys to represent this sport, er, leisure activity. Apparently, the employees at Toys ‘R Us are not familiar with disc golf, nor do they sell any disc golf action figures. Who knew?

But I think we pulled it off.

This is not a difficult cake to make. In fact, all you disc golf enthusiasts will be surprised at how easy it is. Now that I’ve canvased the Toys ‘R Us scene on your behalf.

You will need:

a 1/4 sheet cake, baked and cooled
chocolate and green buttercream frosting
green sprinkles
a square piece of fruit leather (for the pad)
graham cracker crumbs (for the gravel that is always on the pad)
candy rocks
Spree candies (for discs)
a City Playmobil guy
Playmobil trees, bag/basket, and boulders
and this:

Know what that is? You do, don’t ya? Come on… think.

It’s the birdie from a badminton set. Minus the ball doodah attached to the bottom. How’s that for success after rambling around Toys ‘R Us for an hour?!

It’s not exactly like a disc golf basket, but it works! Just remove the ball doodah and insert a toothpick.

So, frost your cake. Sprinkle green sprinkles over the grass frosting. Sprinkle on some candy rocks. Position your trees and boulders. Place your disc basket. Place your fruit leather pad. Sprinkle on some graham cracker crumb gravel. Place your guy. And toss some Spree candy disks around.

You’re good to go!

How far will YOU go for the perfect themed birthday cake?

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  1. Lindsay says

    Thank you so much for this idea. Very cute. My husband is a disc golf enthusiast, too. It looks like I’ll have to involve the kids in a project in August for his birthday!

  2. Brilliant! My husband and I love disc golf…in fact that’s how we met. I’m bookmarking this and will attempt my own version in September!

  3. Oh I was hoping you’d show the cake because I remember you talking about it on the facebook page. That turned out great. If I only knew someone who played disc golf.

    I’m debating on if I should submit the fondant covered Batman cake I made for my nephew’s birthday three weeks ago to your next round up.

  4. swweeeet! love it! i go to great lengths to make the perfect birthday cake. I have been known to go to many stores to find just the right stuff for whatever theme cake I’m making.
    now disc golf? that’s a new one for me 🙂

  5. AllieZirkle says

    This makes me think of my mom’s birthday a few years back. We surprised her, taking her down to SD to play. The first “hole” she got whacked in the rear by another player- on video camera. It was hilarious! Good to know there are other disc golf fans!


  6. Lynette says

    That Candy Land Cake that I made last year for my daughter’s 4th birthday (I sent in the pic in January!) Weeks to a whole month went into planning and shopping for that thing. Finding candies that had the right textures and look for the candyland squares, and then experimenting with them by melting them down (I used Jolly Ranchers) into a square brownie bites pan (that I hunted forever looking for some type of similar type square candy mold) took a while. Plus buying bags and bags of Jolly Ranchers to get all the ones I would need for the correct color combination (cause JR’s do not come all in the same rainbow of colors in every bag!) Looking for the right recipes for peanut acres type candy, chocolate mousse which became chocolate swamp – looking for spree candies I had to go to every store I knew of and could NOT find them, but finally found them at a gas station 5 minutes from my house! It was crazy how much I went out and looked and hunted. Then not to mention that actually putting together of that cake! Biggest cake I’ve ever made, most involved cake – and I’d probably never do it again – unless I was paid like $100 or more to make it! It was a phenomenal cake though!

  7. Whats disc golf?!

    • Jessica Fisher says

      @sona, it’s a game where you throw discs (aka frisbees) into a course of baskets. It’s similar to “real” golf only the disks are in place of golf balls and the baskets are the holes. Much of the terminology (par, birdie, bogie) are the same.

  8. Unfortunately, the women of my family suffer from a Cake Curse. We don’t do birthday cakes. Or any cakes. To undertake such an endeavor is to invite kitchen catastrophe. Layers slide, icings separate, and things burn. Alas. Can I interest anyone in a nice Birthday Apple Crisp?

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