Afternoon Reading: Thanksgiving Books for Kids

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When FishBoy14 was just a little tyke, I borrowed a friend’s copy of Stories of the Pilgrims. It’s a great book full of short chapters about the Puritans of Plimouth. We ended up buying our own copy. It’s been awhile since we worked our way through it, so I busted it out to read to my little people this month. I was also pleased to find it on Kindle for cheap.

We started yesterday to positive reviews. Even Mr Big Man smiled when he saw the book and recognized it from the old days.

Disclaimer: I think I might have done a little rewording in later chapters of the book that discuss wars between the settlers and the Native Americans.

Other great books for Thanksgiving/Fall:

We love all of these!

Do you have a good read that is Thanksgiving themed?

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  1. We loved this book too. I read it to my children when they were young and we all loved it. I plan to keep it to read to my grandchildren, someday, when I have some.

  2. I long ago lost (loaned and never returned) my copy of this book. I am happy to hear it is on Kindle. I plan on ordering tonight- thanks for sharing! I don’t remember the rewording- I am known to do that too- so thanks for the heads-up also.

  3. I read Abraham Lincoln’s Thanksgiving proclamation. I figure if he could find something to be thankful for while leading our nation through it’s darkest days and carrying that weight on his shoulders, then I can surely find a lot of things to be thankful for.

  4. I actually just stumbled across some books today in our garage sale acquired library.

    Pilgrims of Plymouth by Susan Goodman has some really great photos and is very basic for you readers. I recommend it for preK-3rd grade.

    The Pilgrims First Thanksgiving by Ann McGovern is fairly simple for a 1st-3rd grader

  5. Thanksgiving A Time to Remember by Barbara Rainey is also a good book. It’s very historical and she made an effort to be very accurate. I enjoy it. The hardback edition I have also came with a Thanksgiving CD, which I usually play on the years we have Thanksgiving at our house.