Great Family Movies to Rent (2016 Round-Up)

Winter has only just begun! Pop some corn and snuggle up with your peeps to watch these great family movies in the coming weeks. We are a movie family. While we only go to the theater a few times a year, we regularly rent movies to watch in the comfort of our own home. I love […]

Make Fall Movie Nights Fun for the Whole Family

Fall movie nights are a great opportunity to spend time together as a family and enjoy some good family films. Consider these three easy tricks to make it fun for all! I received review copies of the movies featured here. All opinions are my own. Fall movie nights are some of my favorites. I don’t […]

NEW Family Movie Recommendations for Summer

It can be hard to find family films that appeal to a range of ages. Here are some new family movie recommendations for your summer viewing. I’ve shared quite a few family movie reviews over the years, mainly because it sometimes seems like so much work to find a good family movie. If I find […]

Tips for a Great Family Movie Night

Family Movie Night is not a success without a little bit of planning. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make your family movie night a great one this week. Organizing means that you’re keeping tabs on those regular things in your life and making sure they work smoothly, right? Bills paid? […]

Family Films that Were Better Than I Expected

Looking for a new movie to watch as a family? Here are some family films that were better than I expected. And made me cry.

Favorite Classic Disney Films

I asked my friends on Facebook to name their favorite classic Disney film. The responses were really quite interesting, and reflective of our ages. It also brought up the question as to what the term classic really applies to. In some circles that would be defined as something whose message stands the test of time. […]

Favorite Movies for Families

We don’t have cable. So we play games. Or read books. Or watch movies. We get plenty of screen time even without traditional TV. Over the weekend we watched The Lord of the Rings with a friend who’d never seen it. The week before we introduced Devin and Jessika’s kids to Captain America. Both events brought back […]

Holiday Movies for Families to Watch this Season

Looking for some fun holiday movies to watch this season? We’ve got you covered with these FishFam favorites. Be sure to pop come corn! We’re a movie family. Since we kicked cable to the curb, we’ve relied on movies (either Blu-ray or streaming via Amazon Prime) for most of our family entertainment this fall. Everyone […]