Christmas To Do – Make a List and Check it Twice

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Boys decorating Christmas cookies on kitchen table.

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There is so much to do at the holidays. And unless you have a list and check it twice, you may find yourself scrambling in the final hour. Scrambling does not promote peace and harmony.

And while Christmas is, indeed, five months away, sometimes it serves us well to plan ahead. The lazier days of summer allow us a little thinking space and action time. A little forethought now could bring you a few steps closer to a more relaxed and enjoyable holiday season.

Plan Ahead with a Master To Do List

Not sure what to put on your list? Try these on for size:

  • Create holiday budget
  • Start saving in a special account or envelope
  • Plan Advent/devotional activities with family
  • Decide on Christmas cards
  • Buy or make cards
  • Address envelopes
  • Sign, stamp, and mail cards
  • Find decorations

Screen shot of a Christmas to-do list.

Looking for a little more direction? Then download this Holiday Planning To Do List. This 2-page printable has detailed information about a multitude of holiday tasks as well as space to write in your own. There are also spots to make deadlines for yourself and a place to check it off.

How do you keep track of your Christmas tasks?

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    1. No, you don’t. That is just a common thing that some people do. I don’t have one. 😉

  1. Our last two Christmas’ were paid in cash ONLY ! I start a spreadsheet in July with a budget for the entire season as well as a break down for each person etc (baking, tree, giftwrap). I make notes every season of how much I spent on each line item and who had the best sales when. This has really helped out. I scan the ads for the items I would like to buy and wait for a really good sales and do quite a bit on Black Friday morning. I also budget money for after Christmas sales to stock up on wrap for the follwing year.

  2. Great topic.
    I carry a small gift notebook with me to track gifts for family and friends. Each person has a “fact page” with their birthdate, address, phone #, favorite colors, hobbies, collections, clothes sizes (if child),etc. On the opposite page, I list the gifts I have previously given. This helps to not duplicate and keep within the budget I have pre-set. Shopping throughout the year is so easy. If I see a great deal on scrapbook supplies, I can quickly scan my notebook to see who the “die hards” are. After the purchase I enter it in my notebook. So easy to scan through and see who still needs a gift.
    There is also a generic section in my notebook for wedding and baby shower gifts. I always list the price I paid. Cross it off the list when it’s given away.
    Happy shopping!

  3. Able to view the list(s) but won’t print. Looking forward to using this to “kick start” the holiday planning.

  4. Jess – either your link to your planning list is broken or my computer isn’t working. I’m hoping it’s your link (not that I want you to have issues…but a broken link is easier to fix than a broken computer!).

    Can’t wait to see the planning list…my budget is done but I do need help with the rest of it!

    1. @Casie, Okay – so it was my computer. I’m feeling a little dumb now – it opened in another window and I didn’t realize it at the time. Oops!

      1. @Casie, no, there was a problem with the thumbnail. If you clicked the thumbnail, it took you nowhere. Now it takes you to the form. Thanks for the heads’ up. 😉