5 Ways to Have a Great Date Night When You’re a Parent

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Date night can be the highlight of your week as a parent. IF you make it a priority and plan accordingly. Here are five ways to have a great date night when you’ve still got kids at home.

5 Ways to Have a Great Date Night When You're a Parent | Life as Mom

Date Night is a term thrown around a lot in pre-marital counseling and marriage seminars. In some circles it’s touted as the cure-all for all your relationship woes. During our newlywed years I wondered if there was something wrong with us that we didn’t go out on dates with any regular frequency and that we were happy to stay home.

Today I realize this is because we didn’t have kids at the time. Every night was “a date” if we wanted it to be!

Unfortunately, we’ve known couples who always had a regular “date night” and still ended up in divorce court. Cure-all it is not.

However, date night can be a wonderful way for you and your spouse to reclaim the “couple” part of your life.

Chances are that kids, jobs, and housekeeping take up a good portion of your lives and your conversations. And there is nothing wrong with that. THAT is what hacking a life out together in the jungle is all about.

But, having fun together, laughing at one another’s jokes, and remembering WHY you entered this jungle with one another in the first place is vital to any relationship.

And date night can be a great time to practice this. But, what about the money? Don’t dates cost money? And what about babysitters? And now that you FINALLY can string together a coherent thought, shouldn’t you dish about the taxes and all those important topics you’ve put off?

Over the last 24 years of marriage, 21 of them with children, I’ve got some thoughts on the matter. And some suggestions. Here are 5 ways to have a great date night when you’ve got kids at home.

5 Ways to Have a Great Date Night When You're a Parent | Life as Mom

5 Ways to Have a Great Date Night When You’re a Parent

1. Don’t bring the kids. Even the baby.

Yes, really. It would seem obvious, but sometimes it is hard for parents to leave the kids behind. It’s not a “date” with someone else tagging along. I believe Richie Cunningham called it a “third wheel.”

Even if baby is still small, it’s nice to be able to leave him home. Eating dinner with both your hands and focusing on each other? That’s a gift during the baby and toddler years.

If you can at all swing it to have an occasional baby-free date, I encourage you to do it. Even if date night becomes “date hour.”

That said, if it’s with baby or not at all, I still choose the couple time.

2. Discuss “issues” some other time.

The issues will still be there when you go home. Take an hour or two to enjoy one another’s company; don’t spend it discussing why Junior can’t get his homework done or how you will pay that big tax bill.

I know when things are stressful it’s hard to think or talk of other things, but try.

Dream big dreams together. Reminisce. Enjoy one another’s company. Remember why you’re hacking through this jungle together in the first place.

3. Eat non-kid food.

Your diet is probably full of chicken nuggets and PBJ already. Unless that is what you really, really want tonight, go someplace your kids would snub their noses at. Because you can!

5 Ways to Have a Great Date Night When You're a Parent | Life as Mom

4. But, don’t feel like you have to pull out all the stops.

Unless it’s a very special occasion, don’t feel like you have to spend a ton of money on date night. While we could go to some fancier, more expensive restaurants, our current date night vibe ranges from Pizza Port to Ty’s Burger House to The Habit. Dinner for the two of us ranges from $20 to $35. While still a splurge compared to eating at home, it’s enough of a treat to make the evening fun for us.

In this economy, less is more. Heck, you can even stay home!

5. Have fun!

To me the purpose of a great date night is laying a foundation (or reinforcing it) for your later life when the kids have moved on. You want to have shared interests and favorite topics of conversation that don’t involve your children.

Walk down memory lane. What are the things that you used to do that you’ve put on the shelf for awhile? Are there sports or leisure activities you shelved when you had kids?

Consider putting them out front for date night. Go rollerskating or take in a hockey game. Enjoy time spent with one another. Build on that foundation you started long ago.

What’s YOUR idea of a Great Date Night?

Originally published March 30, 2011. Updated March 3, 2018.

5 Ways to Have a Great Date Night When You're a Parent | Life as Mom

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  1. jennifer says

    Our favorite date night is dinner and browsing the bookstore together.

  2. Stefani says

    We love to go eat dessert together. Skip the dinner, and eat the sweets!

  3. Well, here’s the honest truth – one of our FAVORITE date nights is dinner at the pizza bar at Carrabba’s! We like the corner by the oven because we can watch what’s going on, talk to the guy making the pizzas, and – if we go late enough – score a free slice of dessert (that has happened the last two times we have gone). The food is ALWAYS good and worth our hard earned cash. 🙂

  4. Carrie Phelps says

    My favorite date is a light dinner at the beach followed by a walk.

  5. Mary K says

    Our favorite date night is going out to dinner and then come home to watch a movie while snuggling on the couch.

  6. Anne Marie says

    Our favorite night out is eating seafood as this is something I do not like to prepare at home – actually I do not even know how to prepare it!!

  7. It’s been so long since my husband and I have been able to have a date night that I can’t remember what we did for the last date. We would love to go to dinner and have drinks …alone. 😉

    We used to go to the lookout area at our airport to watch the planes coming in and taking off.

  8. Elizabeth says

    Dinner out followed by a stroll in warm weather is my favorite kind of date – just holding hands being able to talk (uninterrupted!) is so nice.

  9. TG Kranz says

    Dinner and a movie is our usual date night. We’ve never eaten at Carrabbas, so it would be a nice to try it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Any type of date night is a good one. Sometimes, the simple at home date night is the best. Relaxed, easy, cozy. We like to slice up cheese and pepperoni, have some crakcers and wine with it, watch a show or play some darts. A chance to unwind together.

  11. Since I’m single, my favorite date night is going out to eat inexpensively.


  12. Sheryl F says

    We love to go to a nice restaurant and then do a little window shopping.

  13. A nice quiet meal out is such a treat and makes a great date!

  14. Hadley says

    We enjoy going out to eat. Sometimes we get to eating at the same place over and over, and other times we try new places. Sometimes we hit the cheap theater for a movie, and sometimes we just drive around – drive time is good talk time for us!

  15. Chelsea says

    My favorite date with kids is a long walk or drive together. If we happen to get a babysitter then going out for ice cream or a lunch is always great.

  16. Our favorite date nights are often late night take out after the kids are tucked it. (But we had Carraba’s the night we got engaged!)

  17. Now that the weather is warming up, we like to take walks in the evening. It’s free, great exercise, and the chance for great conversation!

  18. We enjoy going out to eat and then checking out books in a bookstore. And we love Carrabba’s although we haven’t been there recently. This would give us a good reason….

  19. We love dates to go eat dim sum.

  20. Kelly says

    Anytime we can spend together even if it is a movie at home.

  21. Rachel says

    Our favorite date night is going to a coffee shop or out for ice cream and just having time to talk and be together.

