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Bryan and Jessica in front of the Matterhorn at Disneyland, 1996.

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That’s us! Many moons ago on one of our last trips to Disneyland. Can’t believe that it’s been 15 years! But, we’re getting ready to hit “the Happiest Place on Earth” in the next month or two. We’ve never taken the kids, so we want to do it up right. Yesterday I asked you all to share your off the cuff advice. WOW! I’m still working my way through all the comments. I had no idea there was so much to know about Disneyland!

Today’s your chance to share your Disney Park posts. I can’t wait to see the parks from your eyes. Please make sure that you leave the permalink to your post here and that you link back to this post ( so that others can find all these great Disney adventures!

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  1. We have been there probably hundreds of times. Check like someone else said for any new deals. Also, has copies of current menus with the prices so you know what things will cost. Since sodas are like $2.79 each! try to bring the individual crystal light or koolaid packets ( but the koolaid ones are made for an 8 oz smaller bottle of water). We don’t like to carry stuff around so we ask for a cup of water at the fast food restaurant where the pour the drinks from a dispenser as some of the carts only sell bottles of drinks. I have been told but I don’t know if it is true that you have to get a free cup of water if you ask but all I know is they will always give you a free cup of ice water- some of the older fast food will tell you to fill it as a drinking fountain but the newer ones will do it for you as they dont’ have near by fountains. If they give you smaller cups, ask for the bigger ones. For instance, we often get cups of ice water at the pizza port next to space mountain as they have one water dispenser only on the soda dispenser near the pizza side but it is a good place to take a break and eat some of the snacks you brought. Have the kids take some snacks in their own fanny packs or rent a locker. If you rent one on main street, always get the lockers in the back which are about 2 dollars more but much bigger. Email me as I have some more tips.

  2. I saw this on The Happy Housewife’s blog and couldn’t resist jumping in! I don’t have an actual Disney post, though I had *planned* on blogging an entire trip report back in September when we went to WDW for our anniversary. So I thought I’d jump in via the comments! I can’t say anything about Disneyland but there are a couple of things that I think would apply regardless:

    I agree with the above comment re: the Dis Boards. They are invaluable and you wouldn’t believe the number of threads on all sorts of topics. Especially helpful are the threads devoted to money saving ideas and all the last-minute things to pack! Some things you’d never even think of.

    I have to say that after walking soooo much, Body Glide is a must-have. You can order it online and I know it’s available in some drug stores. It comes in a deodorant-type packaging and you just glide it over the places you don’t want to get blistered. A lifesaver!

    Are you staying at an on-property resort? If so, make sure to let the desk staff know that it is your childrens’ first visit – they have buttons for this that can be worn on clothing or backpacks, and I know that you can get special treats for such buttons – I know that with our “Just Married” and “Anniversary” buttons we got champagne and free desserts, plus we were congratulated by just about everyone we passed (no exaggeration!). I can imagine that a child wearing a “1st Visit” button would be singled out as well – Disney is all about making you feel like royalty and about spreading the magic, ESPECIALLY with children!

    I just had a Disney dream last night and now I’m thinking about it because of your blog…I guess we need to go back…!

  3. Hi there,
    I love Disneyland and have never been to WDW but would love to go some day. My husband and I thought that we were going to get to go to Florida this Spring/summer and I found out a lot about WDW.
    I stumbled on two websites that were totally helpful.
    One is This is a blog about saving with coupons and the mom on there takes a trip every couple of years with her family to WDW. But there is a lot about Disney on there.
    Also, she recommends a site on her blog called or .net can’t remember which.

    Anyway, mousesavers is all about detailed info in the parks, what attractions to see. There is a ton about Disneyland as well and they tell you the schedule of things in the park and how to get free maps so you cam plan out your day ahead of time. They tell you how to use the Fast Pass system which is a life saver. There is a ton of helpful into you would never even think about asking or considering.
    So I would definetly check it out.

