Chipping Away at Your Projects

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Make use of little minutes to accomplish the projects on your plate instead of waiting for a big block of time.

Chipping Away at Your Projects - Make use of little minutes to accomplish the projects on your plate instead of waiting for a big block of time.

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photo source: Kenny Louie

I am the kind of person who likes to finish a project once I start it. I get into this zone and just hammer away until the road is clear.

However, my current schedule isn’t allowing me the luxury of big blocks of time. Instead I’ve decided that I just have to chip away at things.

Keep at it.

Kind of like the child who asks you for something every five minutes until you finally give way because their persistence has broken you. I think that is how I need to approach

  • cleaning my office
  • organizing photos
  • reading a book
  • cleaning the girls’ playroom
  • folding laundry
  • writing a book

Every minute counts, but I can often fritter them away when I don’t think I have enough time to get something done. What I really need to do is grab those little minutes and get something — anything — done.

Little drops of water can fill a mighty bucket, right??

THAT, my friends is the secret of life, I think. We need to be just as persistent with the things on our plates, a little bit at a time, if need be.

How do YOU chip away at your projects?

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  1. I agree! Every little moment counts! The last couple of weeks I keep thinking, “always keep my maids working (dishwasher/washer/dryer).” Also, just trying to always take things that belong in the room I’m going to seems to help. Just staying on top of it is the key or I’ll be behind for days! 🙂

  2. My mantra these past few months has been “Use the minutes & don’t sit down.” My life right now is mostly little bits of time at home. I really can get a lot done in those little blocks of time. If I sit down though, nothing gets done, because as I start to relax, my motivation starts waning. Better to just keep going & then go to bed early! 🙂

    1. Yep, sitting down can be a killer when you have physical work to do. Facebook is the cryponite for when I have computer work to do.

  3. I carry a book in my purse and/or car. All those times your’re waiting for school to get out or at the doctor’s office or at the DMV or just waiting in line, I pull out a book and read. I’ve read 6-8 books per month this way. It’s amazing how quickly it adds up!

  4. Recently I realized that the only way for me to finish my sewing projects is to “leave them out” and work as I have a 15 minute block of time or so. I put a folding table in my bedroom and set my machine on it. Now when I can take a 15 minute retreat, I can sit there and sew. This is where I have also found quite space to write. For years I resisted bringing “work” into the bedroom, but now I look at it as a productivity retreat. And since it is all on a folding table, it has been easy to pack it up and clear that space.

  5. I think you just clarified my life for me – so true – and while unlike you I do get big chunks of time on occasion, there are more things to do than time.

    I was just feeling frustrated by how broken up my week is with extra work – and I need to get the porch in order after the long-messy- storing-stuff-out-there winter so we can have that mexican feast outside on Mother’s day – but now I feel better – you’re right – lots of time in little bits to get it done

  6. I often feel like my house is a huge mess and out of control. It almost sent me into crazy mom panic mode just this morning. Instead of arguing with the kids about cleaning their mess, I cleaned up the kitchen for 10 minutes. The house felt way better. Those minutes do count.

    And I think I know what my boys will want to carve their pumpkin like in October. 😉