  22. Jessica says

    ANY date night is my favorite, really! 🙂 But we really enjoy going out to dinner… most recently to a fun sushi place (although Carrabas is VERY high on my list of favorite restaurants!!!) and then heading to a barnes and noble and sipping a good coffee drink and browsing a magazine or book we’d never buy and chatting with each other! 🙂 Anytime a shopping trip is involved is super fun because that is not my hubby’s usual idea of fun! 🙂 Just spending time together, alone is great… I don’t care what we do!! 🙂 (As long as it’s not a movie.. you can’t talk very well during those!!) 😉

  23. Merry Jo says

    I don’t care what we do ~ just so we’re alone together! 🙂

  24. We love a good netflix date – get the kiddo down and enjoy a movie (and snacks) together – poor hubs, last night was tangled – we were checking to see if it was appropriate for our kiddo- but I think he secretly enjoyed it 🙂

  25. Any quality time we have to spend together alone is a GREAT date night. It doesn’t matter what we do or where we go. We can even stay home for that matter.

  26. Susan says

    Thanks for the article & the Carrabba’s gift card giveaway… I enjoyed reading other’s comments. It brought back memories, particularly when we used to go out to eat then later browse Barnes & Nobles or go to the local airport & watch airplanes land. I wonder if there’s a good viewing area in the new city we live in. Now, I want to ask my hubby out on a date! Thanks!

  27. Danielle says

    I love “fake dates.” We put the kids down and while I’m finishing up tucking in, my husband goes and gets takeout. Then we watch a fun show, eat, and snuggle. I love going out without the kids, but I cherish “fake dates” a little more.

  28. Our date nights are few and far between, but when we go out we like to go to dinner at a special place and then maybe a movie.

  29. Marissa says

    I have two. Going out to dinner and a walk at the beach. Or grabbing a cup of coffee and sitting and talking.

  30. Tracy says

    We enjoy dinner and a walk on the beach.

  31. My husband and I rarely do date nights at all. I know this is awful, we find it really difficult to find a babysitter and I never really thought to do “at home” dates. We do have our movie night (I guess that could qualify!) where we snuggle on the couch together and watch a grown up movie, maybe have some popcorn. I love the idea of the “fake date” that I saw mentioned by another poster….great idea!!

  32. Any kind of date night is my favorite! We have no family around and very few babysitters, so we don’t get out much. But it’s so nice when we can!

  33. Stacey says

    My husband and I are always on the lookout for the perfect Pad Thai. When we lived in Charlotte, we ate Pad Thai sometimes twice a weekend! Since having children, we don’t get to eat Thai food very often. It is the perfect date night for me because it brings me back to the night my husband asked me to marry him (yup, that’s where it all started).

  34. eunice b says

    Our favorite dates here of late, are a simple capacinno/coffee at the local convenience store where any size hot drink is .99….supper out is always fun, too! 🙂

    ~eunice b
    tigergal01 @gmail .com

  35. When my husband cooks dinner and gives me a massage.

  36. Ginger says

    So our typical date night is dinner out. It is nice to be able to choose a place to eat because we want to eat the food, not because it has macaroni and cheese! Lol….or crayons with the kids menu! Sometimes we do discuss kid issues but it is nice to know we can without one of our 4 kids over hearing what we are saying about them or one of their siblings. But laughter on the date is a must. That has been a big part of our almost 22 years together!

  37. Whitney says

    My favorite date nights are getting to go to dinner and if we are very, very lucky, a movie!

  38. grenda says

    Chinese! Our kids hate it !

  39. Before children, we used to love to go to the movies, but now due to time restraints and income restraints, we enjoy just going out for a quick bite to eat. We have a Carraba’s here in our town, so it would be great to try it out!

  40. My husband and I love to stay in. Bottle of bubbly and takeout sushi, light some candles, put on some music and maybe some first-class chocolate. We are both huge on quality time and both frugal by nature, and going out can be a huge deal for planning, expense, babysitter, etc. Staying in and enjoying each other’s company after bedtime is a fave date night for us!

  41. Amy Findley says

    Any! My husband recently returned from Iraq. Any chance I get to spend with him is a good date 🙂

  42. Rachel says

    Our date nights are few and far between but we love to switch it up….the last two date nights we had we went to a late lunch/early dinner (normal date night for us) and the time before that we actually went to an art museum together. We also love to do sports stuff..go bowling being a favorite!

  43. Thanks for the giveaway.

    Since we live in a really small town, my favorite date night is driving to a bigger city 45 minutes away and having a nice dinner, followed by browsing together at Barnes and Noble.

  44. Wendi says

    Our favorite date night is just hanging out at a quiet restaurant and talking, then maybe browsing at a nearby store.

  45. Liz T. says

    My favorite date nights are when we go out for dinner and dessert! It’s so nice to be able to eat and talk without worrying about cooking, doing the dishes, or someone throwing their food on the floor while screaming!

  46. Katie says

    We try to do a date night once a month 🙂 and what I love best…a nice dinner and a walk on the beach….hope it warms up soon!

  47. My favorite date nights are the spontaneous, “Let’s go out tonight!” ones. As both my husband and I have been unemployed for almost a year now, these happen MUCH less often, but that only makes them more special! :o)

  48. Our favorite date is at our local mexican place…..yum

  49. My favorite date night was when we lived in L.A. and used to walk around Disneyland on Sunday evenings. Now with kids and living in CT we love dinner and a movie! BTW, my SIL used to work at Carrabba’s in FL. She doesn’t have one in NY where she lives now and whenever she is near one she has to go there! That really says something about Carrabba’s!

  50. Teresa Maclaren says

    Our favorite date night is dinner and a walk along the lake.

  51. We love to go to our local Christian Coffee Shop and talk for hours.

  52. Kathy says

    Our favorite date night is going to a local restaurant and then playing games in their arcade/game room (like DDR) afterwards. Like we are kids again!

  53. Ellen says

    A night I can eat my dinner while its still hot. I don’t have to cut someones food. And enjoy something that one grown ups like to eat.

  54. Our favorite date night is dinner and then being able to watch a non-kid movie! Plus WE LOVE Carrabba’s!

  55. Cheryl M says

    We haven’t had a date night out in forever! We normally do a netflix or redbox movie after the kids are in bed. I would love to try Carrabba’s

  56. I love to bowl! A good date night would have to be dinner and bowling!

  57. Alex Hall says

    My favorite date night lately occurs every Monday night. My husband has a jiu jitsu class right after work so he doesn’t get home until late. I skip dinner with the kids and wait for him to bring home Chipotle! We LOVE Chipotle. When he gets home the kids are already asleep and we get to chat at the kitchen table. It’s bliss!

  58. Elizabeth W says

    My favorite kind of date night? My favorite kind of date night is one that actually happens.

  59. Amanda says

    Since Carrabba’s is our FAVORITE place to eat…Carrabba’s and a movie is usually our plan of action for date night!

  60. My favorite kind of date night is going to a book store–we both love to read, and its nice to browse sections other than the childrens section 🙂

  61. Ashley S says

    My favorite kind of date night involves dinner & either bowling/movie/some sort of activity we can’t do with kids like sports bar, pool, etc…

  62. Cindy says

    Our local high school has a parents night out once a month so we drop off the 4 and 6 yr old from 6-10! Then we try some of the restaurants in the area. It is so nice not to have chicken fingers or mac and cheese. And to eat for longer than 10 minutes. No kid talk is allowed. Never tried Carrabba’s but am willing to try-it sound so good!

