A Death Star Birthday Cake

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My littlest FishBoy turned six last week. And although he was dressed as Indiana Jones by 8 am that morning, he chose not to have an Indian Jones Birthday Cake as he has for the past two years. Two years ago it was an abandoned temple and last year, it had to be snakes. This year, however, he asked for a Death Star Birthday Cake.

Death Star Birthday Cake - Easy, tutorial for a Death Star Birthday Cake.

Like other recent cake creations of mine, this isn’t the most stellar frosting job, but my six year old thought it was out of this world.

You can do this, too!

This is such a do-it-yourself project. But first you need to tool up:

One necessary item is the Wilton Sports Ball Cake Pan. I am sure you can fudge it with two small, ovensafe bowls, but this pan set is the perfect size for one prepared cake mix. My sister picked one up on clearance years ago and it has served us well as the basis for a Pokeball Birthday Cake as well as a Lego Bionicle Thornax Cake. Keep an eye out for one at garage sales and thrift stores.

Other tools and ingredients:

  • one cake mix, prepared according to Ball Pan directions – they tell you to use less oil to make the cake a little denser.
  • one batch buttercream frosting or one can of white frosting tinted gray with black paste food coloring
  • a toothpick or chopstick

Once you have baked and cooled your cake, place one half on a plate. Frost. Add second half of ball and frost completely. Using toothpick, draw lines to resemble the Death Star, from Star Wars fame. Alternatively, you can frost lines with black frosting. However, my rationale was that drawing lines in the frosting would be more forgiving of mistakes.

Sort of.

Death Star Birthday Cake - Easy, tutorial for a Death Star Birthday Cake.

It’s not the most perfect rendition of the Death Star, but the Birthday Boy was totally enraptured. He added the Lego guys for effect. Works for me.

Do YOUR kids notice if the frosting’s not up to par?

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  1. This is great! It looks like it would be much more simple to frost and decorate as there isn’t any intricate piping or anything. I’m glad your little one loved it, mine would too!

  2. Too cute! 🙂

  3. No, mine don’t notice! And that’s a good thing because although I can manage to make beautiful yeast breads, my cakes frosting jobs are not that fabulous.

    But, I’ve made Peep Bunny cakes and volcano cakes and fish cakes (three of them for my youngest so far!), and my kids are all thrilled despite the imperfect frosting. lol

  4. Joy Lynne says

    This is totally awesome! I am bookmarking this for my husband’s next bday-he is a total Star Wars geek 🙂

  5. Jennifer says

    My sons are impressed with your skills!

  6. Looks cool to me, I am also not the best at putting on the frosting.

  7. Hattie says

    Totally awesome! And I think that your frosting job is fine! We are having a Toy Story themed birthday party for our soon-to-be 3 year old next month. I wanted to make a special Toy Story cake for him myself, but it looks like I will be induced to have his little sister 4 days before his party. My husband and I decided that because of that, this might be the one year to spring for a cake from a bakery…:)

  8. Jaime says

    I love it!

  9. oh so cool! Love how simple it is yet very awesome!

  10. Angela says

    My sons loved this cake! In fact, my almost 8 year old is saying that he wants a Death Star cake now for his birthday in August. I’ll start checking ebay for the pan. One question…how do you cut this cake without making a huge mess? Or do you just make a mess?…

    • Jessica Fisher says

      @Angela, it didn’t make a mess at all. In fact, it was really easy. I cut wedges in the top half. And then wedges in the bottom half.

  11. Angela says

    Okay, now the boys are discussing ideas for me to make the lasers on the Death Star….I’m hearing all of these ideas about ice cream cones, twizzlers, gummy worms, etc. It’s nice that they have so much confidence in me, misplaced though it is!

  12. Patti says

    Your cake is fabulous! I think the action figures add a lot and I know your Birthday Boy was very happy to have such a unique cake. I think this is what memories are made of so he will always treasure it. When my son was little, I would make a standard cake and let him decorate it with his action figures… mainly army men or palm trees with pirate figures…etc. They have such fun getting to participate!

  13. Jennifer V. says

    My girls notice if the icing isn’t perfect, the boys don’t care at all. Another easy Star Wars cake to do is Tatooine (the desert planet). I made a sheet cake and covered the frosting with a layer of crushed vanilla wafers (for sand) and added the action figures on top.

  14. I think I should not let my son see the cakes you create – you’ll give him too many good ideas that I don’t think I can duplicate!

  15. love it you are so creative I loved his cake last year as well

  16. I have some Star War fanatics here that would love this cake! Thanks for sharing!

  17. How fun! Okay so maybe the frosting is a not on par with Martha’s (:) ), but the fact that it is round is great. And it was made with lots of love. My grandmother always taught me that if you freeze your cake (pre-frosting), it will help reduce the # of crumbs when you try to frost it. I think I have 1 more fancier themed birthday cake coming up later in the summer once he decides his theme…

  18. That is awesome! I’m going to have to make this for my husband’s birthday this year!

  19. I had to stop over from DIY Day when I read the title of your project. Your son is lucky to have a mom who will recreate the death star in cake form!!

    • Jessica Fisher says

      Welcome! I hope you’ll come back! Cause we’ve got all kinds of fun here. 😉

  20. My boys (7, 5 and 2) are all HUGE Star Wars fans! We had a clone trooper helmet cake for my 7-year-old’s last birthday. http://katandgray.blogspot.com/2009/12/rip-roaring-time-was-had.html It was a huge hit! You did a wonderful job on your cake … I wouldn’t have done as well!

  21. Emily says

    My little Star Wars Fanatic said, and I quote “coooooooooooooooooooooool”. Great job girl!

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