Oxford, Bletchley Park, & Winding Up Our Time in Great Britain

As spring dances in the shadowy future, I’m amazed that this time last year I was furiously planning our trip to Great Britain. Where has the time gone? Here’s how we wound up our trip to Great Britain. In the last few weeks we’ve been bouncing around ideas for our next trip. My clicker finger […]

Kenilworth Castle, The Cotswolds, Bath, and Avebury

Travel log: We traveled through Great Britain for almost five weeks this spring. Here’s how we spent week 4: in Kenilworth, Bath, and Avebury. When last we left off in our epic tale of our UK adventure, we had left our friends, the Finlaysons, at Blists Hill Victorian Village and headed off for our hotel. […]

An Afternoon at Blists Hill Victorian Village

Travel log: As we left Wales, we headed into Shropshire to meet some new friends and spend an afternoon at Blists Hill Victorian Village. One of the things that I love about our trips to Europe is the opportunity to meet up with old friends and make new ones. In my planning stages of our […]

Finding Alice in Wonderland in Wales

We enjoyed our stay in Llandudno, a seaside resort town in Wales. The hiking trails are beautiful and the Alice in Wonderland statues fun for kids to find. Those of you who’ve been following along with our tales of road tripping through Great Britain may notice a theme by now. We moved very fast over […]

Postcards from the Lake District, Relish, & Levens Hall

The next stop on our UK road trip was through the Lake district, with stops in Keswick, Kendal, and Levens Hall. What beautiful country! You know back in the day of sending postcards? Some of you are old enough to know what postcards are, right? No? I’ll be honest, now that I can text my […]

A Wee Taste of Scotland

We spent about five days in Scotland, all told, and our day at Loch Lomond was stellar, despite fickle weather. Our wee taste of Scotland was superb! So, last I left you in my tale of our epic UK roadtrip, we had spent a few days in Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland. All told […]

Alnwick Castle, Edinburgh, Secret Gardens, and Unexpected Moments

Ready to head to Scotland? Here’s a taste of our adventures at Alnwick Castle and in Edinburgh, part of our epic road trip through Great Britain. I love this picture of my eldest son looking over the city of Edinburgh. We were in Holyrood Park, on a beautiful day in June. Okay, the clouds played […]

Real Life on the Road, Whitby, Newcastle, & Hadrian’s Wall

Some of our family’s favorite memories of our UK road trip include very real life mishaps and a day spent at Hadrian’s Wall. Ready to hit the road again? I think it’s good that I whip out these UK road trip posts in quick succession. You’ll get more of a feel for what the trip […]