Poke Ball Cake

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A Paper Pokemon stuck into a poke ball cake with a number 8 candle.

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One of the beauties of having SIX KIDS is that birthday celebrations are frequent at our house. And I love a birthday party.

Okay, not the kind of “party” that includes masses of sugar-hyped kids running around like monkeys. Thankfully, we don’t know enough people in our new town to have had that kind of celebration this week.

No, I’m talking the “make-the-kid-feel-special” kind of shindig. Fix his favorite meal, buy a nifty present, and decorate a cool cake. And Sunday was no different. I got to do all those things for my sweet FishBoy8.

Recently, my kids discovered Pokemon. We’ve checked out videos from the library, and watched each one numerous times. While I think the concept of “pokemon” seems silly to me, the shows are very well done with lots of puns and jokes playing off cultural literacy. The boys have created fun imagination games based on the series, providing themselves with loads of entertainment.

Anyway, FishBoy asked for a Poke ball cake. (These are the devices that you can keep your pokemon in – kind of like a genie’s bottle.) My sister leant me her Wilton Ball Cake Pan and I was able to successfully recreate a Poke Ball.

It looks daunting, but this pan was really easy to use. I followed the pan’s directions to the letter – except for reducing the amount of oil in the batter – that would make it taste bad. The process involved mixing up a cake mix, pouring it into the Crisco (not butter) greased pans, baking it, cooling for a short time, and cutting off the part that puffs over the top.

After it was completely cooled, I frosted one half white and the other red. I glued them together with chocolate frosting so that some of the frosting tasted good. Meanwhile, my brother frosted a ritz cracker to serve as the “button” and mixed up black frosting for the trim. We put all the pieces together and added the paper Pikachu that FishBoy11 had colored, cut, and taped to a chopstick.

And voila! A cool cake for a FishBoy!

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  1. What an awesome cake. I am so glad my kids didn’t see this or we’d be having Pokeball cakes for the next 20 years! Great job!

  2. That’s really cute….good job!

    For my son’s 10th birthday i made him a Pikachu cake. As luck would have it, i found a Pikachu Wilton cake pan at a yard sale really cheap, and my Mom has cake decoratoring equipment that I borrow. It looked cute!


  3. pretty much how we celebrate too…all about the memories and NOT tons of gifts. Or crazy kids trying to outscream each other…or is that just my kids and their friends?

  4. Haha! You let your husband figure it out!

    He ended up cutting the top half up and we ate that first.

    Surprisingly, the ball didn’t really wobble. I had placed it in a saucer and that combined with all the frosting kept it pretty stable.

  5. What a cute cake! I’m fairly confident I could bake it (especially with your expert instructions) but, ummm, how exactly do you CUT it?

    I would have a disaster on my hands! 🙂

  6. Cute cake. We make pretty much all of our own cakes. Only exception was this year and I had morning sickness really bad for Son 12. They were very disappointed not to decorate their own cake. They love that and it saves us money.

    We also do the same thing that you guys do and let them pick the menu for the day. But we have lots of family close and when we invite them all it is lots of cousins, but lots of fun. We even make cakes for the cousins!!