At-Home Date Night Tips

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In the weeks leading up to Father’s Day, I’m collaborating with a great group of bloggers to share ideas on how to “honor the man they call daddy.” Whether it’s your own husband, your dad, your brother, or another special man in your life who is a father, these ideas will be thought-provoking and encouraging.

This week we’re sharing our different approaches to at-home date nights.

Over on Good Cheap Eats I shared some tips for an at-home date night as well as a delicious recipe for an Ice-Blended Mocha.

Mandi from Life Your Way busted the date-night myth when she said, “the importance of regular date nights is over-emphasized and not really a true indicator of a healthy marriage at all….What I think is really important is being intentional about prioritizing your marriage and relationship.”

JessieLeigh from Parenting Miracles shared tips for setting up a rocking date night, including this kicker, “Know this: you do not need to scrub your home from top to bottom. Just neaten it up. Light a candle or two. Wear something pretty. Turn on some music. Put clean sheets on the bed. (Yep, I said it.)  Pour a glass of wine if that’s something you both enjoy. Make it special. The smell of Pine-Sol isn’t as likely to delight your man as the smell of YOU… and maybe some bacon-wrapped scallops.”

Tara from Feels Like Home offers a confession as well as some solutions in her post about why she needs to date her husband, “We do almost everything side by side, but we need to spend some time gazing into each other’s eyes.”

Amy from The Finer Things in Life summed it up well in her post on frugal date nights, “Fancy or simple, pricey or frugal, out on the town or at home, none of that matters in the end. Date night honors your husband because it prioritizes him in your life. It honors your marriage, placing time together at the forefront of busy days and weeks.”

I invite you to visit these posts in the next week and think about how you can put your marriage more on the front burner.

Got a trick for Date Night, at home or otherwise? We’d love to hear it!

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  1. I like this. And I thought moms didn’t like Father’s day? 😉

  2. My husband and I order take-out and eat it at the table after the kids go to bed. Just the act of eating and talking without the thousand interruptions gets us feeling more connected.

  3. So true and so important!

  4. My husband and I love to do date night at home. Going out is fun, but with young ones it is sooooo much work.

    We love to keep it simple, but special–by doing easy (often take-out) appetizers (I love sushi and spring rolls) and something fun to drink. And occasionally yummy dessert!

    I did a post about it recently:

  5. Hubs and I have always done date nights. It is harder when you have little ones though so the stay at home date night is such a nice option.

    Hubs and I have been married for almost 31 years and we just like getting out together. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can use coupons, or just eat at a good-food restaurant, we just like being together. I always dress up a bit whether it’s the cafeteria or wherever. Certain things constitute date-night for me…Special things like my nice perfume are only for datenight. Nice music in the car playing.

    Many times we end up at a nice Target to grab a few things quickly or perhaps a mall bookstore and then if we have time we’ll go grab a simple coffee somewhere.

    It’s always nice to get back home too safe and sound.

    For me? I think it’s sweet my husband wants to take me on a datenight. It’s his particular way of showing love and care. I guess it’s his love language and I appreciate that. : )

  6. I think women are the only ones who need “date nights”. Men don’t need a fancy meal or any meal at all really. Give them some cheese and crackers and then a massage and “you know what else” and they will be the happiest men on earth.

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