Baby Gifts that Will Go the Distance

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Spring seems to bring baby season with it. As you plan for baby showers and precious new arrivals, consider these baby gifts that will go the distance, gifts that can grow with the family and be used for years to come.

Baby Gifts that Go the Distance | Life as Mom

When you hear the words, baby shower, you likely think of onesies, diapers, pacifiers, and silly shower games like that one of a basket of small cloth diapers to choose from. The guest who selects the diaper with mustard yellow paint inside is the winner.

(I think my sister might have invented that.)

Anyway, when I think of showers and the accompanying baby gifts, my mind turns those friends and family who were celebrating with us and showering us with love. Gifts are one of my love languages, so it was always so sweet — also humbling — to be showered with baby gifts with each new baby’s arrival. My friends have always been great about celebrating every baby, even though I already had children and the accompanying baby gear.

Today looking back I also see what an investment these sweet people made into our home life. I can see which baby gifts have stood the test of time. I mean that quite literally. We still own and use some of the baby gifts we received for our first baby, way back in 1997!

While the onesies and diapers were definitely necessities, now, 21 years since my first shower, I appreciate the investment that people made in our lives, emotionally, but also from a pragmatic, physical sense.

My admiration is high for those who had the foresight to give us baby gifts that have stood the test of time. You know me, I’m always looking for ways to stretch my investment. I want to optimize not only my time — “Hey! How many errands can I lump into this one trip out in the car?” — but also my money. I want to know that my investment will stretch over time and space, and have some kind of lasting effect.

Baby gifts can be part of that far-reaching investment mindset. As you prepare for upcoming baby showers, think about these baby gifts that are fun and helpful in the here and now, but will also serve your friends years into the future.

Baby Gifts that Will Go the Distance

Classic books

You might not think that babies need books. But, let me tell you, Dr. Patterson, the best pediatrician in the world, gave each of my babies board books as soon as they turned six months. His wife was a reading specialist and had clued him in that literacy starts in the very early months.

Books make for fantastic baby gifts. My mom and sisters hosted a book shower for me 21 years ago. Guests were encouraged to help us build our library by bringing their favorite books as gifts to the party. Their selections ranged from board books to picture books to classic adult novels.

We still have these books in our library — long since our baby stage has passed. I know this helped us become a family of readers. As my hands land on them, I remember Kelly, Laura, Jennifer, and others who gave us baby gifts so long ago.

Heirloom jewelry and collectibles

One of my mom’s family traditions has been to pass on heirloom jewelry and collectibles, like special coins, stamps, and silver pieces. While these are no longer the norm for baby gifts, I think they are still valuable.

While the baby may not be able to use them anytime soon, they can still be used in nursery displays as decor. As the child grows, we pass on our stories and talk about the history of that gold bracelet or why Grampa’s silver cup has a dent in it.

In a world where so much is changing, these heirloom items become so much more valuable.

A quality rocking chair or glider

A comfy chair is a joy forever. True story. It’s where we rock babies to sleep, cuddle sick children, labor with a subsequent delivery, and talk on the phone to both our moms and our grown children.

Parents, especially nursing mamas spend a lot of time in the rocking chair or glider. We may spend entire decades in that one spot.

While a quality rocking chair or glider is certainly a financial investment, it’s one that is well worth it. We still use our circa 1997 glider every single day! In fact, I recently paid big bucks to have new cushions made. We’re set for another 20 years and the coming of grandbabies.

Wall art & decor

Wall art and other home decor items can be a sure blessing to a family, especially if your friend doesn’t have a special knack with home decorating {waves hand} or doesn’t have the funds to invest in such items.

Let’s be honest, a canvas print of the new family can run fairly high in price. One might not splurge on it when there are diapers to buy. But, you, the gift giver can go ahead and do it! It’s a baby gift that will last a lifetime.

Other knick-knacks, frames, baskets, and boxes can be super useful while the baby is small, but still serve your friends for years to come.

Gadgets that grow with you

Electronic gadgets like a baby monitor can be a boon to a new family, particularly something like the new Panasonic Long-Range Baby Monitor. Baby monitors have come a long way in the last 20 years. Wow!

Here are some of the specs on this video monitor:

  • extends up to 2x farther than comparable monitors, with interference free up to 1500 feet (more than 4 football fields!).
  • uses either A/C power or rechargeable batteries to power the monitor without worrying about the battery going dead. Battery life is 13 hours in standby mode (audio on) or 5 hours of continuous operation.
  • provides clear night vision to allow parents to easily see details, even in a pitch-black environment.
  • provides wide eye view – any movements of the baby can be captured remotely from the monitor unit with the pan, tilt and zoom functions
  • allows for 2-way communication with a microphone and speaker.
  • minimizes background noise for clear sound.
  • includes motion, temperature and sound sensors are incorporated, allowing for customizable alerts.
  • creates a white noise, natural listening experience that relaxes babies, lulling them into a deeper and more restful sleep.

Where to find the Panasonic Long-Range Baby Monitor:, MSRP: $149.95

SPECIAL: Get $10 off when you buy the monitor from Panasonic in April. Use the coupon code: X6DVT6R4DB35.

While you might think this baby monitor is just for families with babies, I’d beg to differ. Work at home parents can easily work in another room, knowing exactly what’s going on while young children play quietly.

Parents with a sick child at home can go about their daily chores without having to stay by the sick bed. With the 2-way communication function, you can check on your ill child, knowing that they can communicate back. When a child calls, Mom or Dad can reply and even inquire what kind of juice he wants.

A baby monitor, particularly like this one from Panasonic, is a baby gift that can go the distance.

Baby gifts that go the distance are those that will grow with the family. They stretch your investment over many years — and will remind your friends long past the baby stage that you are for them.

What are YOUR favorite baby gifts to give or receive?

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  1. Among my favorite gifts were a good quality humidifier, hand knit and crocheted blankets, gift cards for diapers, and money for college. My mother started a college fund at the birth of each of our daughters and numerous family members and friends gave them savings bonds. In our family, heirloom gifts are given for the 16th birthday. I received a rose gold wedding band that had belonged to my great, grandmother.

  2. We had Dr. Patterson too! He was such a wonderful doctor and got us through a really rough first 3 years with our disabled first born until we had to move away. I think the one baby gift all three of my boys still use every night is the quilt my aunt made for each of them and they are 14, 12, and 10. It’s almost the size of a twin bed so it was too big to drag around and its still big enough for them to sleep under. Those handmade gifts are treasures!

  3. I think about the things we received with my now-9.5 year old. We still use some of the lidded bowls and blankets she was given. We used cloth diapers with both girls (and still use them at night for the 7 year old). If the family is going that route, gifts of those are greatly appreciated as they are quite an up-front investment.