Ready to Dress for Success Again?

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Remember when you got dressed every morning with someplace to go? Consider a style challenge from Outfit Formulas to help you dress for success now that things are starting to reopen.

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It’s been a year, hasn’t it? Quite literally, I might add.

Exactly one year ago I was prepping my family for hunkering down at home, or “sheltering in place” as they called it, for two weeks. Well, as we all know, two weeks turned into much longer than that.

There were some benefits, of course, to our staying home for the last year:

  • more time together as a family
  • better health
  • less hustle and bustle
  • savings on fuel costs, traveling, and clothing expenses

While I’ve loved my fight against the frump these last few years, I pretty much had a cease fire this last 12-month. With no place to go, I had no reason to shop or try new trends. Instead, I invested in a new pair of pajamas, a pair of joggers, a sweatshirt, and some cozy t-shirts.

But now that our Year of Crazy has come to an end — the Gavinor announced this week that even Disneyland can open — I’m ready to dress for success again. How about you?

What does it mean to dress for success?

In some ways, I suppose the answer is different for each of us, depending on our daily activities and roles that we fill. However, I think of dressing for success as getting ready for the day in a way that helps me feel confident and at my best.

We moms know that we aren’t always at our best, but looking the part certainly can help us fake it ’til we make it.

Last year I read Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges. The book is mostly about how we think and act and how it can impact our general health. 

For instance, we think that our confidence affects our posture — and it can — but the reverse is also true. Our posture can affect our confidence. This book explores how our body posture, behavior, and mind-set can change us and make us more confident, braver, and able to do more.

I think clothes play a role in that mentally.

two different spring outfits styled for challenge

Outfit Formulas can help you dress for success.

Formerly known as Style Challenges by Get Your Pretty On, Outfit Formulas was put together by my friend Alison, and played a fundamental role in my learning to dress for success as a mom and entrepreneur.

I’m super excited about getting back into the fun of shopping with a purpose and getting dressed in cute clothes (almost) every day.

Let’s be real: hanging out in loungewear is still pretty awesome.

The Spring 2022 Style Challenge has launched — and its timing could not be more perfect.

I’ve lost count of how many style challenges I’ve done over the years. The first was after my great awakening to how much I’d let myself go. That was about five years ago.

Now I know what looks good on me, what makes me feel good, and what trends are better left to someone else. The Style Challenges have helped me get here.

jessica in denim jacket with pearl necklace

What to expect from a Style Challenge:

In a style challenge, you receive a ton of information and support, including:

  • a printable shopping list of classic pieces as well as new trends to try – The capsules build on each other, so know that it’s not just a one-and-done thing.
  • daily outfit ideas – These are what I call meal plans, but for clothes. For years I had lots of cute things, but I had no clue how to put them together. Now, I do.

Those two items right there are worth the price of admission. Each season I refer back to past capsules to get inspiration and rewear my favorite combos. And I was thrilled to learn that denim jackets and pearls are on the list of spring “trends” — even though I bought mine years ago!

You have lifetime access to those first two things. Some of the more seasonal benefits of the challenges include:

  • a private Facebook group – I am no longer active on Facebook, but when I was, this group was so invaluable to sharing how I put things together and getting tips on how to tweak different outfits to suit me best.
  • live Q&A with Alison – Within the private group, Alison tackles questions about trends, tips, and tricks to help you make the most of your wardrobe.
  • bonus content – Each season there are some fun bonuses, such as a as well as discount codes and freebies. One of my favorites was the color palette bonus that helped me and my girls hone in on what colors work best for us. Turns out my girls have cool undertones while I have warm. That explains why borrowing clothes from each other won’t always work — thank goodness!
  • weekly giveaways – During the first month of each season, there are weekly contests and giveaways for free product or shopping gift cards. So fun!

I’m jumping back into the swing of things with the Spring Style Challenge. I hope you’ll join me!

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