How to Organize Your Home & Be Happier

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Do you want to organize your home and enjoy it more? Try one of these strategies to feel like you are the Queen of your castle, not the victim of your circumstances.

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Have you ever had it where an illness or a string of bad days threw you off your game? Did you wonder where you were while the laundry piled up and the dust bunnies had a party in every corner of the house. Do you ever find that it’s been weeks since you did something fun as a family?

Sometimes these things happen, and they make us feel like we just aren’t right in our skin.

You want to be a happier mom, but you feel burdened by the tasks at hand.

Don’t spend time fretting. The past is the past. Now’s the time to get back on your game.

Consider these five things that you can do this week to organize your home and turn your life around, even if it’s just a smidge. Maybe just choose one to get you going.

You’ll feel better AND you’ll be a happier mom and a more productive person.

How to Organize Your Home & Be Happier

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1. Tackle time management.

Is your schedule overbooked? Do you need to say no to some good things?

Or is your schedule so open that you think you have more time than you do? Do you end up procrastinating instead of tackling stuff head on?

Just say no to saying yes — or to scrolling too much on Facebook. Instead, pull out your planner, make a time budget, or simply set a timer for certain activities so you don’t overdo any one thing.

A happier mom is one who’s not at the mercy of the clock.

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2. Clear out the clutter.

Is there just too much stuff in your house? I know for me when things are cluttered, I can’t think straight. It’s hard for me to tackle even the smallest tasks when there are piles about.

It’s hard to tackle the piles, too!

Make a plan to dejunk your stuff. Start with one area and work yourself around the house, clearing flat surfaces and putting things in their places

You’ll be surprised at how this clears your mind, too, and gives you motivation for other projects. You’ll go look in the closet just so you can smile at your good work.

How to Organize Your Home & Be Happier | Life as Mom

3. Determine a cleaning schedule.

When we were DINKS (double income no kids) we paid a cleaning lady $20 a week to come clean our 200 square foot studio. Yes, really. And sure enough, we had to tidy things up and put away the junk before she could clean. Typical, right?

Anyway, having that regular schedule of accountability, albeit weird, was helpful.

And so is putting a cleaning schedule in place now. Decide what needs to be cleaned regularly and when.

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4. Make a meal plan.

Do you know what’s for dinner? Have a plan for meals, even if you run the same 14 meals on repeat every two weeks. It’s better than Chicken McNuggets and frozen TV dinners.

A meal plan can help you shop, cook, and eat better. And avoid being hangry. No one wants to be hungry.

Not sure how to meal plan? Stay tuned for my new workshop, Meal Plan Makeover! We’ll get you set for success!

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5. Plan for fun.

Are you making time to enjoy those little things with your kids, like popsicles on the back step, walking at sunset, baking a cake? Or watching a movie with your honey or going to bed earlier with your spouse?

If it’s been awhile since you did something just for fun with your family or partner, stir something up today. You’ll be so glad you did, and it will bless them to see a happier you.

How to Organize Your Home & Be Happier | Life as Mom

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  1. I was ill with flu three weeks ago, I was bored so I decided to start a meal plan (from my bed) Using recipes we eat regularly, I started noting them down, then organised them to have a variety over the week and carried on until I ran out of recipes , I ended up with a six-week meal plan. This turned out to be a blessing as although I am better my children have fallen ill now and I do not have time to think about what’s for dinner at the moment! Having it all planned takes a lot of my shoulders. I will definitely be meal planning regularly from now on, it is incredible what difference it makes to my well being!

  2. I subscribe to an app called motivated moms. They’re homeschool moms so it helps to support them and it’s only $8 for a 12 month cycle. I get it on my kindle but there are several different ways to get it. It breaks weekly chores down to doable chunks throughout the week and bigger chores like spring cleaning activities are spread throughout the year and you can add or take out or color code, etc…I really love it because I don’t have to think, just do. And having a checklist keeps me motivated. And you can get a free trial before you buy.

  3. I use some of these ideas regularly (such as a meal plan). Other ideas I will use in a tiny way this week or tuck into my brain’s back pocket for a better day. I’m down with a sneaky case of the snuffles — I’ll feel great for a little while just to turn around a couple times and then wish I was on the couch with a quilt and a hot drink. Add to that the fact that the kitchen faucet is broken, and I’ve thrown up my hands for a few days. It’s actually saner than trying to stay on top of everything when the only place to wash dishes is the bathroom (thankfully I CAN still use the dishwasher!). I’m just making peace with the season … and hoping it doesn’t last long.