Kids Can Play Safe at Chuck E. Cheese’s

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Got cabin fever? Need a fun place to take the kids that’s indoors and where you can just chill? Kids can play safe at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese’s. The opinions and text are all mine.

Play Safe at Chuck E. Cheese's | Life as Mom

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I have very fond childhood memories of playing at Chuck E. Cheese’s. Ours was a small community, at least when I was a child. There wasn’t that much to do — until Chuck came to town.

During my elementary school years, our family could be seen there almost every Tuesday afternoon for pizza, salad bar, and games. My mom and dad would sit at a table and us kids would run hither and yon, playing games, watching the shows, eating food. Ours included a regular arcade where I learned the ways of Pac-Man and Pole Position.

This was the early 80s when helicopter parenting was pretty non-existent. We ran around all over the place and there was never ever any worry.

Play Safe at Chuck E. Cheese's | Life as Mom

Of course, times have changed. I think our generation of parents worries a lot more than my own did. Or at least we worry about different things.

One thing that doesn’t have to change is a child’s carefree play at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

There’s a Chuck E. Cheese’s about ten miles from our house. I’ve taken the littles before and they had a great time. Here in San Diego County we’re spoiled by fair weather year-round. Except in a rainy year. Then there aren’t too many options for playing since everything is seemingly open air.

Except Chuck E. Cheese’s, of course. We returned on a recent rainy day for some more game playing and a little pizza.

Play Safe at Chuck E. Cheese's | Life as Mom

I was surprised to see how things have changed just since our last visit. I knew about the cool ticket counting machine, no more tokens? You no longer have to worry about chasing down tokens. Plastic Play Passes have taken the place of tokens, meaning you can load your child’s card, and he can swipe it at every game he plays. Easy peasy.

The menu has been expanded to include sandwiches and dessert as well as pizza and a salad bar. Wine and beer are available in addition to a soda fountain.

There’s even free wifi! While things have changed since I was a girl, it’s still fun — and safe! — for the kids.

And parents can still chill while their kids play.

Play Safe at Chuck E. Cheese's | Life as Mom

Play Safe at Chuck E. Cheese’s

Chuck E. Cheese’s has teamed up with Kids Play Safe to implement healthy and safe cleaning practices in stores nationwide. Chuck E. Cheese’s received Kids Play Safe certification, which celebrates organizations across a broad spectrum of industries that make green changes to positively impact the health and wellness of their consumers.

In case you didn’t know, you don’t have to pay to get into Chuck E. Cheese’s. There is always free entry. If you want to load your kid’s play pass and just play, you can.

I love the safety of letting my kids roam. The kid check program at the entrance requires that everyone in your party receive the same unique hand stamp. Your hands are checked before you’re allowed to leave to ensure that you take out only the children you brought with you.

My kids thanked me multiple times for their fun day out. They loved cashing in their tickets for fun little prizes at the door and were so excited to come home laden with loot!

Check out the Chuck E. Cheese website to find out about weekly specials and promotions. You can also follow them on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese’s. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. MY kids enjoy CEC, too. We have spent many hot summer days there in recent years and it’s a great place for a play date! They also have a weekday lunch buffet and a toddler food special, too!

    We just had our second birthday party there this weekend. Things have definitely changed there recently. I even told our hostess that the party this year was different than the one we had two years ago. It seemed less organized. Chuck himself only appeared once during the whole 3 hours we were there. For a Sunday afternoon it was pretty quiet and low-key, which is nice, but when the party zone is dead, the animatronic characters don’t do anything and the vibe isn’t as fun.

    I was surprised about the play cards. They are a good idea for big kids who are responsible but for birthday parties, I am not crazy about it. Instead of giving me a few cup fulls of tokens to distribute to the party guests as I desired, our hostess handed me a stack of play cards that didn’t indicate on them how much was on each (some had different amounts due to coupons and promos I redeemed)….. so right off the bat I was confused by that. But since we had all little kids at the party, just handing them the cards was a recipe for disaster. Within 5 minutes my 6 year old had left his card at a machine since he didn’t know how it worked and someone walked off with it. That happened to a few of our guests also. I usually give my kids 2-3 tokens at a time to prevent mismanagement, so I was bummed. The restaurant told me I could buy a bracelet for the kids to attach the card to for $1. I didn’t appreciate that upsell either. That said, I DO appreciate the ticket counting machine. My daughter is 7 and has been saving for about 3 years to get something on the “top shelf” and she has over 5,000 tickets at this point. The ticket machine has been a great way for her to see how they add up.

    The kid check system is awesome!! Though they didn’t even notice when my son ran out after me when I went to put something in the car. 🙁 Their food is pretty good and they always have great coupon specials too. One thing people may not realize about CEC is that they have lots of opportunities for FREE tokens and tickets. Join their email list and get offers regularly. Also on their website they have reward calendars… your child can basically be rewarded with free tickets (or sometimes tokens) for doing things like cleaning their room, losing a tooth, reading books, etc. We love this little bonus.

    1. I’m so bummed to hear about your bday party experience! 🙁 I saw that the play cards had slits in them, presumably for lanyards. That would be a nice perk to throw in for bday parties.

      Thanks for the tip about the deals to be had!