  63. Jennifer C. says

    I love going out for coffee with my husband and browsing around a bookstore…and just talking…without all the littles in the background!!!

  64. RRMom says

    My favorite date night is dinner and a movie. Boring and predictable but we get to spend some great time talking over dinner and then get to see an adult movie (something that is not rated G!!!).

  65. Tara Mc says

    My favorite date night would be Starbucks and the “Ungame.” Hubs would be biking, rollerblading, or rock climbing. (Which I also enjoy.)

    I remember a really nice date at Carrabbas years ago. Nervous grins and sweaty hands. 🙂

  66. JaimeB says

    We love to get dinner out and then walk through Target if it’s too late for coffee. We don’t go out much without the kids, so browsing seems like a treat for us!

  67. karen Schwarz says

    Hmm, to be honest I’m not really sure what my favorite date night would be! We’ve only had about 3 date nights since our first daughter was born 3 1/2 years ago (we make sure to always go out alone on our anniversary). Pre kids we liked movies, going on motorcycle rides, walking around the lake, and trying new restuarants.

  68. any kind of date night!

  69. Jennifer M says

    Our fav date night is going to a nicer restaurant that we don’t get to visit a lot and going to a non-kiddie movie. 🙂

  70. We love to put the kids to bed and watch a movie in the comfort of out own home. It’s the best.

  71. Steena says

    One of my favorite date nights is going out for coffee or tea. It’s inexpensive so I don’t have to stress about the money factor, it fosters good conversation, an it an take place any time of the day or evening! Perfect!

  72. Leigh says

    It’s sad but any date night is great. Hard to find a good babysitter.

  73. Emily B. says

    Our favorite date night is dinner with just the two of us and then back home after our son is in bed to play a game or watch a movie. Just a little time away.

  74. Mamie says

    Our favorite date night is to put the kids to bed early and get a sushi platter to go and eat it at home!

  75. Katie Bauer says

    We have only had three dates nights since our daughter was born last year. My favorite one was when we went out for an early dinner and then went home and watched some movies.

  76. Holly says

    Our favorite date night is to go to the local coffee shop, get drinks and then sit and talk. We never have time to sit and talk without getting interrupted by kids at home.

  77. Jennifer says

    Any date with my hubby is my favorite!! It’s just so nice to have uninterrupted conversation!!

  78. Mami2jcn says

    Our favorite kind of date night is dinner at home, followed by a Redbox movie and dessert.

  79. Honestly, anything that allows for an hour of uninterrupted conversation is a great date night in my book! We love to go for a drink, then somewhere else for dinner, then to the bookstore to browse, then to get coffee and chat away any time we have left.

  80. Joslyn says

    our fave date night is dinner and a movie 🙂

  81. Anytime we get to go on a date is a favorite!!! Since we hardly ever get date nights! 🙂

  82. Renee says

    Our favorite is going out to eat – nothing fancy – but it allows us to talk and connect with each other!

  83. I love it as I read along, how many people enjoy dining out alone and going to browse the bookstore. I thought we were the only people who did that! I’ve eaten at Carrabas on one occasion with a friend and it was lovely, the food delicious, the service superb. It would be great fun to go with hubs!

  84. my favorite date is a lunch date, like a picnic and a hike around a lake, talking and walking is the best.

  85. Cindy Miller says

    Dinner out somewhere quiet, preferably outside with music.

  86. Jennifer says

    Oh, we love Carrabba’s! We rarely take a date night, so my favorite is anything that we do get to do! LOL!

  87. Heather Klein says

    My favorite date night is going to a nice restaurant and Carrabbas is my husband’s favorite restuarant!

  88. When my husband is not deployed we usually take regular date nights and eat an adult meal together after the girls have gone to bed… and sometimes we go grocery shopping or to the book store too.

  89. Kelley says

    We have dinner out by ourselves once (anniversary) sometimes twice a year. I love going out, he prefers the stay home hang outs! This is a lovely opportunity as I have wanted to try their food!

    We do get the chance to have date night at home every Saturday night after the children have gone to bed. I try to push games and the like. At the very least we get to catch up!

  90. cindy says

    Anything that’s just the two of us, whether curling up with a movie, or heading out to dinner (which would most likely be Vietnamese food).

  91. Trisha says

    Any kind of date night is my favorite. As long as it’s me and my hubby and no kids, it’ll be good.

  92. Stephanie says

    Well, my husband and I don’t get very many date nights per year. So, my favorite kind is the kind that actually happens! Getting out of the house with just my husband for a few hours works for me! Of course, a nice meal and conversation are a nice bonus. 🙂

  93. Josee MacIntyre says

    We love going out for dinner and then a movie.

  94. susan says

    My favorite date night is going to a coffee & donut shop

  95. My favorite date night is one that involves sushi!

  96. Beth B says

    Hmmmm, favorite date night…. I love spending time with my dh at a nice restaurant, but honestly could just cuddle up on the couch in peace and quiet and be happy. 🙂

  97. A great night in my opinion is dinner or something that brings the kid out in us, like mini golf or going to the arcade. It’s funny that you’re giving away a Carraba’s card in a date night post. Carraba’s was one of our first big dates way back 11 yrs ago! 🙂

  98. Aleisha says

    Our favorite date night is going to dinner anywhere we have a gift card! We don’t really care where it is – it is just nice to have the alone time together.

  99. Our fav date night is ANY night we get to go out just the 2 of us – usually for dinner…and if we’re really lucky, the kids will even be in bed when we get home!

  100. Hattie says

    My favorite kind of date night includes some time browsing through a book store with a cup of good joe in one hand.

  101. Theresa says

    I like going out to eat and talking or going to the park.

  102. Katy p says

    Our favorite is any dinner we eat as just the two of us with no children – and some time to talk!

  103. Bethany says

    Our “date nights” have taken on a different look lately. We get the kids to bed and then meet out in the family room with our coffee and either talk for a few hours or put in a movie and veg out together. This really works for us as we don’t have family close by for help with babysitting or lots of extra money to hire one.

  104. Jessie C. says

    We love movie date night.

  105. Charity L. says

    My favorite kid of date night is to go see a movie at the theater and then, after the movie, I like to go and walk around, maybe have some ice cream and chat about things.

  106. laura says

    I have to confess its been too long. When we were dating we loved a movie followed by ice cream. We do enjoy dinner as well!

  107. Favorite date “night” is actually breakfast out- somehow, quiet in the a.m.- can usually get a babysitter (for 4) easier in the morning- kids don’t seem to mind it, and we love reading the paper with our coffee- peace and eggs!

