Saving Money on Food in Southern California

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Six kids? Southern California cost of living? And a tight economy? They sound like incompatible circumstances, don’t they?¬†Yet, we’re doing okay. According to my records, our family spent $7700 on groceries last year, an average of $641 a month.That number includes diapers, paper goods, and toiletries. We do have a separate “dining out” budget. Last […]

California on a Budget: Grocery Shopping

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If you live or travel within California, or plan to in the near future, it would be in your best interests to discover all the wonderful ways you can make ends meet in the Golden State. Whether you find entertainment out of doors or master the ways of the mouse without a million dollars, there […]

How to Vacation with Children Without Losing Your Mind

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Last week our family went on an adventure. We loaded up the car with clothes, snacks, and kids and headed out for the open road. We had a loose agenda and up to 8 days to spend. It was the longest trip we’ve taken in the last five years and the only one in which […]

Visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium

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Last week our family went on our first vacation in many years. In fact, I was hard pressed to think of what true vacations we had been on. The business of life, pregnancies, newborns, lack of funds — all have kept us home bound. And for the most part that has been just fine with […]

California on a Budget: Another West Coast Perspective

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Tammy Luna of Tammy’s Recipes moved to the West Coast from the Mid West at the same time as we did. She has embraced her new locale and it’s so great to read how they make ends meet in the Seattle area. Recently, Tammy shared specifically how they live economically in the higher priced Pacific […]

Learning is Everywhere: The San Diego Zoo & A Panda Adventure

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One of the significant things about our family is that everyone loves to learn. Now, they don’t always love to do their math assignments, but they do love to learn new information and share ideas. Even us adults. This past month FishPapa has been reading some books on Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Celts. And he […]

California on a Budget: Have a Fun and Frugal Day at the Fair

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I’m not the only Southern California resident working hard at living on a budget. There are a whole lot of us striving to enjoy the Golden State without running in hock. Today’s guest post is from Rachael of Mommy Topics. Rachael shares some great frugal tips for enjoying the San Diego County fair specifically and […]

California on a Budget: Find a Family Style Restaurant

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We love to eat around here. And we love to eat out. But with six kids and the high cost of living in California, not to mention a middle income, well, ya gotta be creative. As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve figured out how to be Dollar Menu-aires and can drive through a fast food joint […]