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When I was first married, I was in grad school and simultaneously student teaching. Monday through Friday was go, go, go, and I played catch-up on the weekend. Once I graduated, I found myself without a job for a short while, so I invested my time and energy in organizing our little 250 sq. ft cottage. It was cozy and wonderful, but a tight squeeze!

For me, the first line of defense was to read. Here are the top three resources that taught me tons and helped me get into a routine of Home Management:

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Side Tracked Home Executives – this is the story of the “slob sisters” as they call themselves and how they went from pigpen to paradise. I could totally relate to their story because so many of their habits back then come very naturally to me. There is a new edition of the book. The content does not appear to be different, so if you find an older, used copy for cheap, snatch it up. The book is filled with great ideas about routines and lists of things to clean that you might not think about.

The Messies Manual – this is another analysis of people who are “messy” (raising hand, jumping up and down). The author, Sandra Felton, explores the different personalities of messy (i.e. sentimental, perfectionist, etc.) and offers solutions to these bad habits as well as helpful routines and tricks. I particularly remember the meal planning section to be helpful.

Get More Done in Less Time by Donna Otto – this is more of a time organization book, than a cleaning one, if memory serves me right. There are lots of tricks to keeping things picked up, lots of talk about routines, etc.The one thing that stands out in my memory was her very helpful suggestion for storage items. Rather than write on the box what the contents are, give each box a number. Keep a record of the box number and the contents. That way when you change the contents, the box stays neat and tidy. Also, you can easily tell your hubby, “Please get me box 5 from the garage,” rather than “Honey, can you go find the box with the Fall decorations?” (That is an exercise in frustration for any husband.)

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