What Did I Do All Day?

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You’ve got a to-do list, right? And you’re trying to be responsible with your home, work, and family. But inevitably something gets in the way. The day gets away from you and you wonder…

You've got a to-do list, right? And you're trying to be responsible with your home, work, and family. But inevitably something gets in the way. The day gets away from you and you wonder... what did you do all day?

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What did I do all day?

You know you weren’t sitting around eating bonbons or watching soaps. (Nobody watches soaps anymore. Sheesh.)

Anyway, you know you did something, but nothing is checked off the to-do list, no matter how cute and efficient that to-do list may be.

When those days happen, I am finding that after eating chocolate, this course of action seems to help me.

Write down all the things that you did do.

They might be obviously urgent and important tasks that spontaneously happened: sick child, broken water heater, surprise guests.

They might be important things that just slipped your mind: dinner to take to a friend, the bills that needed to be paid, the doctor’s appointment you forgot.

They might be good things that you would never think to put on your list:

  • reading books with your kids
  • calling your mom
  • stomping in water puddles
  • riding bikes after school
  • stopping for slushies on the way home from errands
  • strolling around the lake
  • grabbing coffee with a friend

You've got a to-do list, right? And you're trying to be responsible with your home, work, and family. But inevitably something gets in the way. The day gets away from you and you wonder... what did you do all day?

We don’t always think to write down these simple, but meaningful and very important tasks.

I talk all the time about seizing the moment. And yet, that sometimes conflicts with my/our desire to feel like we were productive with our time.

Next time you feel like a to-do list loser, stop and record all the things you did. I bet you’ll be surprised how much good is in there.

So, what did you do all day?

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  1. I’ve also had to give myself permission to slow down as needed. My kids are all in school now, but I’ve dealt with a cold, 4 fillings last week, and a number of other appointments mixed in. I’ve overall been pretty productive, but there are days my to do list doesn’t get touched because of other things going on. It’s OK that I stopped to eat lunch, take a nap or just sat and read for a few minutes.

  2. I needed this. I’m writing it all down tomorrow. Had a meltdown today over everything and need a fresh look at what I actually GET done…even if it’s not everything.
    you are a blessing to me.

  3. I like to remind myself that the dust will still be there. The laundry & dishes are a non-stop area. But getting lost in conversation with teen boys about everything from Minecraft (gag), politics (can we talk about Minecraft instead), girls/dating (this one is bittersweet), or even school work—that is what is going to be remembered. Not whether I got everything done that I set out to do that day.

  4. Yesterday included running several errands, laundry, ironing, meal preparation, helping with homework, and getting ready for a busy Sunday with church activities. I enjoy doing all these things, but I find that even if my to-do list is on a post-it note some things always seem to take much longer than I’d planned.

    I so agree with you about seizing the moment. If one of my teenagers needs to talk, I want to be available. I also hope my family feels like our home is somewhat orderly and that we’re not rushing around all the time.

  5. Well, yesterday I went to a softball tournament to cheer on a friend. The day before I made cookies for his team – they liked them. And after the tournament, I came home and took a nap – it’s draining to sit in the sun all day. And I fed the animals, snuggled all of them, picked up the hubby from work, brought him donuts, read some, hung out in the backyard, went on several walks with the dog, dealt with the daily chores like dishes and picking up around the house, dealt with the mail, chatted with the neighbors.
    I like my days a lot. 🙂 I chose my quiet life, and it’s a happy one.

  6. When I had two little ones, someone asked me what I did all day. I said, “I stay home with the kids.” Her response, “But what do you DO all day.” I would have thought that was obvious!

    A few years back, I realized that I felt like I was spinning my wheels- busy all day, but not getting things done. I decided to do a time audit- and write down what I did all day as closely as I could. That was revealing to me. The reason I was having problems is that I was letting other people control too much of day- other people outside my family. I needed to practice saying “No!”

    It is better now, but sometimes there are still days like that. Things don’t always go as planned. 🙂 I have to try to keep my goals realistic, and realize that sometimes when I’m saying that, I’ve cooked, done dishes, laundry, etc. What I mean is that those things weren’t on my list, and I didn’t get to the things on the list. But those things are important, too.

  7. Disinfected the house and took care of a little one who had strep and flu. I think that list will be on repeat for a few days.

  8. Mom, I told Pastor I would bring a snack for Sunday School tomorrow. Mom, I need a red composition notebook for art class on Monday; the blue, yellow and greens ones I have won’t do. Honey, I need (fill in the blank) by tomorrow. More often than not if my to do list remains untouched it is because my family needs something at the last minute. I just try to remind myself that this is part of every Mom’s job description. Today, by 10 year old wanted me to make my version of Outback Mac & Cheese. She asked with that tone of voice, sweet smile and hug around the neck that no Mom can resist. Guess what we had for dinner.