  108. Rachel says

    Carrabbas is our most favorite place to go for our date nights (when we get one). No kids, no cutting food for anyone except ourselves, and chicken marsala and sausage lentils soup….YUM

  109. We have so few date nights, I’m not sure what is our favorite anymore! We used to enjoy nice dining…not really in the budget any longer. We just enjoy being away. Breakfast and a nice coffee is fun!

  110. Megan says

    My favorite date night is dinner out and shopping.

  111. Julie says

    Our favorite date night is movie and dinner! Thank you for the giveaway!

  112. Becky says

    Some of my favorite date nights aren’t at night. Breakfast out with just the two of us is an amazing way to begin a new day, and an in between meal date where we go through a drive through and get a milkshake and fries to share (sweet & salty) makes us feel like teenagers out for a fun time again. Dates are few and far in between so any and all just to two of us time is great.

  113. Laura W. says

    A great date night revolves around a good plate of seafood (at a great price of course).

  114. Laura Pilker says

    dinner and dancing!

  115. Vanessa says

    My favorite date night is Chinese.

  116. Our favorite date “night” isn’t “night” at all. We go out for a long lunch. Lunch prices are typically less expensive and we like to share bed time with our children even now that they are getting older.

  117. RobinH says

    Our favorite kind of date night (which we’ve only had a couple of in our 19 years) is going out to dinner — doesn’t have to be fancy — just a quiet place where we can just enjoy each other’s company.

  118. Sally Mcquaid says

    my husband and I have started making a habit of date night. We love the time together. Right now we love to go out for a nice long dinner and just be togehter.

  119. Leah Moore says

    We love to go to the movies!

  120. Jessica Maliszewski says

    Any kind of date night is my favorite! Just being alone w/ my honey is a treat! We recently did a “date DAY”. For my birthday we spent a Saturday shopping & even enjoyed lunch together, while the kids stayed w/ Nana. It was wonderful!!!

  121. Terri says

    A date night is rare for us, but we enjoy dinner and a movie.

  122. Melissa says

    I adore Carraba’s, and so does my husband. Going out to dinner is favorite date night for us, but we also like to spend an afternoon antiquing. Truthfully, I don’t really care what we do — I just love being alone with my man!

  123. amybee says

    We like to see a movie at the theater!

  124. Joanna Mattas says

    Our favorite date night is dinner out, or an afternoon movie that the kids would not like lol

  125. Amanda says

    Our favorite date night of the year is our anniversary night. We fix a special meal AT HOME and sit at the “fancy table” with our unity candle lit from our wedding. We married 11 years ago and still pull it out every year!!!

  126. Tabitha K says

    ANY date night would be wonderful!We rarely have the funds to go out

  127. Our new years resolution was to have a date night once a month so far so good. So I just love that we are actually sticking to it! We usually go out to eat, but walking thru the local Lowes or Home Depot is always my favorite talking/dreaming about what we can build or fix up!

  128. Put the kids to bed early and watch a movie and eat icecream! =)

  129. Katieliz says

    My favorite recent date night was a grown-up dinner out, followed by mini-golf with my golfer husband. Guess who won??? 😉

  130. Melissa says

    We love to watch a movie together and go to bed early.

  131. Megan says

    I love doing things on date night my husband and I used to do before having kids. For example, we both used to rock climb a lot together. Now if we get to do a little on a date night I’m so excited!

  132. Sharon says

    Holy Moly! 10 $25 gift cards to Carrabas – what a great giveaway. 😀
    Our favorite date night rarely at night. Hubby works on Sunday, but has Tuesday off. So often we go to lunch on Tuesday while the kids are at school. We don’t have to pay a babysitter and lunch is usually cheaper than dinner!

  133. Amanda says

    We enjoy sending the kids to grandmas for a night. Then I cook a really good meal and dessert and we watch a movie. The next morning we get to sleep in and just be lazy for a couple of hours. It’s very rare, so we treasure the two or three times we’ve done this!

  134. Our favorite date night is a stroll around a cute little town with visits to all the antique shops.

  135. Lesley says

    Our favorite date night is dinner and a movie at home. We know we will never make it through the movie without falling asleep, but we end up having some nice quiet cuddle time.

  136. Emily E says

    We love just going to dinner and enjoying each others company.

  137. Brandye says

    Date Night!! What is that? We rarely get time away from our kids. It would be wonderful to win!!

  138. Jennifer says

    I think the last date me and my husband had was when we signed papers buying our house! That date was pretty great, but I guess you can’t do that on a regular basis (unless you’re a real estate mogul or something).

  139. misty gorman says

    our favorite date nights are usually dinner at home with the kids, then we go out for coffee and split a dessert. we get caught up on each others’ lives. we even have some conversation cards that we once bought at a bookstore to help keep the conversation going if we get stuck.

  140. Our favorite date night involves going to a restaurant that we wouldn’t typically take our children too and then just window shopping or going to the bookstore to browse! Would love to win Carrabba’s gift card!

  141. Lisa M. says

    My favorite date night is getting dressed up in something other than jeans and enjoying a nice dinner and cocktails along with some dancing afterwards with the one I love.

  142. Trish Elms says

    My mom takes our boys for a sleepover and we go for a nice dinner. Afterwards, we go to a convenience store, grab some snacks, and stay up late watching movie at home…awesome.

  143. Michelle says

    Our favorite is the standard dinner and a movie — not very exciting but cheap!

  144. My favorite type of date night is dinner and a movie. I know, boring 😉

  145. Renea H says

    My favorite “date night” is any night I get to spend alone with my hubby. Even if we stay home, with no kids. Any quiet time alone with him is precious and much enjoyed! Thanks for the opportunity to win & all you do.

  146. Jenny says

    Some cultural event like a musical or show

  147. Kristin Peterson says

    We can’t afford dates out too often, but when we do we just love having a meal together.

  148. Kelly A says

    A dinner out with hubby!

  149. Laura says

    Anytime we get to go out for a quiet dinner together is the perfect date night.

  150. Shannon J says

    Carrabba’s is our date night restaurant.

    We always go early to beat the rush and we sit at the pasta bar to watch the guys cook and they give us samples to try! I could go just to eat the bread dipped in olive oil.

  151. Jordyn says

    I would love to win this for my parents, whose favorite dates are Saturday morning breakfast runs to McDonald’s or Waffle House.

  152. Tammy in Alabama says

    With two teenagers in the house, date night is so important. We thought it was hard to have alone time when they were small… oh were we wrong… try having alone time with two teenagers in the house, it does not happen. So we let them spend time with their friends so we can spend time together…. we love just to rent a Red Box movie, I will fix a really nice dinner and great dessert and then we will curl up on the couch together and watch the movie… dinner and movie by candlelight… Thank you so much for all you do and all the wonderful inspirations. Many Blessings… Tammy in Alabama

  153. Favorite kind of date night is going to dinner (doesn’t have to be expensive) and then getting dessert and coffee somewhere else!

  154. Any time alone with my hubby is a great date night! But one of my favorites is going to the bookstore, getting super yummy coffee, browsing the books (not in the kid section) and then getting ice cream for desert!

