Why I Bake My Own Birthday Cake

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Patty-cake, patty-cake, baker’s man. Bake my own birthday cake? Well, yes, because I can. Here’s why I don’t mind baking my own cake.

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Yesterday I was 36. But, today I’m not. Yes, it’s my birthday. And this morning I baked me a cake.

Some people think this is odd that I would make my own cake. Even my husband said, “Is it a bummer that you’re baking your own cake?” Good question. It’s a wise man who asks it. If it were a bummer, that was my opportunity to say so and his chance to change it in the future.

Why I Bake My Own Birthday Cake

But, honestly. It’s not a bummer. Here’s why:

1. I don’t like cake.

Remember, I like pie. Since no one in the family bakes pies but me, they’d have to get it at the store. And store-bought pies are usually gross.

And yes, Chocolate Cheesecake counts as pie. 😉

2. Restaurant desserts are expensive.

Sure, I wouldn’t mind a Cheesecake Factory cake for my birthday. But, do you know how much those suckers cost?! I would feel terrible spending that much on a dessert. (Especially since I’m on a new eating regime this year.)

lemon cheesecake bars with berries

3. I can make whatever I want and not feel bad if someone doesn’t like it.

This year I’m making a flourless chocolate cake from this cookbook. I have no idea how it will go over. Since the ingredients weren’t exactly cheap, I can justify it for a special event. We may hate it, we may love it. But, if it’s a train wreck, I haven’t ruined someone else’s special occasion.

4. It combats the “but-it’s-my-birthday” syndrome.

Last week my baby boy turned five. And more than once he tried to play the “but-it’s-my-birthday” card, complete with a pouty face and crossed arms. (More on that later.) It’s all too easy for me to switch over into prima dona mode. So, if I’m making my own cake and working, in a sense, I can fight that snottiness.

5. It’s fun.

I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t enjoy the process of making it — and eating it! And you should always have fun on your birthday!

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  1. I used to pout about such things and “woe is me” and such and such, but no longer!! I LOVE making my own cake for all of the same reasonds that you do!! And we can decorate it together as a family or I let the kids decorate it as a suprise for me 🙂 Besides I bake a pretty mean double chocolate better-than-birthday cake if I do say so myself!!

  2. I don’t like cake either.

    We have decided to do brownies for birthdays.

    Once my parents made my son a castle cake for his birthday–made out of Rice Krispies treats (with a Hershey’s Bar drawbridge). That one tasted good 🙂

    I’m with you on store-bought pie.

  3. Happy Birthday! I like making my own cake too. I also try to make one for friends on their birthday if they don’t really like doing it since I like to bake. I hope yours turned out great!

  4. Happy Birthday!
    It is also my birthday today too!
    You can see my cake on my blog.. I just posted it. It was store bought! 🙂
    How was your cake?
    Hope you had a good birthday!

  5. haha! Happy Birthday! I make everyone else’s cakes, but hubby insists on making mine. He researches until he finds the “perfect” recipe and then goes to town. I stay out of the kitchen so that I don’t “correct” his baking methods. It’s sweet though, and his cakes usually turn out great!

  6. Happy Birthday!!! Today is my son’s birthday also (he’s 4). Hope you have a great one.

  7. Happy Birthday! Hope your cake is delicious and becomes a family favorite!!

  8. You should at least have someone else clean up after 🙂
    I love to bake and it is time consuming and hard to get in the me time to do it. I think perhaps I’ll start doing the same thing.

  9. First of all, Happy Birthday!!!

    Second, are we NOT supposed to pout and use the “…but it’s my birthday…” line as adults and Christians??? Does seem pretty selfish, I guess. I’ll have to think about this one all summer until my birthday hits in August. 🙂

  10. Happy Birthday! =]

    I think it’s absolutely fabulous you’re taking your birthday cake into your own hands.

  11. I made my own cake in Janauary. I got just the kind I wanted! LOL

    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y

    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y

  12. Happy birthday! Let us know how that cake turns out. I’m thinking: delicious!

  13. Plus, you burn at least a few calories while doing all that mixing, stiring, dish cleaning, etc… And when cake is on the menu, burning a few extra calories is a good thing. 😉

    Happy Birthday!

  14. Happy Birthday! You’re a wise woman! Keep it up, enjoy your day! I think I’ll be making myself a lemon pie in a couple days!

  15. Happy Birthday dear Jessica!!!!!! Have a wonderful day enjoying His great love for you! (and your choc cake sounds yum–maybe even with a cup of your Peets coffee-oohhh ya.)

  16. Makes sense to me…Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your flourless cake :-).