A Mom’s Capsule Wardrobe for Travel

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What we moms wear matters. It effects our day and our disposition. Consider a capsule wardrobe for making travel with kids easier.

A Mom's Capsule Wardrobe for Travel - What we moms wear matters. It effects our day and our disposition. Consider a capsule wardrobe for making travel with kids easier.

Earlier this summer, I started to think about what to pack for myself on this trip. I started culling different items into one corner of my closet, in the hopes of creating a little capsule wardrobe for our big vacation.

A capsule wardrobe is one in which everything goes with everything else. It’s all mix and match which gives you lots of options. It’s a great way to pack light yet still have lots of options.

As you can guess, Pinterest was a huge source of inspiration for me in deciding what to pack and what to leave behind. While I was really tempted to buy many new things, I ended up with only a couple new tank tops and a tshirt.

(Don’t get me wrong. I ordered more than that and then returned the bulk of it since it wasn’t as pretty on me as it was on the computer screen.)

We’ve been living in an eternal hot California summer for the past year or so, so it has been really hard to envision ever being cold again. But, weather in London and France is different than here, so I got to bust out some fall pieces that might not otherwise see the light of day.

After much hemming and hawing, I narrowed it down to a small capsule wardrobe that will fit into a tiny suitcase. Really! I’m excited about all the clothes and the variety I’ll still have without too much weight.

While this topic might not be strictly “travel with kids“, I consider it pertinent. As moms, we’ll feel better about our experience out and about when we feel good in our clothes. The easier it is to get dressed each day, the quicker it will be to get out and see the sights.

A Mom's Capsule Wardrobe for Travel - What we moms wear matters. It effects our day and our disposition. Consider a capsule wardrobe for making travel with kids easier.

A Mom’s Capsule Wardrobe for Travel

Here’s what I’m taking:

  • 1 pair skinny jeans
  • 1 pair capri-length jeans
  • 1 black leggings
  • 1 black skirt
  • 1 khaki short
  • 1 black dress
  • black camisole
  • 4 tank tops: black, teal, red, and black-and-white striped
  • 2 short sleeve tshirts: black and teal
  • 3 long sleeve shirts: red, white, and chambray button-down
  • 2 cardigans: teal and black
  • 1 red sweater
  • 1 red rain jacket
  • 1 teal belt
  • 1 red and black scarf
  • 3 bras
  • 6 unders
  • 6 socks
  • 1 pair black Vans with Superfeet inserts
  • 1 pair black Toms slip-ons

I’m no mathematician, but I’ve figured that I can easily make fifty different outfits with what’s here. I think I’m set, don’t you?

While I might not have everything I’ll need, this will certainly get me by. Plus, any holes will give me an excuse to go clothes shopping in Europe. Ha!

Do YOU have a capsule wardrobe for travel or every day?

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  1. I do this too! For my boys also. I pack our family of 4 in two suitcases when we fly and save $100 in checked bag fees. I also make sure that everything we take can all be thrown into the laundry together – no brand new dark wash jeans or delicate white tops, etc. Then, I gather up everything and do one load every other day or so. I’ve found that keeps us all with plenty to wear and isn’t hard to keep up with.

  2. You are wise to bring practical clothes that all can be worn together. Though, I’m thinking it may be too cool for your shorts & capris. Pack an umbrella, too! And have lots of fun!

    1. I am SUPER impressed that you could narrow down your packing like this – that’s a skill 🙂
      Just wondering if you’ve packed enough warm clothes? A European autumn can be really chilly …

      1. I agree with my sister posters about leaving the shorts, capris, and some of the tank tops in California. I think you might find a turtleneck or mockneck more useful. London and Paris can be cool and damp at this time of the year and you’re planning on doing lots of walking.

  3. Living in europe myself- I would say you can leave your shorts and tanks at home and bring warm sweaters, coats and wellies instead. We already have had a couple of frost-nights.
    Happy travelling!

  4. I enjoy reading your posts about your trip much. We took our kids to Europe 2 summers ago and all have such great memories of it. All the planning you are doing is great and will help your trip go much more smoothly. I love all your travel and packing tips and will use them when we travel more in the future!

    We moved to France in January and it is such a beautiful country. It is disorienting at times, but there is so much to discover.