How to Keep Floors Clean in the Summer

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Get out and enjoy the sunshine and waves this summer, knowing you won’t need to break a sweat to keep floors clean. Check out these easy tips.

How to Keep Floors Clean in the Summer | Life as Mom

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Summertime and the living is easy, right? Well, in some ways. There’s no schoolwork to deal with, no snow, and no busy schedules. Living may be easier, but that doesn’t make it care-free. Summer brings its own share of housekeeping challenges: wet bathing suits, sandy beach towels, and inevitably messy floors.

To keep floors clean in a household of children is a feat in and of itself, but what about when you add in the adventures of summer?

Consider these tips to keep your floors clean this season:

How to Keep Floors Clean in Summer

Place mats at each side of every outside door.

You need mats outside as well as inside each door that leads outside, including the garage. Mats can trap dirt, dust, and sand before they get tracked all over the house. Be sure to measure the width of your door before you shop; I’ve had a few too many mats that didn’t cover the space appropriately. Not sure if I’ve just lived in giant homes or what, but I’ve often had to buy my doormats online to ensure the correct sizes.

How to Keep Floors Clean in the Summer | Life as Mom

Wear shoes outside, take them off inside.

It’s super tempting to go barefoot all summer long, but you know what that means: black, tarry feet tracking stuff all over. Require your children — and be sure you set a good example — to wear shoes when outside and to take them off once inside. What the doormats don’t take care, removing shoes should.

Stock up on flip-flops or clogs for your family so that it’s super easy for them to slip in and out of shoes, even if they’re just going to the car to get something.

Vacuum regularly.

If you don’t yet have a regular schedule for vacuuming, now is a good time to start. Years ago, I learned how often to vacuum and it has made a huge difference. Our carpet cleaners regularly compliment us on the condition of our carpets, claiming that it’s frequent vacuuming that has kept it so good for 8 years and counting.

Yes, the kids vacuum the living areas every day in summer. It gives them something to do that’s not video games, and it keeps our floors looking good.

How to Keep Floors Clean in the Summer | Life as Mom

Treat spots right away.

Wipe up spills as soon as they happen. This prevents the goo from spreading elsewhere in the house and gives you a better shot at preventing stains.

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Summertime living can be easy if you prepare yourself and develop some systems for the household to keep up. Your people can handle it; I promise!

How do YOU keep floors clean in summer?

This post has been sponsored by Spot Shot. I have received complimentary product as well as compensation for my time spent writing. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I’m going to have to give this a try. The people we bought our house from installed new cheap carpets to sell the house and it hasn’t been in the budget to replace it. The stains are SO gross, I’m embarrassed to have people over. We used to get our carpets cleaned every year but it doesn’t seem worth it anymore :/

  2. Hi,
    I laughed when I read this. We typically take our outdoor shoes off, too. The day before I read this, my grandson came in for a drink of water. He was so dirty that his crocks were cleaner than his feet.