Cakes You Can Make: Fancy Nancy & Breakfast is Served

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Fancy Nancy and Breakfast!? These two themes were suggested by readers during FishMama’s Birthday Cake Challenge. They were chosen as the top two in a readers’ poll a week later.

Both were definitely challenging. Breakfast because it was a unique thing to conceive in sugar. Have you ever heard of such a thing? And Fancy Nancy had me a little stumped because I’d never even heard of her. So, I tackled them both and had a fun time doing it.

Here are the basics:

Fancy Nancy’s Purse

A cake decorated like a purple purse with candy jewelry and chocolate coins.

— cake baked in two loaf pans, stacked, a wedge cut out of the top for the opening of the purse
— cookies cut in the shapes of sunglasses, star wand, and hand mirror. Fill the inside of the sunglasses frames with crushed lifesavers before baking.
— licorice whips for purse handles
— fill purse with candy necklaces, rings, and chocolate coins

Breakfast is Served

A cake decorated like a breakfast plate.

— cake baked in a pie plate and 9 x 13 pan, additional muffin needed for mug
— bubble gum hot dogs for sausages, gummy popcorn for scrambled eggs, coconut meringue baked in the shape of hashbrowns.
— also add cinnamon stick and dash of cinnamon on top of the mug

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  1. That birthday cake cracked me up! Impressive how you figured out how to do a breakfast cake. Who knew they maked gummy popcorn and I would have never figured out how to do hashbrowns. Fun stuff!

  2. I know I’ve already said it, but I am just so impressed with these cakes! I’ll have to learn to make coconut meringue and I know my little man will be one happy camper to see this breakfast at his party on Saturday!!! Thanks so much! 🙂

  3. You are absolutely amazing!!!! 🙂 I simply make a 9×13″ cake and add frosting and maybe some sprinkles — that’s about the extent of my creativity! lol Wow — way to go! My husband LOVES breakfast food and would be floored if I were to try this breakfast cake for his bday. It’s in 2 weeks— hmmmm….maybe I’ll give it a shot! lol

    Great job! 🙂