  155. Our favorite date night is eating together at a nice restaurant (that may not even serve chicken fingers!), then browsing through a bookstore together – or taking a walk outside somewhere if the weather’s nice.

    Thanks for the giveaway! Carrabbas is one of my favorite restaurants!

  156. I love this giveaway! Our favorite date night is dinner and some type of activity. Whether it be bowling or a movie! But the dinner is the most important because we can talk. Our rule is no “kid” talk on the date!

  157. maureen keim says

    We love trying out new restaurants for our date night and then going shopping at a thrift store!!

  158. any date night would be great. my husband works out of town and has been gone for 8 months. we visit on weekends but a date night alone, heavenly!

  159. cindy says

    Our favoirte date night is dinner out and a movie at home.

  160. Aubrey says

    I love to eat out with my husband, run a few small errands without the kids, and come home to watch a movie together . Thank you for the opportunity.

  161. Andrea Watts says

    I just like going out just the two of us no matter where it is. I so want to win this. I’ve never been.

  162. Jenny L. says

    Any kind!

  163. Kathy Parker says

    Our favorite thing to do on date night is to go to a bookstore. We both love to read, but we don’t have a lot of time for it these days with his job and the kids and all the kids activities. We both go our separate ways in the bookstore, looking at books that suit our own tastes. We both enjoy the quiet and reading a few pages from a book without interruption!

  164. Amy L. says

    Sadly, my husband and I don’t get to have too many “date nights” these days. But when we did, we loved going to the movies (a NON-ANIMATED movie!!!) and out to dinner at a local, non-chain restaurant.

  165. Laura says

    My favorite date night is simple- a meal I do not have to cook or clean up!

  166. Our favorite date night is actually going to Carraba’s and getting a pitcher of their blackberry sangria paired with the salmon! Sometimes we will go rock climbing as well :).

  167. Kursten says

    Our favorite date night is going out for Japanese food. I cherish date nights with my husband but they are few and far between. Having four kids and having to hire a babysitter makes date night very expensive.

  168. Melissa says

    We don’t have a favorite date night because we know we’d overdo it and allow it to get monotonous. So we have a date bag (2…one for budget dates and one for when we allow ourselves some more$$ and time.). Anytime one of us has an idea on a something to do or place to go try, we write it down and put it in the bag. Then when date night approaches we simply draw it out and find out where we are going. It adds a bit to the whole evening b/c we never know just what to expect…kinda like when we were dating. It keeps us creative and no one person controls the “dates.” It provides give & take and we always find a way to connect as a couple as we do these things with and for each other.

  169. we havent had a date night in years but our favoriteone was when we went to see a movie and then stayed for a second one!

  170. Danielle says

    Dinner, a movie, & strolling the park =)

  171. Jan T says

    A dinner at any restaurant is nice! We especially love ethnic food (stuff I can’t usually replicate easily at home).

  172. Cindy says

    Our anniversary date night was spent at Carrabbas, my fav place! YUMMY!

  173. Emily M. says

    Our favorite date night is going to a real Mexican restaurant and enjoying each other’s company, with “big people” conversation. It’s a plus that we don’t have to cut up anybody’s food. 🙂

  174. We typically go see a movie (we love movies!) – but I just like being with my hubby – having fun – like before we had kids. I love going to amusement parks with him!! I feel young again! 🙂

  175. Miranda says

    We love a great meal out.

  176. Lately Date nights have been well lazy, eating take out at home while our oldest is at Grandma’s. We have a new little bundle of joy soon to arrive and date nights may seem out of the question for while.
    My favorite date night is a nice dinner out, a movie at home and cuddling until we fall asleep 🙂

  177. My favorite date is when the kids are at Grandma’s house, we get take out and head back home to veg out. 🙂

  178. Jackie says

    Our favorite date night activity is swing dancing…it’s how we met.

  179. Dinner out is usually our choice. Carrabba’s is one of my faves 🙂

  180. Sandra G says

    Our favorite date night is strolling around Lowes or Home Depot, dreaming about all the hose projects we’d love to do…even if we know most of them will never happen!

  181. Ironic – my favorite date night is one at Carrabba’s! I love that it’s fancy enough to feel like a grown up date night out, but not so over the top that it blows our date budget.

  182. My favorite kind of date night is a free one! 😉 Or a cheap one! I like to use Groupons or the like to get our meal at half price, and then see a movie at the dollar theater (also known as the $1.99 theater more recently). I also ask grandparents to give us gift cards to restaurants for gifts because, regardless of the benefits of date night, it’s hard for me to justify the money!

  183. Melody says

    Dinner out for sure!
    Sometimes a movie.
    Sometimes going to Barnes and Noble.
    Sometimes getting frozen yogurt.

  184. Catherine says

    Our favorite date night is going to dinner and then a movie.

  185. Claire P says

    My favorite date night is anywhere away from home that there arent tons of other people’s children as well. I like to be among other adults so I’m not thinking about my kids!

  186. Maureen says

    Dinner and a movie, because that’s what we always did before kids!

  187. We love variety in our date nights! We had a great one last friday- Dinner at Cheesecake Factory-split a meal so we had room for dessert 😉 We had a $25 gift card and the couple next to us gave us a coupon for a free slice of cheesecake. We had a great night out and only spent money on the tip! We took the long way home and had fun rocking out to songs from high school!

  188. Kathryn Fertick says

    My ideal date night would be going out for a nice dinner and somewhere, anywhere that we could do interact together with- maybe even going to a fair or something where you can hang out and just have fun being together.

  189. Rebecca says

    I love going anywhere to eat since that means I don’t have to cook. We have went out to McD’s just to get away. We like to go to the movies too but just getting away for a little while is great!

  190. Monica G says

    It has been wayyy too long since we have had a date night.We went on 1 since my daughter was born 3 yrs ago. Time to find some good babysitters!They are building a Carraba’s close to us and I would love to try it.Thanks for the chance!

  191. Any date night is my fav….havent had one in awhile that wasn’t arranged around a social engagement.

  192. Tiffany says

    We usually do date night in so we don’t have to worry about getting a babysitter. I do love those times though that grandma is willing to watch so we get some time to go out as just the two of us.

  193. Sheila says

    My favorite date night is the one that actually happens – whatever we do.

  194. Melissa Deanne says

    We love going out for sushi and a movie!

  195. Michelle says

    My favorite date night is to go out to dinner (usually something cheap) and then see a movie at the $3 theater. It gets us out of the house, but we don’t have to spend too much.

  196. Debbie Grace says

    My favorite kind of date night is a nice, relaxed supper out with lots smiles and giggling…

  197. My husband and I try and get a date night in at least every second week. Because we live in a smaller town and restaurant selection is limited we usually end up driving about an hour to the nearest big city. That may sound like a nuisance but that’s my favorite part. We get such good talk time in on those long drives. Lately we’ve been pushing ourselves to try new foods which adds a spark of adventure and interest to the normal.

  198. hmmm, w/5 kids, my favorite date night is any night we get out without kids! We love going to the coffee shop and just enjoying sitting and chatting over coffee but my ideal night would include a long walk or something active like tennis before the coffee shop!

