Frugal Friday: Golden Rules of Frugality

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OK, I wouldn’t call these rules, necessarily. They’re more like guidelines.

But, they are important guidelines, nonetheless. It helps me to remember these when I’m paying the bills and the numbers don’t go in quite the direction I wish they would. It helps me to remember them when I see some cool kitchen gadget that I don’t really need, but it would be really cool to have. It helps me to remember them when I don’t feel like we’ve saved enough money each month.

3 Golden Rules of Frugality

1. Trust God. – God is the one who can calm a raging sea and turn a handful of fish into enough food to feed a crowd. I know that apart from Him, we would not have been able to pay our debts or have an emergency fund. I don’t know what hard times surely lie ahead, but I’m confident that He has a plan. And more importantly, He has paid my biggest debt. How could I not trust Him to provide for all my needs?

2. Be content — with what you have. It’s all too easy to get distracted by what I want, what I think I want, what the marketers want me to think I want. It helps me not to spend money frivolously if I count my blessings and see how much I really have. And if I do some dejunking, I realize that I really have too much!

3. Don’t be satisfied — with debt. While I think the status quo is good for our belongings, I don’t think we should be laissez-faire about our debts. I did that for way too long. Be aggressive in fighting debt — or it will kill you. It is a war not to spend more than you have. Our culture has made it all too easy with payment plans, credit cards, and loans. Fight the good fight. And keep at it, even when you get too tired to fight.

What do YOU do to save money?

Share the permalink to your favorite money saving idea in Mr. Linky below or leave a comment. In the interests of sharing solid frugal advice, please do not post giveaways, deal posts, or affiliate links. Tell us a money saving concept that helps you stay in the black. And please, link back to so that your readers know where to find the party.

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  1. Thanks for hosting another great Frugal Friday and for reminding us what’s important!

  2. Excellent guide lines….# 1 will keep you on track all the time 🙂

  3. Thanks for doing this each week! I get great ideas from everyone!

  4. We are learning about all the above. We are getting closer to our goal of debt free! Yay!! Thanks for all that you share!

  5. Never pay interest on a credit card. Pay the full balance every month.

    Read One Grain of Rice by Demi to learn about compounding. (children’s book but totally cool)

  6. I always love frugal friday! Thanks for hosting it!

  7. Last year, after living from our pantry for two full years, I had a chance to do a little food shopping in February.

    I emptied dh’s change jar and went to the store. I rarely got to go to the store. I took $20. I tried adding in my head as I went, but I estimated wrong and when she told me my total it was over $24. I was shocked. I had to tell her to take four things off—and then I paid her in change. I had to tell the bagger (who was not paying attention) three times to stop bagging my things. And then I had to pay with change, with an ever-growing line was behind me. The checker was fairly annoyed with me.

    I went out to the car and sat there and cried. It was hard, even going to the store and then trying to carefully count as I went along and only getting a few things (mostly I just got potatoes). It was hard to walk through the store and not cry because I couldn’t get things, like eggs, or apples.

    I drove home and told dh what had happened and then I cried again.

    Then, I went out to the garden to get some lettuce so that we could eat it for lunch. I felt so grateful that we had lettuce growing.

    And as my husband said the blessing at lunch, I felt truly grateful for the food that we have been given by the Lord. I felt content.

    God saw fit to give us 20 dozen eggs just recently. He knows our needs and our wants, and blesses us tremendously.

  8. Those are wise guidelines, and I love the way you phrased the first one!

    Annie Kate

  9. Thank you for hosting the linky each week.
    Those guidelines are spot on!

  10. great guidelines…I should put them on our fridge as a daily reminder.

  11. True guidelines! We’re saving money by growing our own veggies, eating meatless meals once a week, using the envelope system, and by sticking to our budget!

  12. Those are great rules:-)

  13. Thank you for this post, it’s good to have these reminders!

  14. thank you for letting us all share our frugal tips and sharing with us the rules of being frugal

  15. I love Frugal Fridays! It’s nice I’m not alone out there trying to save money.

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