Last Minute Costume Idea: Hawkeye from the Avengers

Make a last-minute costume that will please the Avenger in everyone.

Easy Hawkeye Costume | Life as MOM

You know already about our family’s deep and abiding love for the Avengers. The boys have told me that it’s their top 3 of all-time favorite movies. I have to agree. We had a blast last month watching it on Blu-ray and have watched it many times over since then.

I was hoping that they’d all want to dress up as Avengers this year. Wouldn’t that be cute? I could picture each of my six kids as one of the characters. But, no, for a variety of reasons they turned it down.

Except one. FishBoy10 decided to be Hawkeye. Of course, he decided this about 2 hours before we were to head to Legoland for their dress-up party.

No worries.

Seriously, this was one of the easiest costumes I’ve ever put together – and it met with rave reviews as we walked through the amusement park Saturday night. It might not be the Mother of the Year award, but I was pretty proud of myself.

We bought some very average items at Walmart that afternoon. If I had had more time, I probably could have found much of it at home already. You’ll need:

  • a black tshirt, preferably a little snug, to show off the beefiness that is Hawkeye
  • a pair of sunglasses
  • an old black sock
  • a pair of black gloves
  • black pants or sweats
  • black spraypaint for plastics
  • a cheapo plastic bow and arrow
  • scissors

So, what did I do?

  1. Roused FishPapa to spraypaint the bow and arrows.
  2. Cut two strips off the sock for armbands.
  3. Cut off the sleeves of the tshirt, leaving just an angle of the sleeve.
  4. Cut the fingers off the gloves.

Except for the time that it took for the paint to dry, this costume took a total of ten minutes to pull together. It was easy to make and relatively cheap to create, especially if you already have black clothes and gloves to use.

Got a favorite quick costume idea?

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  1. I am super impressed! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. So funny! My 5 year old is going to be Hawkeye, but it was no last minute choice. That has been his plan since the movie was in the theater. I too am devastated my 3 year old has refused to be an alternate Avenger. Especially since he loves to play dress up Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk on regular days.


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  2. [...] On Wednesday she was thrilled to add the golden bow to her ensemble and proceeded to have an archery tournament with her brother who had a bow of his own. [...]

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