How to Store Your Child’s Artwork

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All of us have lots of treasures that our kids have created. While you can’t keep them all. Consider these ways to store your child’s artwork.

This post was written by Phoebe Hendricks.

How to Store Your Child's Artwork | Tips from

As a parent, one of our biggest struggles is balancing the clutter and the love for our children’s artwork. While a part of us may want to keep every piece our child creates, lets be realistic, our homes would be covered with artwork!

Luckily there are many different ways to display your favorite pieces of your child’s artwork so it isn’t stacked away in a box, or another forgotten pile.

Check out these fun ways to store your child’s artwork:

How to Store Your Child’s Artwork

Frame it.

Find pieces of your child’s artwork that really shows their skills and talent and frame it. Hang those framed pieces of artwork in their bedroom’s, bathroom, or even lining the hallway — so everyone who comes into your home can see your child’s artwork.

How to Store Kid's Artwork | Tips from
Photo credit: Cleverly Simple. Used with permission.

Make a Canvas.

Really make your child feel like an artist by turning their artwork into a one of a kind canvas! This would also be a great gift for family members, too — and you wouldn’t be giving up the only copy.

There are many online canvas companies to choose from, with affordable options available.

Use the ArtKive App.

ArtKive is a great app that allows you to upload pictures of your child’s artwork, that they then store using Cloud storage, and then you’re able to create a chronological book out of your uploads. The books are high-quality and are able to be displayed on the coffee table or given away as unique one of a kind gifts. Since it is a clutter-free way of storing all of your child’s artwork, you won’t have to worry about where to keep everything. The ArtKive App is available to both Apple and Android users.

How to Store Kid's Artwork | Tips from

Photo Credit: One Creative Mommy. Used with permission.

Create a Portfolio.

Every up and coming artist has a portfolio! Use cardstock or construction paper and have your child help you create an artwork portfolio. Make it a rule that you’re only able to save artwork until it fills up the portfolio and once it’s full, it is time to reevaluate what you’ve saved and toss (or hang up) the other pieces.

How do YOU store your child’s artwork?

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  1. I totally need to get organized with my kids’ art. We have it in piles and boxes all over the place. I read some reviews of the ArtKive app though, and they are overwhelmingly negative–apparently the new version crashes frequently. I suppose taking photos of artwork with a dSLR camera and uploading them to a program like MyPublisher would work just as well for creating a book, though it wouldn’t be as streamlined. I have also just started having my oldest two, ages 6 and almost 4, do the drawing in a sketch book, so as not to have loose papers everywhere. They can make photocopies or still do loose page artwork for gifts.

  2. Since mine have been in daycare since they were 12 weeks old, we have been collecting for many years! I tend to hold onto anything that used their hands or feet. Seasonal art is often used in our holiday decor. Like right now we have pumpkins they made in art class that look like a potato head mix of face pieces. They are hanging with the rest of our fall and Halloween decor. Then if there is art or school work they are particularly proud of or that I found very unique. It all goes into a small plastic bin for each child.
    My youngest tends to draw the same subject matter over and over. So we will hang a piece on the fridge and replace it with the next version!