  199. Susan says

    This is perfect for our next date night. Monday is our 28th Wedding Anniversary.

  200. Date night at home! 🙂

  201. Heather says

    Our favorite is farming out the kids and curling up on the couch with a Vincent Pricef flick and pizza!

  202. Jessica says

    We usually do something simple like you were talking about. We alternate picking the restaurants, pick up a redbox movie, and once the kids are down, we watch the movie.

  203. twyla says

    Some place Quiet 🙂

  204. shaunta says

    My favorite date night is one where we spend time asking one another questions and getting to listen to the heart of each other. Of course I love to do this over good food and ice cream!

  205. My husband and I love just having a glass of wine at a local wine bar.

  206. Our favorite date night is going out to a nice restaurant together! Budget doesn’t allow it but a couple times a year, so this would be a great treat:)

  207. Tessa B says

    dinner and “window shopping” Target. 🙂

  208. My favorite kind of date night is getting to enjoy a delicious meal, that I didn’t fix, that I don’t have to clean up after, and that I can enjoy without a baby yelling at me to give her some!:)

  209. We don’t get out much for date night due to budget, but we try to have a date night at home every friday with homemade pizza and usually a movie.

  210. Emily says

    We have worked at having a date night once a month for the past 5 1/2 years… we look forward to it all month and are very blessed to have parents nearby who can take our kids! My favorite date night is when my honey brings home pizza and we play games. Good times! 🙂

  211. cara shields says

    My husband and I are in such a crazy season of life that any time without kids is a great date for us 🙂 However me not having to cook dinner is great too!

  212. I love going OUT. We have lots of date nights at home but it is so much more fun to dress up, have him open my door and GO somewhere!

  213. Heather Abbott says

    Our favorite kind of date night is dinner, doesn’t have to be too fancy, something like Mexican or pizza is fine, followed by either movie, which we never go see movies in the theatre or a game of pool at the local pub.

  214. Nancye6 says

    Date night can be something as peaceful as…..a walk in the park…..stopping for an icecream….a movie at home, etc.

  215. Ashley says

    My favorite kind of date night is one where we don’t have to worry about accomplishing anything. It doesn’t matter where we go or what we do as long as it’s just about spending time alone together, not crossing things off a to-do list!

  216. Christy says

    We’ve been getting burgers at 5 Guys once a month since we got married — but haven’t been without kids in the last 19 months!

  217. We like to go furniture shopping with no money. Just hang out on nice couches thinking about our future and what we might want to buy someday when the kids are older!

  218. I love going out to eat at a nice restaurant as a date night. My hubby and I have only done that once since our son was born over a year ago. 🙁

  219. Colleen says

    We enjoy going out to dinner using gift certificates from restaurant.com!!

  220. Angie A says

    Our favorite date is dinner and then Barnes and Noble afterward. Sometimes we will rent a movie to watch at home as well.

  221. Trina Miller says

    In the winter, hanging out in a coffee shop. In the summer, disc golf.

  222. Pamela J says

    We like to have date nights at a restaurant where they don’t try to get you out the door as soon as possible. My favorites are when another couple can join us. So much better than trying to have a conversation at a play date.

  223. Jennifer S says

    My husband and I have been known to make “date night” be driving to a park and taking a nap in the car!! He have three little kids and one with special needs, so dates are few and far between. A date night out for a nice dinner, just the two of us would be just divine right now!

  224. My favorite date night with my hubby includes a movie on the couch with a foot massage. Seriously, nothing beats a great foot massage. For me, anyway!

  225. Megan says

    Coldstone ice cream then a trip to Half Price Books! They’re right next to each other so it’s perfect!

  226. Amy Thorpe says

    One of our favorite dates is a dollar movie followed by a nice dessert and coffee. Not too expensive, and you still have time to talk without staying out too late.

  227. Aleesa says

    Any kind of date night is my favorite!!

  228. My favorite date night is one where we dress up, go out to dinner, and sit and talk. Forget the movie where we don’t interact!

  229. Well, hubby and I are a bit past date nites since our kiddos are in their 20’s, but it is still really nice to go out for dinner —steak preferably!

  230. deseray says

    dinner and a movie

  231. Jenna says

    Getting dressed up and going out to dinner and having someone else cook….but not usually in the budget.

  232. When the kids spend the night at grandma’s house, we love going out for coffee and a great hike in the morning.

  233. Our favorite date night is a night at the comedy club or watching a funny movie. Laughter and lots of it is the key to a long-lasting and successful marriage!

    ndisilvio @ gmail . com

  234. Gillian C. says

    We do Starbucks dates a lot. Much cheaper than going out for a fancy dinner.

  235. tracy says

    Right now the best date night is going to the Gym together, we run side by side. We are training for are first 5K this weekend so Gym time is important to us. A couple that runs togethers stays together:)

  236. Tammy says

    Our favorite date night, is pretty much anywhere we can be together. That can be dinner, a movie or a hike.

  237. We just had a “date night” last night when my in-laws took our 4 boys and my mom took our 2 girls. We went to dinner then came home and watched tv together. It’s always nice just to be able to talk and laugh without being interrupted. 🙂

  238. This winter have had quite a few date nights at home … by the wood stove, or watching a movie … so relaxing. Love to eat out, as well.

  239. Michelle says

    Having dinner and an uninterrupted conversation!

  240. susan says

    My favorite date night includes dessert at a nice restaurant.

  241. Our favorite date night is either going out for supper or fixing it at home and snuggling up and watching movies at home!

  242. Dinner out and time to have a conversation without being endlessly interrupted by little ones. 🙂

  243. Crissy says

    Any time alone with my man is perfect for me.

  244. We love to go to movies. We get some relaxing time to snuggle, eat junk food, and kiss in the dark!

  245. Julie Kennedy says

    Dinner out!!

  246. Oooh, my favorite kind of date night is ANY kind! But lately the restaurants we’ve been enjoying the most, if it’s a “dinner out” kind of date, are sushi places. 🙂 We have a great one here in Santa Fe; we were surprised to find good sushi in the middle of a desert at 7,000 feet above sea level, but it’s super yummy and really reasonably priced! Now I’m hungry.

  247. pattie says

    Last month I gave birth to our third child. I can’t remember the last time we had a date night. There’s always 100 reasons our time is better spent at home. Dinner & a movie was always fun (i think!!!)

  248. Karen says

    Our favorite date night includes going to our favorite restaurant and ordering dessert which we usually don’t do.

  249. Alison says

    We always opt for a nice dinner out! 🙂

  250. Stacey says

    We look forward to our Wednesday date nights without the kids. Carraba’s is one of our top picks for dinner!! YUMMY!

  251. Any kind of date night is good for me!

  252. Kristin says

    Our favorite date nights usually involve going downtown Indianapolis for a nice dinner and walk around the Circle.

  253. Rachel says

    We enjoy dinner out and a movie at home. And we LOVE Carrabbas!