    Have a great time and I know your kids will love it. I always thought as a kid that was as good as it gets there.

  4. We were in Disney last month. I wasn’t really looking forward to it, but in the end I know the kids had a blast and will remember it forever. It was quite cold when we were there, I hope it’s warmed by now, so you can enjoy it without lugging around coats.

  5. Ah, Disneyland! Up until a year and a half ago, when I had DS, I worked there. I can see their fireworks from my porch :). What would you like to know? LOL

  6. I was lucky enough to have my mom take me to disney every year for over 20 years and its a tradition that I started with my daughter, however we lived in Hong Kong when she was young so her first trip to Disney was in Japan, we went alone not knowing anything except that mommy had been to Disney most of her life so how hard could this be, to our amusement it was tons of fun, they spoke no English at all, we had to fly there on a strange airline, hotel that spoke no English and Disney w/o English, who would have thought. But we had so much fun trying t figure it all out and at the end of the day it truly was the happiest place on earth. And then we hopped our airplane back to Hong Kong to watch them build the new Disney Hong Kong, unforgeable for us we had to leave before it was finished but we look forward to visiting this park someday soon.

    The leonard Family

  7. I love WDW. We are there every chance we get. The link I sent is about saving money on souveniers. My kids are big pin collectors. It’s an expensive little hobby with three boys, but we’ve found a way to make it pretty inexpensive.
    I’m not sure about DisneyLand, but I love the Passporter guide book. They have great, really detailed info. I get a new one every year. It has great pockets for each day, that are great places to write down information like dining reservation numbers and times. Great resource!

  8. Sent here by and I’m also big on WDW tips but have never gotten to visit DisneyLAND yet…hoping to remedy that soon, but I wanted to wish you the best on your trip and hope you get some great tips! I know a lot of DisneyWorld tips can translate over at least as far as must-see attractions. Enjoy!

  9. I have never been to Disney Land. However, my honeymoon was to Disney World in Orlando. The best piece of advice I can give you is to opt in for the premium meal plan. I am not sure how much it costs for children but for the adults it is totally worth it. You’re given a debit style card which is your pass to the parks and restaurants, and there are a set number of “credits” for each person. We ate all week at the best restaurants (That we’d never have been able to afford otherwise) and still had many credits left over. The times we sat down together with these lavish and beautiful meals in these amazing restaurants made our trip really memorable. I love Disney!! Have a wonderful trip.

  10. My entry focuses a lot on taking a child with disabilities to the parks, but I thought that might be helpful to some.

    1. Either will be helpful to readers. DisneyLAND will be helpful to me. 😉

  11. I used to have passes to Disneyland when my older two kids and I lived in Orange County. I can’t believe it, but my younger two kids have never been to Disneyland. Since it’s not just around the corner and since the ticket prices are so much higher now, I just haven’t really been enamored with the thought of taking them. But lately they’ve been asking… so I may have to make that trip before summer hits.

  12. There’s so much to say about Disney World. If you could be a little more specific I’m sure I could help you. We live in the Orlando area, have passes to Disney and go there frequently.

  13. I am so weird, someone says, “Disney” or “theme park” and I start to run towards the hills. LOL. I know my sisters just loved visiting them.

  14. Thanks for the opportunity to share my opinions on Disney… I have been a fierce fan as long as I can remember.

    I have great memories of sitting outside at Fort Wilderness as a pre-schooler in the ’70s, watching movies under the stars and eating popcorn. Growing up so near to DisneyWorld was such a gift!
    (And perhaps that is why it kills to me to admit that DisneyLand might be a better bet for young families.)

    I look forward to reading all the posts… especially yours to come! Have fun!!!

  15. I had never been to Florida until this December. When I was a little girl we always went to California. And having been to both now, I really want to go revisit California and find out if it is as magical as I remember! I envy you; it will be years before we can manage that trip. 🙂