A Get Well Kit for When Sick Gets Real

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Packing a Get Well Kit for home or travel is one great way to make it easier when sick gets real. Include these items to make it easy to nurse your sick child.

This post is sponsored by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. All opinions are my own.

Get Well Kit from Life as Mom

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One never plans to get sick, right? We don’t say, “Hey, let’s go ahead and get the flu this week. That could be fun.” No, instead sickness usually catches us unaware. After 18+ years in this parenting gig, I don’t know why it still surprises me.

We’ve had kids suffer from the flu on an airplane; we’ve gone to the ER for high fevers on vacation; we’ve scrambled on road trips to find the nearest pharmacy for pain and cold medicines. Heck, I’ve even tried to navigate the French language with unfamiliar medical terms in the hopes of getting my kids some relief.

In fact, last year when we took the kids to Europe, someone picked up a bug almost as soon as we got there. We spent our first two days in London. On day three, we were on a train to France with two sick kids. By day five all six kids had fallen. The City of Lights didn’t look so grand to my children who were nursing both culture shock and really bad chest colds.

It made for some memories, for sure. And we made the best of it, thankful for having packed a supply of OTC meds and contriving homemade chicken noodle soup in our small hotel kitchen. But being sick on vacation is no fun!

Now that we’re home and I can read all the labels, I’ve got flu and cold remedies on hand even though everyone’s currently well. (knocks on wood)

I know all too well that we could go down at any second. And when you’ve got 8 people on deck, you better man the battle stations, and get prepared for when sick gets real.

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A Get Well Kit for When Sick Gets Real

Currently, we’ve got our Get Well Kit stocked with these items:

  • Children’s Advil® Grape — Reduces a child’s fever fast, while also relieving aches and pains.
  • Children’s Robitussin® — Controls and relieves frequent coughs or coughing in children.
  • Dimetapp® Cold & Allergy — relieves stuffy and runny noses, while providing relief for itchy and watery eyes
  • Facial tissue — not all my kids have quite learned the art of blowing their noses, but we’re working on it!
  • Microwaveable heat packs — brings warm comfort for the chills.

In the pantry and fridge I keep these things on hand:

  • oranges and clementines
  • soda crackers
  • canned juice
  • chicken broth and noodles to make soup

While we can’t completely avoid illness this winter, we’re going to do our best to be prepared!

What do you put in your Get Well Kit?

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. I’ve been compensated for my time spent writing as well as received complimentary product. All opinions are mine.

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  1. I too keep something like this on hand. Because when you’re sick you don’t feel like going out. And when a family member is sick…you don’t have time to go out! I always have ginger ale on hand as well.

  2. Kleenexes, chapstick and cough drops/ throat drops are things I keep all the time. When sick, we mostly use ibuprofen, tylenol, and Benadryl. (and have a worm treatment & malaria treatment handy, just in case.). I like to push the zinc & Vit C when we are traveling. I really like the comfort of chicken noodle soup when not feeling well. 🙂 The other thing I’ve been using a lot is honey & lemon juice- good for sore throats.

  3. Probiotics are my favorite thing to keep me from getting sick and to help me get better. I am all about cold and flu meds when I am down- anything to help me feel better! And good tissues and heat packs are a must all winter long for me(My kids have perpetual runny noses from October-May), but ever since I started taking probiotics I don’t get sick nearly as often(or at all!). I got some for my kids too, and Hallelujah! Even attending public school we made it all the way to Christmas vacation without a single kid getting sick so far this year! I also love diffusing oils in my house, they smell great and some blends are said to help your immune system. I also like the respiratory blends when I have a cold or when my son’s asthma is acting up, everyone breathes a little easier with that diffusing! I dont think oils will cure everything, but they certainly don’t hurt!

  4. We use all of those things, too. I also have lots of drinks on hand, even if it’s just water and those little quirty bottles of concentrated sports drink that you can add one or two drops of. We use it in sippy cups, bottles, and big kid bottles. And, of course, lots of lip balm, lotion, and petroleum jelly for chapped skin, lips, and whatnot.

  5. I’m fighting a cold at the moment, so this is timely! A lady at church reminded me yesterday of those Vicks’ shower soothers, and though they’re off the market, I’m determined to make up a DIY batch for the next time one of us is fighting the crud. I always try to keep up my stash of chicken stock and keep ginger and onions and limes on hand so I can make up a fast batch of TheKitchn’s quick pho, made as spicy as anyone can tolerate it.