Learn How to Build Your Own Lego Table.

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Got a Lego-maniac at your house? Instead of buying another set of bricks, build a Lego table to make building even more fun. This tutorial designed by Anne from Modern Mrs. Darcy shows you how.

This post was originally published on December 20, 2012. Recently, FishPapa crafted one for our youngest Lego fan, and so we’ve refreshed the photos and added a few extra tips. This post contains affiliate links which provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to Amazon and other affiliate sites.

A christmas tree in a room with a lego table nearby.

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I have 4 young Lego addicts at my house, and we’re always running out of spaces to build with them. I’ve thought about buying a Lego table for them for years, and finally decided to try my hand at building one for them. I couldn’t be happier with the results!

My only regret is that I postponed this project for so long. It took me less than 10 minutes to make, and cost less than $30–a bargain compared to the tables for sale out there. This project was a breeze, and you can easily make your own for the little Lego lovers in your life.

What you need to make your own Lego table:

How to Build a Lego Table | Life as Mom

A table, new or old – The IKEA LACK table is perfect for this. The top is 21 5/8 inches square.

Lego plates to cover the table – Ten-inch base plates work perfectly for the LACK table.

A few Lego bricks – You’ll use these to insure proper spacing between the plates.

Spray adhesive, like Elmer’s Craft Bond spray adhesive or something like Liquid Nails works well.

A large flat surface – to help properly position the Lego plates

4 sheets of parchment paper or newspaper – to catch the overspray of the adhesive

Optional: pencil and ruler

How to build your own Lego table:

How to Build a Lego Table | Life as Mom

1. Arrange your Lego plates on the table to roughly determine placement.

Important: using Lego bricks, join your plates together. You will see that there should be a slight gap between the plates. You want to space the plates so that they will work properly for building on top of later.

Making a lego table, marking with pencil.

2. Mark the table for the appropriate placement of the plates.

This is an optional step, but can help ensure that the four plates are centered on the table where you want them.

How to Build a Lego Table | Life as Mom

3. Apply a thin layer of adhesive to your plates.

Place the plates on the parchment and spray. You’ll want a fresh piece of parchment for each plate so as not to get adhesive on the front of the plates.

How to Build a Lego Table | Life as Mom

4. Place the plates on the table.

Making sure that the plates are appropriately spaced with the Lego brick, place them on the table, right up to the pencil marks. Press evenly to adhere. Let sit for the time recommended on your adhesive’s directions.

How to Build a Lego Table | Life as Mom

5. Get to building.

At this point your kid needs no instruction on what to do!

– Anne Bogel is full of big ideas and bookish enthusiasm. Check out her blog Modern Mrs Darcy, her literary matchmaking podcast What Should I Read Next, or her new book Reading People: How Seeing the World Through the Lens of Personality Changes Everything.

How to Build a Lego Table | Life as Mom

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  1. I have a 29 /12 by 23 1/4 train table and want to purchase the peel and stick from Amazon. What size and how many should I order?

    1. I have not seen peel and stick Lego plates, but you’d want to have sizes to cover the top. You may need to find thinner baseplates to fill in the gaps or simply have a larger border around the sides.

  2. Just found this and noticed it from 2012! Still very practical today though!

    Went to Ikea and they still have the tables for $7.99-$9.99. Bought a white one for $7.99. The lego plates are now $9.99, but Toys R Us had them on sale for $7.52 each. Will be doing the gluing tomorrow. Still a decent project for under $50.

    I’ll also be putting some sort of storage underneath like another poster said.

    1. I just read this post from 2012 and 2016. What did you use for the storage under the lego table? I have an old pink and yellow toddler size Dora and Boots table that my preschoolers have outgrown. I want to spray paint it and create a lego table with storage. Any suggestions?

  3. I would like to put my Lego’s in the center of table. Any thoughts?

      1. I placed a slide-out bin underneath the table. It’s great for storing their projects or leftover Legos.

  4. Hi moms. Im a 54 year old grandfather with a 6 year old grandson who loves legos. He has a lego train set and some of the city buildings. I wanted to build him a table to incorporate the train set either around or through the city. I have racked my brain trying to find a large enough table. Thanks to your great ideas I just need 4 smaller tables that will fit through the doors. THANKS A BUNCH !

    1. Just finished the lego duplo train table for my 2yr old twins bday (before I red this pg) 3 – 2’x4′ sheets & some 2″×2″s for legs. Search “Lego train table” on Pinterest.

  5. I am thinking of using my son’s thomas the train table the plates turn over to a completely green board …just going to adhere the plates to it so he can do lego’s when he wants to or trains when he wants to there is a drawer on each side of the table for storage too…. looking for lego sheets now lol santa is coming early here lol

  6. Great idea! I think, instead of gluing the lego mats to a table, I’ll use a heavy board so that I can set it on a normal table and slide somewhere (under couch/bed) when not in use. Then the table can serve as a train table, breakfast, puzzle, etc. I’ll see how it goes!

  7. Know of any tiny chairs that will work with the Ikea side table you used?

      1. Really? Cuz I looked at how high the seat of those little Ikea chairs were and they were only 4 inches below the bottom of their Lack table. Is that enough room for little legs to fit?

          1. REALLY?! Awesome. My son is only 4…so hopefully we will get a few years out of it!!

  8. Thank you! Great, affordable idea! Do you think an 11 year old would like this? Dothey sit on the floor or in a chair to build?

  9. I just built my kids a Lego table using your directions! Can’t be happier!!! Thanx

  10. Just wondering where you buy your Lego plates at? I want to find the Duplos base plates…

    Thanks! Grace

  11. My kids are getting a lego table for Christmas, too. But we used a small table that we already had, and removed the legs, so it can be slid under a couch when not in use. My kids like to lay on the floor to build anyway, so this was a better fit for our family than a traditional table.

  12. I just did this for my boys with the Ikea table. I also made one for the Duplo Legos with the 15×15 plate in the middle of the table. They absolutely love it! What a great idea!