How to Get a Band-aid (or Other Sticker) Out of the Carpet

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How to Remove a Band-aid from Carpet | Life as MOM

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As we all know, adhesive bandages, aka Band-aids, are a cure-all for all that ills a five-year old. At least at my house, that is usually the case. The girl has a minor scratch, a Band-aid can cure it magically.

It happens often, as witnessed by the wrappers and papers left in her wake. One unfortunate day, however, it was evidenced by a bandage stuck like glue to the carpet.

Stuck like glue, I tell ya.

The phrase, “just like ripping off a Band-aid” did not apply in this scenario.

How to Remove a Band-aid from Carpet | Life as MOM

I thought I could just pick it off, but there was no way that was going to happen. Not without damaging the carpet. Someone suggested an unlikely tool. I had never heard of this.

Let me introduce the Bane of Band-aids Stuck to Carpet:

How to Remove a Band-aid from Carpet | Life as MOM

I had no idea that a blow dryer would work, but it did.

I turned that baby on and within a minute or two of blowing and holding the bandage by a corner, the heat had softened the glue so that it let go.

band-aid going


band-aid going going


band-aid gone


You probably already knew this, didn’t you? You’re smart like that. But, in case you didn’t. Remember that the heat of the blow dryer will help you remove band-aids from carpet.

Got a funky cleaning trick that works?

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  1. GENIUS!!! My grandson stuck a bandaid to the carpet in my new house. Your idea was brilliant and saved the day so I didn’t have to look at baby shark for the next decade. Thanks

  2. Thankyouthankyouthankyou! This worked like a charm on the BRAND NEW carpet. I was frantically searching for a solvent that wouldn’t hurt the rug but also get the bandage unstuck when I spotted your blog. What is with kids thinking they need a band-aid for EVERYTHING? You saved the day…thanks so much!

  3. Thank you a thousand times over! My carpet is not in as good of shape as yours, but I’m still not ready to replace it, so avoiding a trimmed spot (which was looking likely) was wonderful. The blow dryer worked like a charm 😀

  4. We haven’t had those on carpet, but we’ve had more than our share of those particular bandaids (princess version) on stuffed animals. I bet this trick would work for that too! To date we’ve let that be the natural consequence of that decision 🙂 but if we ever need to get it off a really special animal, I’ll break out the hair dryer! Thanks!

  5. Uh, this is a disgusting scenario (read at your own risk.)
    If you ever find pre-newborn flies (aka maggots) in your garage, grab a can of Lysol disinfectant and spray thoroughly. Kills them instantly, and makes it very easy and relatively non-repulsive to clean up.

  6. Hair dryers are also great tools to get the price tags off gifts! Just aim the dryer at the tag for a few seconds and it peels right off – no glue, no bits left. This comes in handy around the holidays!!

  7. Great tip. Here is one I discovered .Our doors and walls get super gunky with finger prints in certain high traffic areas. My homemade cleaning spray was just not powerful enough yet I did not want to use something super chemical filled. I decided to give super washing soda diluted in warm water a chance and it worked like a charm! The dirt came off with minimal elbow grease.

      1. It is a really great stain remover, it got mustard out of my child’s Disney princess dress when nothing else would. The trick is to let the items soak overnight in it. There are 100s of more uses for it but stain removal and washing wall are my top 2 uses to date.

  8. Don’t know that I’d call this a cleaning trick but, in my battle of the ants, they seem to be killed by any cleaner I spray them with! Mean Green, Melaleuca cleaning sprays, rubbing alcohol, homemade enzyme cleaner. You name it, it’s done the job.