Organization for Normal People

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Think that organization is only for people who have it all together? Au contraire. It’s for you and me, the normal people.

Organization for Normal People | Tips from

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Organization, when you hear the word, may conjure a realm of different images: spotless home, alphabetized spices, labeled shelves. You may think of Martha Stewart or the people you know who are never a day late or a dollar short. You may think: perfect.

I’d like to challenge that perception. You can be a very imperfect person (read: normal) and still have organization play an important role in your life. It can serve you, flaws and all.

For me, a very flawed individual, organization means bringing order to my chaos. It means feeling at peace with, not overwhelmed by my stuff or my responsibilities. I am not always “organized”, but when I am, it helps me rest as well as enjoy my life a little bit more.

Over the next month, I’ll be posting short, daily snippets about how you and I (very normal people) can use organization skills to bring us and those we love more joy and peace.

I don’t want to be a slave to systems or stuff. So, the right kind of organization for me is the one that frees me and my family from monotonous or superfluous tasks. It allows us space to enjoy God’s world and one another.

And sometimes “organization” is really about getting rid of that extra stuff you don’t need, that’s just dragging you down.

Organization for Normal People

Organization for Normal People | Tips from

Here’s a list of topics we’ll be chatting about here on Life as Mom in October. In some ways it will be a condensed version of Zone Defense, but it will be more than that.

This series is about organizing the activities and “stuff”of your life in a way that brings you peace and helps you live your life better.

We’ll talk about:

  1. Organization for Normal People (this introduction)
  2. Organize Your Days for Success
  3. How to Organize Your Email
  4. Organize Your Meal Planning
  5. Organized Enough to Make Room for Fun
  6. Organizing Household Chores
  7. Setting Up a Homework System
  8. Make The Bathroom Less of a Dump
  9. How to Store Your Childโ€™s Artwork
  10. 8 Great Ways to Organize Your Freezer Cooking Day
  11. Planning a Rest Day
  12. Organize Recipes So You Can Actually Make Them
  13. Organize with the Print & Go Planner
  14. Organizing Tips for a Home Office
  15. Travel Tips for Planning and Packing
  16. Organized Phone Apps
  17. Organize Your Weekend
  18. A Free Printable Meal Planner to Get You Organized
  19. Snack Planning
  20. What I Learned Cleaning My Kidsโ€™ Bedrooms
  21. Plastic Storage Box Addiction
  22. How to Get Your Whole House Clean at One Time
  23. Money Management Tips
  24. Plan for Self-Care
  25. 10 Tools to Organize Your Homeschool
  26. How I Made Laundry Easy on Myself
  27. Be Prepared for an Emergency
  28. Computer Maintenance: Keeping Your Computer Clutter-Free
  29. Organize Your Meal Prep
  30. Tips for a Great Family Movie Night
  31. Organizing Birthdays and Holidays

Each day I’ll present an area of life that could benefit from a little organization or even just a little more purposeful action. I’ll include ways to approach the “stuff” involved with that particular realm, but I’ll also offer suggestions on how to manage the physical and mental energy involved in that particular area of life. Both matter. I hope you’ll chime in and share what works for you!

Be sure to pin this post, as I will be updating it with links to the posts in the series.

I’ll be pinning new ideas I find or that you share with me over here on my Home and Life Organization Pinboard. Be sure to send me your great ideas — or leave them in the comments section.

I’m super excited to get our acts together — together. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, tell me:

What do you need to organize?

P.S. I’m participating in 31 Days.


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  1. I am very excited! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I always think of September as MY New Year!

  2. Ooooo I am ready to hear all you have to share on this great series! I need help organizing toys, books, school supplies, science experiments, electronics and things that go with them-dvds, wires, software, linens, kitchen…help! :)I really have done a lot in all of these areas, but I still have more to go and want to be done!

  3. How about hand-me-downs? I need to revamp my system & it’s a seasonal change. I have a large family and the bins can quickly get out of control. I am also trying to figure out currently being worn shoe storage… We have a coat closet & they go in there, but it’s scary!
    Love your blogs!

  4. Hi there, I bought Get Organized last year. Can I use it for the organizational challenge. Thanks a bunch,Amy

  5. My desk! Papers!! I have tried the digital theory of storing papers. But I find I like the paper in my hand. Or rather stacked two feet deep in my desk! The only thing well kept is a filing system for my bills, ha, can’t pay those late! But all other papers in my life, it’s a joke! I teach preschool in my home and have a constant never ending pile of new ideas for preschool, my own family personal papers, kids homework, or papers that come home daily from school, , church activities, mail, dates idea with the hubby, etc etc.

  6. I agree with all the above areas that need my attention yet just keeping piling on more stuff bc I feel I dont have time to thoroughly go-thru items to toss, keep or give away ๐Ÿ™
    thank you!

  7. my coat closet (which has no room for coats), my memorabilia (I keep too much), my rarely-used things like swimsuits, my toddler’s outerwear now that winter is coming, the upper corner cupboard in my kitchen (I’ve heard of putting 19″ lazy susans in there but the opening is about 12″), our shoes, etc. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think mainly I need to get rid of my fear of throwing away something useful & just declutter. ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward to this series. Oh, just read Janet above. Yes! Paper!

    1. Have you seen the video on youtube about making your own lazy susan. You put marbles (from the Dollar Tree) in the bottom of a pie tin/ plate (also from Dollar Tree). Then add a second pie tin/plate on top of the marbles and voila, a homemade lazy susan. In my area I haven’t found a lazy susan cheaper than this DIY that costs only $3. Seems like it would fit in your cupboard also.

  8. Paper — mail, receipts, school memos, kids artwork, bills, and on and on and on…

  9. Yay! Perfect timing! I’m going to re-set my organization (or lack thereof) and my brain (the clutter within), so I look forward to daily snippets!

    18-month-old (youngest of 4) delights in unpacking backpacks, diaper bags, etc that are left on the floor. Also emptying any drawer which is not locked. There aren’t enough places up high to keep things out of her reach.

    1. Paper clutter! This involves craft patterns and recipes. How do I keep up with my bills without losing them???