DIY on a Dime: Easter Confetti Eggs

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Easter is a time of celebration, of new life in Christ. Confetti Eggs are a fun way to celebrate with friends and family.

how to make confetti eggs

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It might surprise some people to know that we don’t play Santa, the Tooth Fairy, or the Easter Bunny at our house. I grew up with all those traditions as did FishPapa. In our early years of parenting, we went back and forth on it, struggling with pressure (either real or presumed) from family, church, and culture.

We settled on maintaining the integrity and religious significance of Christmas and Easter by not playing Santa or the Bunny. On a case by case basis, we’ve kept some traditions, like stuffing stockings or decorating a tree. (Our kids know that the gifts are from us.) We’ve abandoned others, like gifting Easter baskets or pretending about the Easter Bunny. These are our family’s choices.

Please realize that I respect every family’s right to choose how they observe a holiday. We’ve had friends — well, their children — tell us we were near-pagans for having a Christmas tree or hiding plastic eggs, and others who have thought we were too uptight for drawing lines where we have. We’re okay with that. We know Him in Whom we have believed.

Somewhere along the line I made peace with these things, but in the early years of parenting it was a rough road to walk. Today we’ve found our comfort zone. I hope you have, too!

For Easter that involves centering the celebration on Christ, but also incorporating eggs and elements of Spring into the landscape of our celebrating as a symbol of the New Life we have in Christ.

Confetti Eggs

I do believe that Easter should be a celebration. Not only has Christ died in my place for the forgiveness of my sins, but He has also conquered death to rise again and sit at the right hand of the Father, interceding on our behalf.

Easter is a celebration!

And what’s a better symbol of celebration than confetti?! That makes these confetti eggs a fun little tradition to add into your Easter traditions.

Also known as cascarones, confetti eggs are a tradition within Mexican culture, a sign of celebration. It’s said to be good luck if you get an egg cracked over your head. While used during Carnival in Mexico, US and Mexican cultures have blended to make them a natural fit for Easter celebrations.

Confetti eggs are super easy to make and a fun thing  to add into your Easter planning. They are made with regular household items, so they won’t cost you much but time.

Hollow egg

You might think that you need to blow out a dozen eggs to get the hollow shell. I always noticed that that tedious project also seemed to blow out my ear drums. For this project, I saved a few eggshells every time I made breakfast. Instead of cracking the egg in the middle, I would crack it at the tip, break away some of the shell, and shake the egg out of the hole at the top. This made the process of hollowing out the eggshells super easy.

I bought the confetti at Walmart for a little more than a buck. If you’ve got a paper shredder — or a toddler — you can make your own. You can also empty out your three-hole punch.

I reused some tissue paper we received in a gift bag, making it a pretty cheap activity.

filling eggs with confetti

eggs with confetti

Confetti eggs are a fun, light-hearted accent to Easter or any other celebration, like birthdays or weddings.

DIY-on-a-DIME-Easter-125DIY on a Dime

This is part of the DIY on a Dime: Easter. For more easy and frugal ideas for celebrating the holiday, check out the list.

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  1. I love cascarones! Growing up in San Antonio, this is one of my favorite Springtime traditions. Mom would save eggshells all year in the laundry room, and then we’d make a huge batch. We used to take them to the airports to greet our guests. Fun and messy memories!

  2. We do the same project but fill the eggs with BIRDSEED (which can be a bit of job to get out of your clothes and hair). We are camping every Easter and host an egg hunt with the birdseed filled eggs and then the “finder” gets to choose the family member of choice for the birdseed shower. The shells clean up pretty easily as we confine the egg smashing to a limited area. Then we relax and watch the birds feast. So much fun.

  3. If you don’t mind storing the confetti, Walmart always has extra and puts it on clearance for .25 and then .10 a bag.

  4. thanks for this insight on your beliefs with Christ, I am curious if you would share what you do as a family for your ‘devotions’ time? I have a 15yo girl, 14yo boy, 11 & 9yo girls. They have all been raised to know the Truth about God & His son, Jesus. The older two are having some ‘teen attitude’ that is making it hard for me. My husband works nights so I’m the only one doing it as far as during the week. thanks for the insights. Lisa