  254. Melissa says

    My favorite date night is dinner and a movie. We love Carrabba’s too!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  255. Amy N. says

    I dinner out with just the two of us and an adult conversation that does not include mention of potty accidents, tattle tales, etc…

  256. We both teach middle school, so we savor a date night that is QUIET! 🙂 We love browsing a bookstore, or walking downtown. Any place that 11-14 year olds are sure NOT to be!

  257. Tracy says

    Our favorite date night is 2 appetizers and 2 adult drinks at a high top table.

  258. I like going to see a movie, because we never get to go to the movies anymore.

  259. Annette says

    We love to just go out to a simple dinner, we’re usually only gone for about an hour and a half but it’s great to have uninterrupted conversation with my husband!

  260. This would be so great! My husband and I could truly use a date night. The date night I love is just getting some alone time together, a nice dinner, great conversation, and laughs.
    Sweetpeonies07@ gmail

  261. Christy says

    Love me some Carrabbas and my favorite date night is any “just us” time with my hubby!

  262. Katie says

    Dh and I love to go ANYwhere alone, but we mostly love to try new restaurants that don’t cater to children.

  263. Rachel says

    My favorite date nights are quiet nights when my husband and I get caught up in looking forward to the future and celebrating where we are today. This can happen at our home, at the book store, or at a fancy restaurant.

  264. Theresa says

    I love going to dinner and then a walk in the park for date night:-)

  265. Brenda says

    We love to go out to eat then back home to snuggle and watch a movie, without interruptions from kids!

  266. Amanda Y. says

    We have not been to Carraba’s yet but would love to give it a try! We enjoy any date night we get, but our favorite is somewhere we have a salad, share a meal and dessert, all with no work required by us–our favorite place is a mom and pop italian place.

  267. Amanda Appleby says

    We love to go out to eat. Our favorite is Italian and then to a non-kid movie. I am not talking anything bad just not animated !

  268. Joanne says

    We just like to have dinner and a mivie usually.

  269. Olivia says

    Our favorite date night is anywhere I dont have to cook or clean up. And it is even better if the food isnt served on a tray!

  270. Our favorite date night is to go somewhere and eat yummy food. Anything we don’t cook and clean up after is pretty delicious on these nights!

  271. Kate M says

    Our favorite date night is a good dinner at this local organic restuarant who is always changing up their menu. It’s nice to just sit back, catch up, and try new foods.

  272. Going to the bookstore, having a fun beverage and reading and sharing.

  273. Diane says

    Not that we get to do it often, which makes us comically rusty, bit we love to go bowling! It’s way to loud for any serious discussions, (which is great!), but there’s so much laughter! It’s truly a wonderful time!

  274. Lisa H. says

    My favorite date night is finding something new and interesting to do with the husband, getting out of the house and going out to eat too.

  275. amnda says

    we like dinner and a movie at home.

  276. Erin R says

    Date night? What’s that?
    My husband I have only been out maybe 5 times in the last 3 1/2 years since my daughter was born. We usually snuggle on the couch with both kids and watch movies. We love our kids and prefer to spend time with them.
    But we’re planning on a nice dinner in the near future.

  277. Emily says

    Our favorite date night is going out to dinner and then to see a musical stage production. Afterwards, we stand outside the stage door to meet the actors!

  278. angie says

    My husband and I enjoy a quiet dinner together followed by a play or musical.

  279. Pearl A says

    We haven’t had a Date Night since I was pregnant with my first born and she’s 9 yrs old now. Now it’s all about the kids. But we did love to go and get some food then go back home and relax and talk while sipping on some wine.

    Would love to be able to treat hubby to a good meal, just the two of us.

  280. We would love to go to Carabba’s on a date night (with NO kids)! This was the restaurant we went to on our 1st date so it is very special.
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  281. We love going out to dinner, but we always stop at a Barnes and Nobles first and browse through books together and chat. It’s sooo us, and it’s super peaceful!!

  282. promises says

    My favorite kind of date night is going anywhere with my husband (without kids – and of course I love them!). We have been trying to go out at least once a month – we have gone to dinner and also to a musical! It was so much fun to not have to be concerned if the kids were being too noisy or were getting tired during the musical. I was able to sit back, hold my husband’s hand and enjoy the show! 🙂

  283. Hmmm…something low key. It’s been way too long since we’ve gone out! All I know is that we both enjoy it more if we just go casual & have a dinner we’ll enjoy. It happens so infrequently that we have to do what WE truly love. It might just be cheese fries & a good conversation, but it’s just us & it’s perfect!

  284. Heather A says

    We like to enjoy dinner at a place we don’t normally take our kids which is usually a Thai restaurant. Then, we like to enjoy the bookstore or go for a walk.

  285. Diana Campbell says

    We love to go to the movies and have popcorn and candy. Of course, we would be thankful for Carrabas.

  286. Casey says

    My favorite date night is going out to dinner, and coming home to cuddling & watching a movie. Just some quiet, renew the spirit time.

  287. Alyson says

    My favorite is an art walk and dinner, or just dinner if we’re making it simple.

  288. Our favorite date is Sonic Happy Hour and a long drive.

  289. Brittany W says

    My favorite kind of date night is ANY date night. They don’t happen too often. 🙂

  290. jessica says

    i actually love putting the kids to bed early and having dinner here at home!

  291. Sushi and a long walk!

  292. Courtney says

    Our favorite date night is dinner at Carrabbas!!!!!

  293. we love to go to concerts (free or pay) and out for dessert

  294. Our favorite date night is any night when we can enjoy an uninterrupted meal and just talk.

  295. Our favorite thing to do is dinner or dessert and looking around a bookstore.

  296. Jenny says

    Going to a cozy ethnic restaurant to try some different food…it’s like a mini-vacation!

  297. cwaltz says

    Eating out has been our date night. I’m trying to change this a little since both of us have put on weight.

    (I’m actually kinda scared to win this because Carrabas has no nutrtional information. 🙁 but we’ve never eaten there and this could be a nice change.)

  298. Our favorite date night is dinner out and then returning home (or parking somewhere, lol) watching the stars. We love to take a blanket out on the trampoline, (or a sleeping bag if it happens to be a bit cold), and just lay there under the stars. We’ve watched meteor showers, or just layed out on a starry night. This is a great way to spend time together, talking, laughing, and snuggling. Because it is so relaxing, the cares of the day slip away and allow us to really enjoy being together.

    Thanks for a chance to win!

  299. Miriam says

    We enjoy a good meal, coffee and dessert
    and a quiet evening just relaxing and
    each other’s company.

  300. It’s been a REALLY long time since my husband and I had a date night. We tend to do dinner somewhere nice (that we could never take our 3yrold to) and then browse stores or get coffee. One time I even arranged a trip to the shooting range (something he LOVES to do) because I knew he would never expect that!
    I would love to win this because we haven’t eaten at Carrabas in a super long time.

  301. Karen says

    Sometimes our date night turns into a quick lunch at Chipotle. But it is still a chance for us to eat food the kids don’t like and sit together in a little 2 person booth!

