5 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Grandparents’ Day

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While Grandparents’ Day hasn’t entered the cultural lexicon in the same way as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day have, it is still a fun day to observe and help your kids show their love and affection for the grandparents. It’s quickly approaching — next Sunday is the day.

Here are some quick, last minute ideas:

1. Pull out paper and crayons and help your child craft a card. In the continental US, if you can get it in the mail by Wednesday, you should be good to ship in time for Saturday arrival.

2. Prepare some smaller serving meals for their freezer. Don aprons and head to the kitchen with the kiddos for some freezer cooking. Make a big batch of Gramma’s favorite soup or Grampa’s special bread. Divide into portion size containers and freeze. Then deliver later in the week.

3. Take them out to eat. Visit their favorite restaurant or try someplace new. You might even find a bargain. When you join Chili’s Email Club you can get a free Chili’s Appetizer.

4. Create a video. Modern technology is amazing. You can create a slideshow or creative video and upload it in minutes. No matter where your grandparents live, you can surprise them with a show.

5. Let your fingers do the walking. Make a point to pick up the phone this week and call your grandparents or help your kids call theirs. Don’t wait for Sunday. Do it now before you forget.

Got another last minute idea we can use?

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  1. AllieZirkle says

    We went to Michael’s to make *free* hand prints 🙂

  2. Make a photo book on Walgreens or CVS website and pick it up in the photo center of the store.

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