Thanksgiving Fun (& a FREE Printable)

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Thanksgiving is probably the second most favorite holiday in our family. Christmas is first, of course. But, after that Turkey Day tops the list. Mainly for the food.

My children are hobbits. Which means they love to eat. Which means that Turkey Day with all their favorite foods tops the list.

It’s also the day that we see family, relax, watch movies, and count our blessings. That’s how I celebrated Thanksgiving as a child. It’s how my children celebrate Thanksgiving. And, Lord willing, it’s how my children’s children will celebrate Thanksgiving.

And while you, like I, may have been pinning and bookmarking all kinds of cutesy fun to do on Thanksgiving, you, like I, may not be able to keep up with all your best laid plans. I know I struggle with this. Major Big Time.

I dream big dreams of fun stuff to do with the kids and then something gets in the way.

So this year, with my sister’s help, I put together a Thanksgiving fun booklet. Yes, yes, I did.

This week’s FREE download is all about enjoying Thanksgiving Day with your children. It includes

  • Kid-friendly recipes to add to your holiday menu
  • Directions to two fun, edible crafts
  • Printable place cards for the kids to decorate
  • Printable menu cards for your dinner table
  • Printable activity sheets for kids to complete when they get antsy
  • A template and directions for a felt busy bag activity for toddlers
  • A list of family friendly movies and games to add to your weekend fun

If you already have your I’m Thankful Lists printed off, you’re pretty much good to go for this Thanksgiving Holiday.

Grab your copy of Thanksgiving Fun: Easy Ways to Celebrate and Give Thanks. Download it today – for FREE. And if you like it, share this post with a friend. We need to help each other celebrate a simpler season.

Want to plan a fabulous holiday? A Simpler Season holds almost everything you need to do just that.

This guide to planning the winter holidays provides creative ideas , time-saving tips, and budget-minded inspiration for making the most of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. With the busy family in mind, I’ve provided recipes, to-do lists, children’s activity sheets, planning pages, gift ideas, and step-by-step tutorials for creating homemade gifts. Grab your copy today.

What’s your favorite part about Thanksgiving?


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  1. Stephenie says

    Thank you! This is a neat download. Your felt busy bag was the perfect finishing touch to my “bag of tricks” to keep my littles happy and busy on Thanksgiving Day. I have already raided my felt scraps and have 2 sets made up for my 2 & 3 year olds. I also printed the word search and crossword puzzle for my older children. Thanks for the wide age range. As a mom of many, it’s so helpful.

  2. I’m madly in love with that turkey placeholder project. We’re definitely doing that!

    • Jessica Fisher says

      That is my sister’s doing mostly. Though it was my idea to use dried fruit. 😉 You can use candy, too.

  3. These free worksheets look wonderful. Could you link them up with my blog hop?Here is the direct link –

  4. Thank you – praying you will do a Christmas one too!

  5. Thank you so much for the book. We have a long drive to Grandma and Grandpa’s house so the worksheets will help pass the time!

  6. Love the ready-to-decorate place cards! Anything helps to keep little hands busy while they’re waiting for the turkey and feast to be ready, and they love to help and feel important. Thanks!

  7. Thank you so much! This is so great I had to share on my blog 🙂

    I just love the big family dinner and a time to share what we are all truly thankful for…and of course the pumpkin pie!!!

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