Post-it Note To Do List System – Planning that Works!

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Looking for a new way to spice up your daily to do’s? Check out this Post-it Note To Do List system to help you keep track of things quickly and easily.

Post-it Note To-do list with pencil on it, with text overlay.

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I’m not naturally one of those people who are able to track all their routines and responsibilities in their heads. I know those people exist. I’ve known folks who just know it’s time to make supper, run a load of laundry, feed the cat, etc. That’s not me.

I like lists. The actual act of writing the list helps me problem solve and organize all the swirling in my heads. After that the list serves as reminder of what needs to be done as well as a herald of accomplishment when I can cross that thing off the list.

Over time, I’ve developed systems that work well for me. Sometimes it’s paper; sometimes it’s in an app or online calendar. I find that every once in awhile I need to switch things up a bit to keep me alert and active. You can read about all the different ways I organize myself and my life as MOM in my book, aptly titled, Organizing Life as MOM.

You know how you can put a note on the fridge to remind yourself of some great truth and then after three weeks it’s part of the landscape that you ignore? That’s how my lists are for me. If I change their format every once in awhile, it keeps me on my toes. 

Post-it Note To Do List

A few summers ago I tested out a Post-it Note To Do List system. I think I read about it in this book, but I can’t remember. The idea is to write your daily “to do’s” on a Post-it note. If it can’t fit on that itty bitty square, it can’t fit in your day.

Here’s a note I wrote to myself back in June.

Post-it Note To Do List System - keep track of what you need to do this month, this week, and today with this simple to do list system.

Clearly I need to write bigger or buy the smaller sticky notes. I didn’t get very far on that particular day, though I did get to Walmart and make the pickles. You can read about that adventure here.

I’ve been tweaking this to do list system over the last month or so, and came up with a method of keeping it all together that I really like. I designed a larger to do sheet where I can jot down goals for the month and then break those down into weekly to do’s. The week’s stuff can be transferred to a Post-it note for a day’s worth of tasks.

You can see what it looks like here:

Post-it Note To-do list with pencil on it.

Since I first posted this back in the summer of 2014, I’ve put this baby through its paces.

image of post-it note to-do list

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Download the FREE printable and see for yourself. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Real Post-it notes work better than the knock-offs. No, this isn’t a sponsored post, but I’ve observed that my “store brand” sticky notes just don’t stick as well as the real McCoy. Consider this as you shop and maybe snatch up a bunch of new Post-its during the back to school sales that are going on now. Get the 3×3 size.
  2. The section for “this week” is exactly 3×5 inches. Unfortunately, I could not find Post-it notes that size, but I have tried cutting a larger one to fit. This is not as convenient, so I’ll be trying out 3×5 cards with a bit of double-sided tape on the back. Reader Laurie tipped me off that Post-it does, indeed make 3×5 sizes. I didn’t dig deep enough on their site, apparently. I found a 3×5 pad on Amazon.
  3. Why do I want to adhere other bits of paper to this larger sheet? Well, I’m hoping that if I had 12 of this to do list printed out, I’d be able to track the things I need to do for a whole year. Each sheet of paper could serve as my tracking for the month. I could even plan out several months at a time with things I know I’ll need to do in that given month. (Wow, this is getting super serious and organized, isn’t it?!)

But wait, there’s more!

planner open to weekly meal planning page, with black pen.

What if you had a PLANNER that incorporated all this beauty to help you manage all the things in a quick and easy way?

Over the last three years, I’ve come to love my Post-it Note To Do List system so much, that I worked it into the design of my very favorite organizing tool, the Print & Go Planner. The planner includes a master copy of the original Post-it Note To Do List as well an weekly adaptation that includes a meal planner. Whoo hoo!

I promise you will love this planner. Click here to learn more.

How do YOU track your to-do’s?

Originally posted July 19, 2014. Updated July 3, 2017.

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  1. I was interested in the Post it Note to Do List – subscribed – but never received anything.

    1. Hey Jenna! It looks like there was a small delay in its delivery. You should have rec’d access to the library this morning. Please let me know if you have further trouble.

    1. Hey Heidi, I’m so sorry for the glitch in the system. I just sent out an email with a link to our full library of free resources. Please let me know if you didn’t receive it.

  2. SURELY SOMEONE HAS TOLD YOU OF YOUR NEW FAVORITE THING EVER…TESLA AMAZING “POST IT” NOTES…static, not sticky..move them, shift them, write on them, slide them around for a party trick…never fall off the wall, never fold awkwardly, never forget that you had a to do list because the to do list somehow stuck to the bottom of your shoe and got left behind in a random grocery store aisle…all the colors you want, all the sizes you didn’t even know you wanted!! your life will never be the same…

  3. This could also work for a menu. You could plan the meals for the month and buy ingredients. The post-it note would allow you some flexibility with the weekly and daily menus if your schedule or plans change. The monthly list would let you know what your options were for the week, and the weekly list would let you know what your options were for each day.

  4. By the way, I have actually been using your system for about a week now and it does work and it really helps me a lot!

  5. I really like where you are going with this Post-It to Do System. I would really love it even more if there was an app designed to do this that had a feature that allowed you to put the date the item came onto the master list, then a date column for when you planned to do the task, then the app would move to your current week’s list of things to do, and then we’d need a column for the date of completion. This way, nothing falls off the list and you Are really accountable for what you at doing, when did you actually do it, and how close to the expected date did you come to achieving it. We Ned a coder! My hubs works for 3M so he liked your method just the way it is, but I think an app that allowed for storage of lists, managed dates electronically, and would automatically populate a specific time periods To-Do’s from the master list would be a game changer, for me anyway..

