Taking Care of You at the Holidays: 5 Simple Steps

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Are you taking care of you this holiday season? It’s important to your family that you enjoy this season while you’re trying to make it special for them.

Taking Care of You at the Holidays: 5 Simple Steps | Life as Mom

I don’t know about you, but I can feel it already. That tug of war that happens each winter as the holidays approach. There are SO MANY fun things that I want to do with my family and friends, SO MANY regular workaday things that I need to accomplish, and NO extra time to make the two mesh seamlessly. Something’s gotta give.

In the old days, aka my 30’s, I thought that what had to give was me. If only I worked harder, got up earlier, moved more quickly, I could get it all done!

Oh sweet, young mamas, I know you don’t want to hear that you’re not invincible, but [whispering] we are. For the longest time, I wasn’t having any of it. Uh, uh. No, ma’am. I can do this thing.

And you’re right. You CAN. You absolutely can, but you can do it better and longer if you pace yourself. Take a break every once in awhile. Adjust your expectations of yourself. Give yourself grace.

And take care of you.

I’ve talked before about the importance of caring for your spouse at the holidays. I stand by that. While moms run all over kingdom come looking for the latest Tickle-Me-Elmo and more red curly ribbon, their husbands are often ignored. Caring for your marriage is still super important, I absolutely recommend you fold those suggestions into your brain waves this season.

I also urge you to put in a plan for taking care of YOU this holiday season. Yes, you. Do you need a special self-care plan for the holidays? I think so.

Taking Care of You at the Holidays

Consider these ideas as you plan your next six weeks of festivities and merry-making:

1. Keep regular bedtimes and/or take naps.

It’s super tempting to stay up late with friends and family over the holidays, but as I mature, I realize that it’s perfectly okay to go to bed at 8:30. Make an effort to get the sleep that you need so that you can enjoy this season. If a late night is what you want, then compensate by clearing your morning’s schedule to sleep in (if the kids will let you!) or take a nap.

Taking Care of You at the Holidays: 5 Simple Steps | Life as Mom

Nutty Berry Parfait with Dark Chocolate

2. Make sure you’re eating well.

Please pass the pumpkin pie. It’s super tempting this time of year to eat desserts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And dessert. You and I both know that we won’t feel that great if we keep that kind of diet. Plus, the scale will make us feel worse.

Put a plan in action to keep your own nutrition at the forefront. Stock up on salad fixings. Make a few lunches in advance. Keep a water bottle at your side. Make sure you take your vitamins.

Don’t let January come and see all your regrets. Treat yourself kindly now.

3. Get some exercise.

Along the same lines, make sure you’re moving. Rejoice in that parking space in Outer Mongolia. You have a chance to get some walking in. Head to the mall an hour before it opens and take a few tours of the hallways without the crowds. Download a yoga app and spend 10 to 15 minutes stretching each day.

Your body will thank you. I promise.

4. Reduce the to-do list.

It’s okay to say NO. It’s okay to say NO. It’s okay to say NO.

Wash, rinse, repeat. It’s super tempting to go all out for the people we love, despite what our better judgement might whisper in our ears. After all, it’s the holidays. But, at the same token, we aren’t doing anyone any favors if we run ourselves ragged. Prayerfully consider what you can legitimately eliminate this year.

Be okay with saying no, with reducing your Christmas baking list, with crossing off un-necessities from your to-do’s. Enough is as good as a feast.

Taking Care of You at the Holidays: 5 Simple Steps | Life as Mom

Psalm 139 printable

5. Treat yourself.

When you buy a bath bomb for someone else, throw an extra one in the cart for yourself. Light that candle you love. Indulge in that favorite holiday drink. Enjoy your favorite things this season. It’s the holidays, after all. 😉

I know from past experience that doing all kinds of lovely things for other people is a really good thing, even if they don’t acknowledge it. I also know, practically speaking, that it’s tempting to feel bitter when it’s not reciprocated. I can curb my bitterness if I treat myself to something every once in awhile.

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How will you be taking care of YOU this holiday season?

Taking Care of You at the Holidays: 5 Simple Steps | Life as Mom

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  1. Theresa says

    Good tips! My husband and I decided to not send Christmas cards to our cousins this year. We’re still sending them to our parents, grandmas, aunts & uncles and a few friends. (We have a lot of cousins between us so this is a big list to cross off!) I also took the easy way out and ordered the preprinted photo Christmas cards instead of including a family picture and writing in.every.single.card.

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