  302. alison says

    a simple dinner date night is my favorite! thanks for the chance to win

  303. Laura says

    With two little kids, my favorite kind of “date” is being able to run errands without the kids and maybe grab some lunch or dinner 🙂

  304. Mrs. R. says

    Dinner out…..except we almost don’t know how to act without our precious littles! 🙂

  305. Aubrey R says

    My favorite kind of date night is one where there’s great food, that I don’t have to plan or cook, and a much needed respite from the kiddos. Anything that fits that bill is golden. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  306. Just a casual meal out somewhere simple such as pizza is usually what we end up doing.

  307. Stacey says

    One of our favorite date locations is actually Carrabas! We like to sit at the counter by the kitchen and watch our meals be made. And there is ususally no waiting for those seats. We also like to go to our local Civic Theater or Symphony. We try to use BOGO coupons from the Entertainment Book for those. My dh is a pastor and so is gone many evenings, so we tend to keep date nights to a minimum or he’ll be gone from the kiddos too much, but when we do get out for a date night we love it!

  308. Emily Jo says

    Dinner and a movie!

  309. Hilary Richards says

    We usually just go out to dinner somewhere, then browse a bookstore or come home and snuggle during a movie.

  310. Camille says

    Date night is my favorite night of the week! We may not have one every week but they are a special time for my guy and me. A gift card would help make a date night we would not forget. Thanks.

  311. Carrabba’s is actually a very special place for my hubby and me. We eloped 4 years ago at 20 & 21 years old. We spent our wedding day looking at apartments, then we went to a movie and dinner, at Carrabba’s. I ordered a cherry coke (the kind with grenadine and a cherry) and told my husband that the cherry was the best part. He asked the waitress to bring a bowl of cherries. We’ve gone every year for our anniversary and always get a bowl of cherries. We usually go out when we can get a deal of some kind. This year our babysitter canceled on Valentine’s day, so we went to Chick-fil-A with our daughter. I have to tell you it was so adorable, they had tablecloths and flowers on the table and little bowls of chocolates. Our daughter (2) even flirted with the babbling baby at the next table. Maybe not the dream date for most people but it was a precious night that I won’t forget. I think the most important thing is not what you do or where you go, but that you let yourself be fully present and focus on how deeply you love and appreciate your company.

  312. amanda pitcher says

    Anytime my husband and I are out alone is considered a great date!!

  313. At this point, just being out of the house by ourselves seems magical! We are big foodies, so we love to try new restaurants together.

  314. AllieZirkle says

    Count me in!!! I LOVE Carrabba’s! We have Friday movie nights.

  315. Ashlee P says

    Once a month our church provides free childcare as a way to enrich our marriages. We enjoy going to eat & browsing any store while kid free.

  316. Michele says

    We like to go out to dinner and then I hit some bargains while we are out and about.

  317. Barbara says

    We love to go have dinner and a movie. It is nice to have a conversation without interruption.

  318. Michele says

    My favorite kind of date night is dinner and a movie. I so look forward to it!

  319. amber p says

    my fave kind of date night is ordering a pizza and watching a DVD

  320. Kelli says

    We get the occassional “date night” when grandma and grandpa pick up the kids and we enjoy netflix and a quiet dinner at home. My husband and I enjoy the couple time without worrying about extra money spent.

  321. Brenda F says

    My fav date night is any that actually happen!

  322. Emily says

    Our favorite kind of date night always involves great food together. Feeding the food to each other is always romantic!

  323. Elizabeth buckner says

    My favorite date nights are actually at Carabbas–my favorite place to eat for a special occasion!

  324. Our favorite date night is dinner & a movie – sounds so boring, but we never really get to do it so it makes it even more sweet!

  325. Erica Best says

    I love to have a Dinner and a movie date night or sometime i dont mind cooking and watching a movie at home just for time along.

  326. Amanda M says

    Um it has been so long since we have had a date night out…right now we get the kids down early and order take out and get a red box DVD to watch together. Ahh couple time 🙂

  327. We love a nice dinner out. The best date nights are where the kids sleep over somewhere else and we come home to an empty house!

  328. Tara LaPierre says

    I love a day out in the city shopping and having fun with eachother no kids ending it with dinner and a movie. Anytime is a perfect date night!! Just to be alone is awesome!

  329. jenny says

    My favorite date night is dinner out and maybe walking around window shopping afterwards!

  330. Allison says

    We don’t get to go out very often by ourselves, but I love to go out to eat a peaceful dinner with my husband and just talk without being interrupted. 🙂 We’ve never been to Carrabbas, so it would be fun to win and give it a try! Thanks!

  331. Dona Perkins says

    Our favorite date night is a relaxed dinner and coffee with a trip to the book store afterwards. Love it! 🙂

  332. Anything without the kiddos 🙂

  333. Rachel says

    we love to go to the flea market …not at night of course..lol but it is a way to enjoy time together, get some cheap shopping in, and get a little exercise to boot.

  334. ANY time out w/o the kids would be great!! We very rarely have that- I think most recently we shared Chinese takeout and watched a movie while the kids were in school.

  335. Emily says

    we just had a lovely date night at a fancy Italian place on our 5th anniversary…I brought our folder of old love notes and we looked at them together. What a lovely romantic evening!

  336. Since we just moved & haven’t found a new baby sitter, my favorite date is pizza and a movie after the baby is in bed.

  337. Brandy says

    I love getting to go out with my husband and just focus on us and not our two girls. It is so woderful when family watches them even if it is just for an hour. Being refreshed makes everything go a little smoother at home 🙂

  338. Our favorite is a movie & ice cream after the kids are in bed!

  339. Rachel says

    Our favorite date is going to Barnes and Noble and looking at books and magazines while sipping a treat from Starbuck’s.

  340. Sarah says

    Every once in a while, my in-laws will keep the kids and we’ll have an at-home date overnight. We love to have grown-up breakfasts, work on projects, and make dinner together.

  341. I would love to try this restaurant. I’ve seen it but not ever eaten there!

  342. Jennifer Marie says

    My favorite kind of date night is getting away from work and spending time with my hubby alone. We love to go out to eat and see a good movie!! This would help with part of our date!! 🙂

  343. we love getting coffee & going on long walks. now that it’s warmer, it might be froyo & walks 🙂

  344. I love going out to eat and trying new restaraunts with my husband. Any date night is good for me though!

  345. I like the whole night on the town where we can just walk around seeing historic attractions after we go see a play.

  346. Andrea says

    Our favorite date night is to play a grown-up game a.k.a. not chutes and ladders or candy land. 🙂

  347. Alicia says

    Our favorite date night is going to get ice cream at a stand on a warm summer evening

  348. Would love to win this! We missed our aniv. dinner (Feb. 14) and my birthday dinner (Mar. 29) because my husband has been sick for 2 months. So I would love a date night with him feeling better! Any date is good as long as we’re together.

  349. We love to go get coffee and sit and talk for a while.

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