  6. You are welcome! I love the repositionable glue, and you can get it pretty cheap at Joann Fabrics or Michael’s when you use the coupons…price compare to get the best deal…It’s also great for paper crafts, because it you position something and change your mind, you can always remove and reposition. Keep in mind, that sometimes that original spot might have some residue and remain a little sticky.

  7. Just another thought, I love using Elmer’s “Repositionable” glue sticks, then you can cut out your own paper and it sticks really well and it’s removable….for those wanting specific sizes.

  8. Nice idea, I like to change my to-do-list system every once in a while. As I am right handed, I would change the layout: Have the month on the left, the week in the top right, and the day in the bottom right corner. That way I can see the month while I write the week, and see the week when I write the day.

  9. I Love this idea!!! So it just hit me though, how it would be amazing to use this same system when planning your homeschool year!!! I think this could really change the way things flow in my house… Now I just need to DO it!! Thank you!!

  10. Thank You Again Jessica, This to do list has help me a lot in the past week, it helps me give a break to my brain, i let all the stuff the was wondering in
    my head, rest in the sticky notes instead of my brain, its a big relieve.

  11. I use Post-Its on my weekly calendar.
    Actual appointments get written into the calendar on the required date. Any other tasks that need done each get their own Post-It. I use the little ones that are about 1×1. I then put the Post-Its on the day I think I’m most likely to be able to get it done.

    Invariably, some of these tasks won’t get done when I want them to be done and will have to get rescheduled. That is now as easy as moving the note to the next best day! It’s been working so far but I’ve only been doing this a couple weeks.

    1. Thanks for a great post about the printable! I tried to leave a comment over there but blogger was being really finicky. Hero status?! I’ll take it. Thanks for your kind words. I’m so glad you like my new system. I do, too. PS. I found the 3×5 post-its on Amazon for a buck. I think one pad will last two years. 🙂

  12. I may have to try this for at least a month. I’ve been converted to electronic planners finally, but there’s still a part of me that prefers paper and pencil! Thanks for the idea. :). I love your blog.

  13. Love this!!!

    One thought though. Wouldn’t you need to print 52 copies of this, since the week spot isn’t a post-it? Just curious as I prep to implement this in our house 😉

    1. It’s in the notes, but not in the picture. I found 3×5 post-its on Amazon. Link is in the post. Then you only need 12 sheets for the year. 🙂

  14. Hi – have you thought about laminating the sheet and using a dry erase marker instead? Just a thought. I love the idea that everything you need to accomplish should fit in a certain size space. That makes a lot of sense to my spacial learning brain.

    1. I’m thinking of laminating but still using post-its. I’ve had problems with dry or wet erase markers rubbing off or getting wet. However, now that I look at my paper with all the stickies on it and my monthlong list, I kinda don’t want to make it erasable. I like seeing that I accomplished something.

  15. My “system” is a little unusual, I make a list on the bathroom mirror. My husband will occasionally add to it before he leaves for work at 3am if there is something he forgot to tell me. With a little one potty training I’m in there a lot so I see the list all day long, and I can focus on what I will do next while the toddler tries. (I hate potty training). This also with accountability, because my husband sees it.

  16. The Dollar Store has a lined yellow knock-off post it that sticks! and fits perfectly into the “this week” column AND two fit into the “this month” FYI for those who have the Dollar Store in their neck of the woods….

    1. I’m not exactly sure what you mean. I’m using it on a clipboard right now. I may move it into my household notebook when I make my new one for the year.

      1. Sorry should have clarified that- what do you use as your household notebook?

  17. I’m printing this out to give it a try. Right now, I just do a big brain dump very early Sunday morning and think thru everything happening during the week. Then, I assign days to those that are time-sensitive, then just get a few other things done each day.

  18. I *love* this! My sticky notes are all over the place — they need a home! — and my listmaking got so out of control that I’ve stopped altogether. And feel completely scattered as a result. I’ve already printed out my first sheet and plan on implementing it immediately. Thank you for sharing!

  19. Ooooooooo……….I am HAPPY to test this out for you! Love that the monthly goals/todos will be recorded and saved!

  20. Thanks! I need a different change of pace b/c my old system isn’t working for me any longer. Can’t wait to try this out (and it’s a great excuse to buy more Post-Its!).

  21. I love this idea! I read your original post about starting a Post It to-do list. But, when I thought about trying that myself I thought it would be too messy having a Post It hanging around, not to mention with kittens and toddler it would wind up lost!

    But, this new system of sticking a week’s set of goals to a larger printed sheet that details what you might need to accomplish over the full month, I like this tremendously! I printed a sheet out for each month for the rest of this year. I am going to try putting this baby to the test. With us currently in the process of building our new home we have so much going on from multiple angles, this thing is really going to be tested at our house.

    My current system I have been using for quite awhile. I have a “sticky note” on the front page of my phone with tasks I want to accomplish. The top section is to do’s for now, the bottom section to do’s for the long term like our house progress, future tasks, things to remember.

  22. I think I could really like this system. After you mentioned using a Post-It for a daily To Do list, I tried it one day this past week. I accomplished all but one thing on the list! I also found it interesting that the day I saw your Post-It picture there were several things I had done that day that were on your list! Right down to the banana bread! Ha! I am great at trying to cram too many tasks in one day, so putting a daily To-Do list on Post-It makes sense to me. Thank you for the download!

    1. Oh my you live my life!! I like the idea of the daily being moveable to change daily while keeping the week and mm month ongoing. I may need some lines, for my brain, in the month and week section.
      This might also work with shopping lists… I get paid once a month so a couple weeks before I start my payday list. Then as I work my schedule for the day and plan to shop at Aldis or BJs I can grab that portion of the list. Hmmmm…