Do You See Life from Their Perspective?

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Life is hard. For adults and for kids. There is more than one way to see something. Do you see life from their perspective?

blurry sideways photo of baby bouncer

This post was originally published on May 20, 2009.

Recently, I found my 4 year old son and my 2 year old daughter holding a photo shoot. With my camera.

With my “I-scrimped-and-saved-all-my-mad-money-till-I-had-$400” camera.

Needless to say, it didn’t go well.

But, later after the smoke stopped coming out my nose and ears, I paused and looked at my little man’s pictures. What a glimpse at another point of view.

toddler girl sitting at messy table

He didn’t see a messy table after lunch. He saw his sister.

blurry photo of duplo creation next to pile of laundry

What I see is a pile of travel laundry not yet through the wash. He sees a special Duplo creation.

Oh, it gives me pause. We see things soooo differently. And I think if one of us was to take on the other’s perspective, it should be me.

As my oldest approaches twelve, I am realizing how quickly the days are fleeing. I’m also realizing that good things need to give way in order to make room for great things, like making the most of the time with my little ones.

Some new goals for my life as MOM:

  • more facetime with my littles while decreasing my screen time (or at least making it more efficient)
  • more walks, bike rides, and trips to the park
  • more deliberate fun time activities with all the kids, but especially my preschoolers
  • more quality time with each child on an individual basis

Have you got some room to improve? What are you doing to enjoy these childhood days?

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  1. Thanks for posting this. With the birth of son #2 last year, I came to a similar realization. Last summer I changed jobs to work for a school district so I now have summers off; this summer I am closing my private practice so I REALLY have time to spend with my kids this summer.
    My older son will be in first grade, and the younger son is already gaining his toddler independence… and I’m wondering where I was when all this happened!

  2. I just posted on my blog that I am taking a break from it, and this is one of the main reasons.

    My 4yo likes to use my camera often, and one thing that I noticed right away was how many pics of me there were where I am sitting in front of the computer. It was quite a wake-up call.

  3. As my 11 year old is finishing elementary and my “babies” are 8 years old, I too think about more facetime. It seemed so easy when they “needed me” more when they were young. But now they say the cutest/wisest things. Love the tilted toy picture. — Alesha

  4. Enjoy them while you can. Before long they are 6’5 and looking down on you.

  5. My goals are quite similar ~ spend less time on the computer while they’re awake, and plan to do special things with them on a regular basis.